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  1. It was a busy 3 weeks and unfortunately I procrastinated getting started on these. They were all fun to play, so thanks to the creators! Robot City = 2,898 The End = 21,680 Tower of Rubble = 84
  2. 9,070 This will take some practice to get close to the patch score, not sure I have time this week.
  3. Yes, probably everyone with an original retron77 has broken one. The heavy duty Ranger I bought from them seems to be doing pretty good so far.
  4. Managed to improve a little and get to the 4th level. 9,440
  5. Sorry in advance to whoever gets stuck with me. I'll keep trying. 4,900
  6. I'm pretty sure I bought one at Sears in October of 1977, but the receipt disappeared with the boxes long ago. I remember seeing the ads and then visiting the store where they had a display unit. After a few minutes of playing around I took my summer job money and bought one on the spot. Over the next couple months I kept showing the list of available games to my parents as a hint on what to buy me for Christmas. I think I got Pong Sports and maybe Outer Space as gifts.
  7. Used a real joystick and finally got through all the screens on Spike's Peak. Managed improvements for all 3 games. Spike's Peak = 34,050 Mountain King = 17,025 California Games / BMX = 23,180
  8. This probably isn't going to be a very good round for me. I own Spike's Peak and don't think I've every gone beyond the second screen. I gave it a quick play and couldn't figure out the controls as the Joystick didn't seem to do anything. Will try again later on a different set up. Mountain King 3,385 California Games BMX = 14,470
  9. Loved this game back in the day. I always wished they would have made some sequels with all the game ideas people submitted in the contest. Game 3 = 999-922 = 77 Game 7 = 999-753 = 246
  10. I spent all my time having fun with Pitfall II and working to beat my old personal best of 192k, which I did. The other two just aren't as much fun. Pitfall II = 199,000 Congo Bongo = 5,460 Jungle Hunt = 6,800
  11. Yes, it took about 2 weeks from when I ordered it.
  12. Don't have much time this week so just need to get on the board. Cosmic Coridor 3 b/b = 620
  13. Just remember to order the right adapter to connect to the PAL socket. I had to go to Ebay to find a PAL male to RCA female for a reasonable price. Once that arrives, I can see if this device will work with my original 2600.
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