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  1. Xenoblade and Monster Hunter should be your top picks. The amount of content in Monster Hunter GU Dwarfs anything in MH World.
  2. Skarrj

    The End

    John Spamcock will never get that museum now
  3. Skarrj

    7800 HDMI mod

    I made a post long ago about an issue with my 7800. It only displays Black and white, and yellow. The issue appears to be with the RF modulator. I found someone that can mod the 7800 to use AV and HDMI, I am wondering if this would essentially fix the problem of color loss.
  4. I have been slowly creating a game named Museum Quest. An RPG centering on a would be hero and his journey to avenge his homeland. An evil scammer only known as "The Immortal One" just launched a copyright strike against his village and has stolen several ancient artifacts for his "Museum". The hero must journey though several biomes and defeat the Immortal One's underlings, unraveling the mystery of the "museum".
  5. Doom 3, Far Cry New Dawn, Wolfenstein New Order, Gears 4
  6. hmm..no reply. Scamcock threatened to copyright strike you didn't he. That is his go to signature move.
  7. It isn't completely terrible, I bought one for my kid years ago. The biggest complaint I have for it is that there is no save state for any games running from the SD card.
  8. Have you played PSVR? The move controllers are about as perfect for light gun gaming as you can get. Traditional light guns will never be anything close.
  9. New Ark cinematic is posted

  10. I would have said classic gameroom, but he has turned into a huge dbag.
  11. That how I have mine separated. It really starts to take a long time to search games once you hit three or more systems on tge sane card. I hope someone eventually figures the filter option out.
  12. The Super Retrocade is pretty fn awesome, thats my fav so far.
  13. Btw, I have an xbox/ win 10 crossplay server running. Looking for a few people that might want to play. Possibly collaborate on some content.
  14. Well that link is hosed. This one shoukd work
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