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  1. Arcade games I enjoy: Asteroids Berzerk Paddle Games: Birthday Mania Demons to Diamonds Homebrews: Galagon Go Fish! Activision Games: Either Pitfall Dragster Enduro
  2. I should be able to get closer to my earlier score, but need to put something on the board for now.
  3. This was my first time participating and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It makes you play games you would normally ignore and I think that is a good thing. Congratulations to the top hard core players. Favorites: Fantastic Voyage - This is a well designed game. Pac Man 4k - I love to see a game that resembles the arcade version after what we got in the 80's Most Surprising: Thunderground - had the cart for years, but never really played it until now Seaweed Assault - after finally understanding how to play it, had a lot of fun Worst: Star Wars Death Star Battle - really wanted this as a kid, looks like I was lucky not to get it Halloween - the novelty is fun, but wears thin fast
  4. I purchased it from the bargain bin out of curiosity for around $5 and still felt ripped off. It blows.
  5. This game is solid and quite fun. Current score = 83,276
  6. Hopefully I can improve on this as two of my deaths were just taking unnecessary risks. 21,700
  7. Ice Hockey 10 - 8 , difference 2 It was tied up with 15 seconds left when I scored two points quickly and was close to a third goal as shown in the picture. Basketball 52 - 52 , difference 0 I was losing for most of the match by up to 8 points and had to fight back to just tie.
  8. Improved a couple scores: Dragons Decent = 510 Seaweed Assault = 587
  9. Not sure if you'll have room for this, but what about having 3 different surfaces for clay, grass, hard? The ball and player could react a little different for each surface. Hard - standard that we're used to Grass - faster ball with some random movements due to uneven surface Clay - slower ball and player has momentum to take into account
  10. Activision Tennis is still one of my favorites, looking forward to what you come up with.
  11. I bought a couple for Christmas and finally had a chance to try it this morning with a stelladaptor. It worked great. The left/right switch is really nice to have because for some reason I have difficulty playing 2600 games with left hand direction controls. The paddle seemed backwards at first, but switching to left controls made it control more how I was expecting. I did have to exit and restart whenever I flipped one of the switches on the controller.
  12. I don't think copyright covers phrases, it's possible it could have been trademarked. Here is an interesting snippet from a legal website: A trademark protects your chosen phrase, but only from another business in your class. Your phrase has to be original. Edit: The Trademark Database has "May the Force be with you" registered 5 times by Lucasfilm starting in 1983. The registrations are all currently dead.
  13. Had fun with all 3 games. Definitely need some more practice on Seaweed Assault and Dragons Descent.
  14. 10,510 I was hoping to beat my old high score of 19,??? before posting, but decided to put something on the board in case I run out of time.
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