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  1. Well, I read through this thread last night. Didn't know the Pi was that inexpensive, but had been contemplating getting one. So, I wound up getting a bare board from Amazon with a free power adapter. Got a inexpensive case, a 32Gig SD, and a dual pack of buffalo SNES pads.The pads were something I had been wanting. But, have 360, PS 3, and afterglow controllers that will work also. Is there a good Genny USB controller out there? Saw some listed, but reviews were mixed. Thanks for every poster that gave pointers,and links. Can't wait to start messing around with it.
  2. The first games I bought was at a tiny cinderblock pawn shop just on the outskirts of town in 92. I remember we technically weren't even supposed to go there due to it being across the main highway. We found a ton of games there, the guy sold the 2600 games 3 for a buck. I got Stampede, Barnstorming, and Sky Jinks. We would risk getting in trouble alot going back for more. Man, we would never hear the end of it when we were found out!! Ashamed it has been out of business for a long time. He still had a ton of Atari goodness the last time I went to it before it suddenly didn't open anymore.. That was the summer of 99, I bought a surround sound system from him. Unfortunately I wasn't collecting for Atari then, or would have bought all I could.
  3. I bought a 360 not long after release from a co-worker who lost interest. And other than one RROD issue a reseating of the heatsinks, and thermal paste it is still working. I have had issues with the controller that came with it though. The right shoulder button stopped working. Been all through it no idea what happened? Picked up a spare controller, and has been okay since. PS3 I still have the first phat model I bought new, but the HDMI is fried on it. Only outputs to the Composite cable luckily that is all that happened to it. I took it to work for the GTA V updates last year as the internet connection was faster there. A malfunctioning exhaust fan sent a huge surge taking out the TV, but the PS3 soldiered on as it appeared to still be running. Got home to find it wasn't completely spared. I bought another phat 80gig nearly identical for the HD TV it spazzed out, and shut down. Now it powers up just to shut back down with the power led flashing once off. I bought a God of war Red super slim version to replace it the controller worked about 3-4 months before dying. The battery is fine I moved it over to one of my older controllers. Got a Last of us edition super slim, been a year and a half without issue. I have 3 PS2's 2 are the original phatty's, one a slim. Bought one weeks after launch it is still working good. Got the other dirt cheap as a back up. I bought a slim model, impulse buy. It works good, but the stupid CD lid don't latch shut. Started that a few months after getting it. Had great luck with the PS1 era stuff as well, still have my original, and a spare. As for beyond that only a Model 1 Genesis with a bad rf signal, and a 5200 that eats power supplies. I try my best to keep them all clean, and in a well ventilated area. Seems to have done the trick so far.
  4. I miss all the ones I had. An Atari VCS I got given to me had a ton of various versions, one was quite thick. Even though I had most of the games, it was still cool to thumb through seeing the adds of the day. Guess now that I know about the scanned copies I will go check them out. I lost all of mine in a move, I was ready to get going, and didnt go back to look and see if I left a box behind... My Swordquest books were in there as well, but back then I didn't know that's what the numbers that popped up meant.
  5. Try Emuparadise I have had good luck there, and I have been using my cell phone to download. They have emulators for almost anything you can think of. Otherwise you could look up the post Trevor added one page back. There may be an alternative OS download for Mac users? I have checked out all of the listed emulators with great success, so far though I still have a few to go.
  6. Figure I will throw my 3 on here. Unknown if it is working, do have the RF/power box. Only dead console in my collection it, and the 4 port worked, but that was over 20 years ago. This one fries power adapters. Fully functional system bought from a forum member.
  7. LOL!! So, maybe the prices were the same or there abouts. Liked it better than our old Wal-Mart back then, it was choc full 'O pervs, and whack jobs all the time. So, we had to stay by whoever we were with at the time when we were younger.... Hills was off the beaten path as it was never as crowded, even the days leading up to Christmas. We got more freedom to look around alone when we were there.
