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  1. 3,772 Haven't collected the 3rd crystal yet, but enjoying the game so far.
  2. There's usually a reason some games are lesser known. Pooyan = 905 Strategy-X = 2,910
  3. Managed to improve a little. Millipede = 80,427
  4. Excited for the HSC to be back. I may try again later with Berzerk but wanted to put something on the board in case I run out of time. Berzerk 9bb = 2,450 Venture 1bb = 6,500
  5. 555.9 I'd really like to get to day 5 for the patch. I just get nervous with too many cars left and start speeding and crashing.
  6. I'm not in a hurry to upgrade this generation as I don't have a 4k display yet. I'll be skipping the launch this time around. The last time I did that was the PS1.
  7. 11,700 Hoping to get out of the first maze eventually. This was the best I could do in my first 10 tries.
  8. I clearly don't know what I'm doing and probably don't have time to figure it out this week. 4,590
  9. Astroblast = 2,545 Thought I was doing well until the suicide guys showed up and started wiping me out. Speedway II = 99-36 = 63 This has a special place in my heart as I bought it with the system so I could use the paddles. Target Fun and this were my first two games.
  10. Thanks to the creators for making these games and letting us play them! Don't put me in charge of any missile defense, I've always sucked at these. City Defense = 3,409 Dog Gone it! = 22,787 I avoided the cat for a couple levels until I finally realized it had the power ups.
  11. Ms Galactopus fixed rom = 9,480 Should probably read the hints. I wasn't entirely sure what I should be doing and shot at everything.
  12. RIP Curt I always enjoyed Curt's enthusiasm and dedication about all things Atari and did many transactions with him over the years. I only met him in person once about 5 years ago and remember a lively conversation.
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