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  1. Get it for madworld/house of the dead. Then try to find xenoblade.
  2. Super metroid, MK II, street fighter, ultima, eye of the beholder, f zero, castlevania.
  3. May have to pick those up since I missed the gold Zelda bundle
  4. Didn't we have one of these? Can't find it now. ByondEvl Playing Splinter Cell, Black Ops and Monster Hunter .
  5. Xenoblade on the gamepad..awesome. THis is a step in the right direction, hopefully the gamepad will fully control the games with the next update. Motion controls do work in this mode also, there is a sensor bar built in the gamepd.
  6. The picture in my mitsu dlp is astounding
  7. Maybe sega can get this liscense and we can see a decent ncaa game again. F ea
  8. Not here....i set up camp and im not ashamed to admit it. i love the sound of rage filled tears dripping from the faces of my enemies.
  9. http://wiiudaily.com/2013/09/target-has-buy-one-get-one-free-wii-u-games-deal-next-week/ Console Price drop is in effect also.
  10. This crap happens every now and then. I have an xbox cod black ops that is prestine..will not play in my xbox but plays in my friends.
  11. Myatari still has new in box xegs for reasonable prices.
  12. Just curious, why the majesco release?
  13. This vga shit is helping artificially inflate prices. They can g.f.t.s as far as im concerned.
  14. That when you hand him lost levels and say here ya go smart ass.
  15. The sad fact is you get punished for having a better speed/latency than the kids with walmart dial up speeds.
  16. Lag compensation is exactly what he is experiencing. This stupid shit has been going on in cod for years....not only cod. I use to have videos up that proved lag compensation before anyone admited to it.
  17. Ign has always been a complete joke. I have noticed a trend though, if I pickup a game that they have underrated it usually turns out to be a gem.
  18. Damn, i thought this was a good port. I played this one to the end. Now the ps1 port of populous could be in the top ten of worst games ever.
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