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  1. Atari_Warlord


  2. AVP on the Jaguar used to get me late at night. The aliens seemed to always suddenly appear after you had just looked down a hallway and then looked back again.
  3. I'm not sure the 70's were very happy. We were getting over the racial tensions of the 60's, the Vietnam war, Watergate, the beginnings of modern terrorism, high oil prices, 3 TV channels with no recording ability, and the cold war that seemed to never end. Being able to plug something into the TV and play was priceless. It was an oasis from the depression the decade was feeding us.
  4. We had the Coleco Pong/Gun unit. Once I bought an Atari 2600, it never got played again. We did play the Video Olympics cart quite a bit though.
  5. Maybe something to compete with 2-xl?
  6. This isn't really for me, but I can see a future coming where ownership will be vilified as killing the environment. Might make an interesting dystopian movie. You have a cartridge or disk? Time to take a ride on Carousel.
  7. Maybe some kind of streaming service that is paid for by forced advertising.
  8. Thanks, I'll try a USB keyboard since I have one additional connector on the adapter.
  9. I bought this adapter from Amazon and it worked perfectly with the Retron 77 and D9 in charge mode. I was able to play 4 player paddle games and Indy 500 with both driving controllers. The number of games that aren't playable continues to shrink and is making this a pretty nice HDMI emulation box. Probably the biggest item remaining is getting stella 6.+ on it. Thanks to everyone that has contributed to making this better! How do I change the default controller for a game on this device? I have one that is set at the default joystick, but needs to be paddles.
  10. CaptainBreakout is putting a label together for this and gave permission to post this draft. I've also gone back to the drawing board with the box cover to give it a similar feel.
  11. Thanks, I'll give this a try. Looking forward to finally getting good paddle play.
  12. Does this work with the 2600 D9 adapter? It doesn't seem to recognize the plugged in controller for me. Here is the setup: 1. Updated the Micro SD card image to the test build (sdcard.remo.20190119-1727.test) 2. The USB power cable plugged into the powered USB connector 3. The USB connector plugged into the micro USB port on the Retron77 4. The USB connector plugged into a USB A/B converter 5. The 2600 D9 adapter plugged into the USB A/B converter 6. A Joystick plugged into the 2600 D9 adapter (set to auto detect mode) The Retron77 boots up but stella can't be navigated without a Joystick plugged into the front panel.
  13. I ended up answering my own question. I found the Warlords art in one catalogue that is on Atariage. It is dated 1981, the same as the Playthings ad. There was also a catalogue that had the alternate Night Driver and Golf covers.
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