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  1. First attempt before reading manuals: Rescure Terra 1 = 27,875 Condor Attack = 1,618 Espial = 7,790
  2. Small improvement on Pole Position 40,680, time to move on.
  3. Another hand cramp, but finally matched my personal best on dragster 5.97
  4. Dragster 6.01 Got a hand cramp but managed to shave a little off my time.
  5. Pole Position 22,340 - Lap two was like driving behind Alonso as the cars kept weaving to block me. Dragster 6.14 - One of those games I love and hate at the same time.
  6. 552.4 Getting closer to the patch. When the countdown timer started I had 100 cars left and started driving like a mad man.
  7. 388.5 I've always wished I could play this with a paddle controller like night driver. This was the closest I came to finishing day 3. Is the patch score getting to day 5 or finishing it?
  8. At first I thought the bin I was using was broken as I couldn't get the game to start. A quick glance at the manual helped. 20,807
  9. I was on the fence but seeing some comparisons to Assasin's Creed has made me decide to pick this up. It will have to wait until I finish up The Stick of Truth, which I picked up recently. In a PC world, South Park is a breath of foul air that is still needed.
  10. 17,440 I'm just not very good at this game. I practiced for hours yesterday and couldn't get the patch score until this morning.
  11. Kool-Aid Man = 17,000 OH YEAH! Picnic = 6,740 ( I did better before reading the manual) Frogs and Flies = 32
  12. Checkers bonus = 6 There's a reason this isn't that popular anymore. It took 5 or 6 tries to finally beat the computer on "Novice".
  13. 23,658 Improved a little and was finally able to complete a couple deliveries.
  14. 3,371 I thought I had played pretty much all Activision games, but not this one. I can probably do better after seeing some of the strategies but am running out of time. I also don't have the rom on my computers for some reason and work blocks Atarimania.
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