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  1. I received 2 of the Hosa VSF-454 (s-video breakout) cables and tried a couple of things. First picture shows the 8-bit Classics cable (as used in my original post) and below it is an old video cable I used back in the 80s with various Atari 8-bits, and it has the Hosa VSF-454 attached. I haven't taken any of these cables apart to examine the construction. Second picture is the 600XL UAV connected using that old cable + Hosa to the Dell 2001FP. Picture quality seems very good and about the same as the 8-bit Classics cable in my original post. Third picture is the 130XE connected using the old cable + Hosa to the Dell 2001FP. Picture quality looks better than the 8-bit Classics cable in my original post, but zooming out (fourth picture), you can see wider more diffuse "jail bars" on the image. Still bleah. Fifth picture: I have a super thin DIN5->4 RCA video cable (not pictured). Using it with the Hosa, 130XE, and 2001FP, I get slightly worse jail bars than the 8-bit Classics cable. Sixth picture: The 600XL UAV with that same thin cable still looks good. My conclusion: The cable matters, but the computer matters more. Bonus 7th and 8th pictures: C64 on 2001FP. 7th picture uses 8-bit Classics C64 s-video cable. 8th picture uses official Commodore cable (like for 1702) with the Hosa adapter. Quality looks the same to me.
  2. mytek, thank you for posting about the Hosa s-video breakout cable! I already have 5-pin-to-RCA video cables so adding the Hosa adapter for s-video could have saved a few bucks over buying a whole new 5-pin-to-s-video cable, possibly with better results (and I just didn't feel like making my own). Live and learn...
  3. Thanks everyone for your perspectives. In reading prior threads about video quality and comparing images, it's hard to really grasp the fine differences. I mean, yeah, RF vs Composite vs Chroma/Luma is easy to tell, but with these finer differences within variations of Chroma/Luma, it didn't hit me how different the machines & upgrades could be until I saw them back-to-back in person.
  4. Hello experts, I have a 130XE with the Super Video 2.0 mod, at least I'm pretty sure. I bought it with the mod already performed, and comparing the mod instructions to what's actually on the motherboard, it appears the mod was performed properly. I also just obtained a 600XL with a UAV installed and didn't realize what I was missing. I tried both computers connected to a Dell 2001FP LCD monitor using an S-video cable from 8bitclassics.com. The 130XE image has vertical bars consistently across the screen, and low-ish contrast. Side note: On a Sony Trinitron (also S-video), the bars go away but the image is still pretty soft/low-contrast. Side question: Is this what the UAV manual is talking about when it states "Video power and ground are often shared with very noisy components like DRAM and this causes vertical bars to appear in the picture" ? The 600XL image in comparison is gorgeous with no bars and better contrast and sharpness. I've attached pictures of both. EDIT: These are US / NTSC models. Are there any simple mods I can do to the 130XE video to further clean it up? Or do I just need to get UAV for it as well? (assuming I don't want to delve into the world of RGB/VGA/etc). Thanks!
  5. From https://www.accesswire.com/597250/Atari-VCSTM-Partners-with-AirConsole-Cloud-Based-Gaming-Service-to-Offer-Over-150-Original-Single-Player-Casual-and-Multiplayer-Party-Games : "...friends and families can play together locally using their iOS and Android mobile devices as VCS gamepads." "Our huge collection of family-friendly games is ideal for the Atari VCS audience, who can immediately benefit from AirConsole's simple phone-based controls and fun couch-side play." Edit: At first I thought they were "inspired" by the Amico, but AirConsole has been around for a few years... and reviews don't imply that their games are particularly "inspired" at all... Also: "A wide variety of titles and genres are completely free to play, with more games and additional content available through the inexpensive AirConsole Hero subscription (US $4.99/month)."
  6. Obviously people like new-in-box stuff, but I can see the demand for the Timex because it's especially unreliable in used form because the hard-to-find ULA chip is prone to dying with use. However, the keyboard ribbon also deteriorates over time and in fact there is a good chance brand new ones are now bad, so... It's still a crap shoot to find a good one. Luckily there are aftermarket replacements for both parts. Just curious what it sold for?
  7. It wasn't clear to me from the video what the exclusive features are. It does say "optimized for VCS," which could just as easily mean that it was simply tweaked so it will run acceptably on VCS.
  8. I'm not so sure. If that 1702 mod is truly digital RGB (16 colors) it will need modification/reengineering (of some kind) to support analog RGB.
  9. According to this site: http://hol.abime.net/hol_search.php?N_ref_publisher=154 "DigiTek began as a hardware company. The first products they released were a RGB conversion kit to transform C= 1701/1702 monitors into RGB digital monitors". So if that is correct then the kit adapts the monitor for digital RGB as used by C128, IBM CGA, etc. If you Google: "digitek" "rgb" 1702 then after the link above, a couple of Compute! magazines come up that might include reviews or press releases. I didn't want to try and view them on my phone so I'm not sure. Sorry it's not what you wanted but it's pretty neat!
  10. Bought a TI-99/4A program recorder. It was shipped right away, well-packed, and as-described. Thanks!
  11. I thought I read somewhere (here?) that the nanoPEB + esp01 still needed software support but like I said I'm still catching up with all that's been going on in the TI world. I will check that out!
  12. Hi, long time reader/first time (?) poster (in this section). I recently acquired a TI, FinalGROM99, nanoPEB, and ESP01 module. (plus a FlashROM99 because I misread an eBay auction) For context, I haven't used a TI since back in the day when as a kid all I had was a console, tape recorder, and a couple of cartridges. So, figuring out how to move disk files to the nanoPEB, run programs, etc is all new to me. I got as far as running ESP01/O and sending AT commands to the unit to connect to my WiFi router, per attached image. I tried a couple of times to connect to a couple of BBSs but only got the "error" response. Not sure if my ATD commands were malformed, or the BBSs were not responding, or what. What's next? Is there a good Terminal program that works with this hardware set up?
  13. So, up front, I don't know; I just wanted to share what I found. First thought is that it's some sort of video mod since that square surface mount chip is the ULA. Second thought is, perhaps that is just how they came from the factory. For reference see the motherboard picture here: https://www.old-computers.com/museum/photos.asp?t=1&c=634&st=1 Finally, this site might help: http://www.atkinsoft.com/ts2068.html
  14. You can get replacement keyboards and all kinds of cool stuff here: https://www.sellmyretro.com/category/retro-computers/sinclair/sinclair-zx81 I got a replacement for one of my units. For the other, I soldered a ribbon cable to the motherboard and connected with the membrane. It was a hack job just to get minimal functionality and life back into that unit.
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