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  1. I bit. 60 seconds of thought eerily similar to what's already in this thread. Still a nice win for Atari... if you believe "There's no such thing as bad publicity."
  2. Seriously, it's putting a damper on the goal of 1000 pages by the end of the year. We need to average 35 posts a day and "no news" doesn't get us there. Now if we move the goal posts (such a popular cliche) and say 1000 pages by the time the "VCS" is released then we're golden.
  3. This to me settles the issue of whether or not the "VCS" will have exclusive games and the answer is no. It'll have the Vault and supposedly "fan-made" games (those are always the best) plus whatever you can get to run in sandbox. Any hope of a significant made-for-VCS library is squashed, and it's here in black-and-white from Atari themselves.
  4. They've posted specs before so unless the production board has changes they wouldn't necessarily need to repost the specs. Regarding a leak, the difference is the iPhone user base is about 11,000 times bigger than that of the Atari someday-VCS. Maybe no one cares enough to leak it.
  5. Catching up on the count down...
  6. The code snippet does use RND but RND is a pseudo-random number generator and will always produce the same sequence of results for a given seed. So a game can be "random" and completely predictable at the same time. The traditional way to combat this problem is to seed the random number generator using the real-time clock... for systems that have one. Or some programs have the user enter a seed value (so they can choose their "variation" of the game). Or maybe base it on how many cycles pass before a user presses a button or something (since that will be hard to replicate run after run). Just some thoughts.
  7. Looks great! Is that from the stock 800XL composite signal, or does your 800XL have a video mod?
  8. So it would likely come that way anyway, without extensive setup by a professional (BTDT)
  9. A sax from the new Atari would probably play in tune as much as the TIA does...
  10. Cool, it's the ultra-rare prototype wireless battery-powered variant of the C64!
  11. Seems stable to me but I only tried it for about 5 minutes. Light sixer with Harmony Encore.
  12. Try https://sinclairzxworld.com. There is still an active ZX81/TS1000 community on this planet, and that is where they hang out. The ribbon cable from the keyboard to the motherboard dries out and cracks so even brand-new-in-box units are likely to have bad keyboards. Luckily you can buy reproduction replacements and even upgrades. For that, try https://www.sellmyretro.com
  13. Prediction: backwards compatible but no optical drive. So you can play PS1234 games if you can get them onto the console. Which you can only do if you buy them (again) from Sony.
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