  8. One thing I don't fully remember about them was, were a a retail, or discount store? I used to like going there after my birthday because they not only had about an identical inventory as our local Wal-Mart, and K-Marts. But, they had a lot more stuff that was harder to find, and cheaper. There was a locally owned warehouse store here till the mid 90's it bought up liquidated stuff like the Old Bud's did. I had never seen a Vectrex or heard of one till then. They only had a couple, but the boxes were heavily taped like they were open at some point, so maybe not new? They had a large stack of C64's, they were in huge boxes reminiscent of SMS boxes. We wound up getting one of them it was a Test Plot edition had a bunch of flight sim titles, along with Crazy Cars. Now, you would be lucky to find a 2600 game that resembled a dogs chew toy around my home town...
  9. Man, I really wish I could go back to the late 80's to early 90's. There were only 2 places that had stacks, and stacks of Atari clearance stock plus games for systems I'd never heard of back then. One was called Bud's, the other was Hills. Bud's was a clearance store of Wal-Mart don't know how many of those existed, they were usually located in older Stores they had vacated for newer locations. It had all kinds of stuff like wrote off returns/exchanges, and they even bought warehouse liquidation stock. Once they acquired in I think 89,or 90 had a crap ton of various games. I do remember the bulk being 7800 games. Hills at that time I thought was just a local small chain that carried any thing you could think of. But, it appears to have been a far reaching chain, I have seen that store mentioned several times on this forum. They had a huge inventory of 2600 to 7800 games, the ones they had the most of were at $.50 each! There was a lot of other systems they had games for, but only the Atari stuff stands out. There were still tons of games there when Hills closed in 90. Bud's did as well, it closed in 92. I know why I didn't get any 2600 games at hills other than California Games for $1 though, I had all the ones they had in stock. But, I thought about getting a 7800, and a bunch of games for it while there once. However my brother wanted to go to the hobby shop before we went home that day. Once I got there, Umm, I no longer had any money for that idea....
  10. I have two 2 ports, and a 4 port model. The 4 port has not been plugged in for probably 20+ years. I did find the av switch/power box I thought had gone missing though. I have one perfect 2 port, and a 2 port that eats power supplies if you even plug one in to it... No blasted idea what's going on there? Have been in it, and a resistor looks to have been blown off the board, but that is it to an untrained eye. My one remaining controller works when it wants to, the old eraser to the contacts usually persuades it to work for a while. Looks like I finally need to order all the new innards from Best.
  11. I was going to edit the first post to put Trebor's list above my first post, so it would be at the top, I guess you have limited time to edit posts? Thanks again Trebor, and everyone who has helped with suggestions.
  12. Alright! Now that is what I'm talking about! Thanks very much for that. Agreed, that is beyond helpful!
  13. LOL! Like in some areas here a Coke means any carbonated drink no matter the flavor. As far as shady site mirrors, those seem to have been cleared up. However my favorite site is stupid now, you now have to watch a video to get the download link. Not happening over Android because the site. The M. Site forces phone base emulators, forcing desktop gets you to them, but since Android don't have the plugin needed. But, right now phone internet is all I have. I always check either the site, or read me file that is packed with a particular emulator. That helps a lot especially if you have to edit the .cfg file to make changes. I make a cheat sheet for MAME with as many features it has. I try to make all of them as close as possible as far as button layout makes things a ton easier. I grabbed Altirra just need some A 8 bit games to check out. Stella has been the best VCS emulator I have tried. You know, I have never had any kind of experience with the Amiga. Sounds like it will be a task to set up, but manageable. I learned to get games running on DosBox + DeFend. Some of those are a pain to get right. I have Frodo for C64 but it seems a little buggy in the running of software, but emulates the system okay. VICE I will give it a shot. Good to know of that alternate version. I regret selling my C64 now..... You don't think of those systems till it's gone. I miss all the Basic programming books that came with it, used to sit for hours trying the various code out. Customizing the main screen colors was cool.
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