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  1. I have two Jags and one cd unit. One of the Jags is new in box and the Jag/CD setup is my original system from back in the day. It still works flawlessly.
  2. Cool! I'd love a copy too if they become available.
  3. I'm definitely looking forward to this. It's a must have for me.
  4. Mine is still going strong. No problems with it at all.
  5. I'd like to see Halo 2600 and Zippy The Porcupine working on the portàble. The demo of Zippy works, but not the full game.
  6. Keep it. Keep it all. If you sell it, one day you will regret it.
  7. I've ordered a couple of times. Both were good experiences.
  8. I bought two Pro Controllers back in the day and use one regularly. The other is stored away as a backup. Personally, I prefer them over the standard controllers.
  9. mitchd61


    I have one, so I'm not interested at this time. However, it is a very unique system to have and collect. Lots of fun! Surely someone will be interested.
  10. Get one. Definitely worth having, even if it is just to complete your setup.
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