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  1. Yep, it would probably work better for me to have the Asteroids controls or better yet a two button driving controller with one button for thrust and the other for fire.
  2. Hoping to do better than this, but am not very good so far. I was only able to blow up the death star once. Score = 6,234
  3. Favorite Character: Han Solo Game: Star Wars - Death Star Rescue Description: Using the Joystick controller in the left port, help your favorite Star Wars character infiltrate the Death Star, Rescue Princess Leia, and then escape. The select switch can be used to toggle between the normal difficulty and teddy bear mode for young children. Teddy bear mode reduces the chance of enemy shots hitting the player to 10%. When you are ready to begin push the reset switch. The first screen allows you to select your character from the following list: Han Solo - sports a quick firing pistol Chewbacca - a slower but more powerful bowcaster Luke Skywalker - a medium rated rifle After selection the first phase begins. Dressed in Stormtrooper armor you must make your way to the detention block while avoiding patrols. If you are touched by another trooper or fire your gun you will be apprehended and sent back to the beginning of the level. Phase two begins at the entrance to the detention block. Here you must clear the room of enemies find the princess and begin defending from reinforcements. Once 20 troopers have been dispatched the game will advance to the garbage disposal where you must defeat the creature. In the final phase you must fight your way through the hallways back to the Millennium Falcon. Various stormtroopers and commanders lay in your path and time is limited. If you are taking to long you will hear the Darth Vader Theme play and he will enter and start to chase you. If he touches you, you are sent back to the beginning. Reaching your ship triggers a brief celebration and when you are ready to continue push the fire button to start again with slightly harder enemies.
  4. Bermuda Triangle = 15,600 Thunderground = 65,050 Level 12
  5. It's a custom from Extreme Home Arcade. Every suggestion I gave them, they were able to incorporate. Here are all the design elements. Now back to high scores.
  6. 24,069 I was always better at the 7800 version which I played way more than this one. I pulled out my old high score book and saw the number was in the 19,000 range. It took me about 20 tries, but finally managed to beat it.
  7. I enjoy a lot of their games but my nostalgic favorite is M*A*S*H. I always enjoyed having the two different games in one.
  8. I apologize in advance to whoever gets paired with me.
  9. A slight improvement for Frankenstein's Monster.
  10. Firefox 70.0 is giving my trouble with these forums, so had to switch to Explorer in order to post. Anyway, I suck at these games. FM = 570 H = 4,725
  11. From the U.S. Copyright database, here is the Arcade game record: Type of Work: Visual Material Registration Number / Date: PA0000143122 / 1982-05-18 Title: Kick. Imprint: [s.l. : s.n.], c1981. Description: 1 videogame. Notes: Deposit consists of 1 videocassette & synopsis (1 p.) deposited in lieu of videogame. Title on synopsis: Kick man. Copyright Claimant: Bally Midway Manufacturing Company Date of Creation: 1981 Date of Publication: 1981-12-11 Authorship on Application: Bally Midway Manufacturing Company, employer for hire. Previous Registration: Appl. states other than material incorporated from "Pac-man" prev. reg. 13Nov80, PA 83-768, this audiovisual work is entirely original. Other Title: Kick man Names: Bally Midway Manufacturing Company ================================================================================
  12. Everything is canon for me. Disney should just embrace some of the best stories and turn those into series / movies, an X-wing series would be great.
  13. A first try. This will take some practice if I want to improve.
  14. Reading some of the strategies above has helped me get a slight improvement.
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