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  1. Excellent article. I'm hoping to add some more to some of the companies I've researched if I can ever get over to the library of congress and view the material on file.
  2. Sounds great! If you take suggestions for other tunes on the 2600, I always loved the music from Double Dragon and the DPC could really improve it.
  3. 5,101 Using a joystick on the arcade machine helped improve my score. I usually do best with a cx-40, so will try to get one more score in this week.
  4. I'm going to try this on various devices to see what might work best. First up is Stella with a keyboard 4,067
  5. Thanks for another great season. *Favorite Games from Season 11 (Pitfall II and Moon Patrol, managed to set new personal best scores for both) *Most Surprising Game from Season 11 (The End and Robot City, homebrews continue to be innovative and high quality) *Worst Game from Season 11 (Donkey Kong Jr. & Congo Bongo, as much as we are told Coleco didn't sabotage the 2600 ports, the evidence seems to disagree)
  6. Demon Attack alternates players after each wave and for some crazy fun try games 9 & 10 where you play together and alternate control every 4 seconds.
  7. Nice Video, if you decide to do a part 2 or revise at some point here are a few more. The names didn't always correspond probably for marketing reasons and sometimes they took elements from multiple arcade games and put them in one cartridge. Air-Sea Battle / Target Fun = Anti-Aircraft / Anti-Aircraft II Human Cannonball / Cannon Man = Cannonball Video Olympics / Pong Sports = Pong and many other variations Surround = Dominos Indy 500 / Race = Indy 4 Combat / Tank Plus = Tank and variations as well as Jet Fighter Video Pinball / Arcade Pinball = Video Pinball
  8. 26,900 One of my favorites and a new personal best score. I got to the tanks for the first time and then was wasted quickly. I'm not sure why the default is to have the music off, the tune always helps me get in the zone.
  9. Glad to see Birthday Mania jump into the mix, even if it isn't very polished. Birthday Mania = 568 Solar Storm = 670 Fireball = 4,028
  10. It was a busy 3 weeks and unfortunately I procrastinated getting started on these. They were all fun to play, so thanks to the creators! Robot City = 2,898 The End = 21,680 Tower of Rubble = 84
  11. 9,070 This will take some practice to get close to the patch score, not sure I have time this week.
  12. Yes, probably everyone with an original retron77 has broken one. The heavy duty Ranger I bought from them seems to be doing pretty good so far.
  13. Managed to improve a little and get to the 4th level. 9,440
  14. Sorry in advance to whoever gets stuck with me. I'll keep trying. 4,900
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