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  1. @candle: After some deeper testing, just wanted to formally report and confirm that 576KB CompyShop mode is inoperable / broken with latest beta- .JED The problem is (for sure) base-memory (0-64KB) corruption when using/accessing extended 512KB memory. Verified in two ways: 1. TKS Pagefind RAM+Timing tests (Option "1") for SDX results: 2. A simple copy of my 512KB Incognito ROM file from one APT partition to another one, on Incognito's HD, will result in a corrupted / unusable copy (the file will not be the same as the original). This pretty much seals it. It does not happen when switching to Rambo-mode. At this point, I have ruled out problems with my local HW / host, because these anomalies disappear when reverting back to production .JED. Sounds to me that this needs immediate attention (hope you can replicate the above results on your end). Thanks!!
  2. Faicuai


    Mine worked too (minus occasional 144 error...) But SIDE2 did not (you can try that one, as well). In any case, I will not doubt that some older 6502B or similar CPU (plus supporting logic chips) could nail the timings right, under the right conditions. But for anyone that did not, there is a remedy now. I have been running both carts (SIDE2 and AVG), essentially error free, since switching to Sally CPU board, and no HW modifications of any kind on host 800's MoBo (RAS still present on left-cart port).
  3. Good. Here's what I would do if I were right on your shoes: Prepare and assemble (stand-alone) extra MoBo with CPU, ROM and (x2) 16 KB boards from troubled machine, together with Powerboard, keyboard and (optionally) speaker. Locate every single supporting-logic chip of troubled-board (EDIT: south of OS-slot) and transfer-and-test to stand-alone board ONE-at-time. Check system-boot check every time you transfer an individual chip. If problem does not appear / confirm on stand-alone board, then transfer (one-by-one) Pokey and PIA (I don't think they are related, but just in case). If problem has NOT yet appeared on stand-alone board, I would be very inclined to think that you have physical-damage on Port-2 edge-connector and/or traces (not easily seen) on troubled MoBo. Last but not least: bring @ClausB into the operating room. If there's someone who could suggest a different or more effective way to trace this issue, it would be him. My 0.02c
  4. Do you have an extra 800 MoBo (known-good) laying around? (preferably of same revision, or Rev9 at minimum)?
  5. Ok, so it seems we are on a roll, here. Here's the next one, which was accidentally discovered during the last 24 hours, in the midst of unrelated testing: This problem involves: Incognito with latest .JED and latest BIOS. Optionally, Ultimate/SD or AVG cart (it will not matter which). The main symptoms of this one are: a) 130XE RAM (in CompyShop) becomes inoperable or inaccessible (65-128KB banks, at minimum), even at OS Self-Test (!) b) Prince-of-Persia predictably fails right before Palace-screen ONLY in CompyShop. However, RAMBO mode works perfectly. I am presuming that 1.a and 1.b above are linked / related, so solving one, should solve the other. I may be wrong, though. The easiest way to replicate 1.a) is to: Set BIOS profile on 576KB CompyShop mode and XL/XE OS of choice. Load attached .XEX file from BIOS LAODER, and select "RAM" test ( XETESTR2.xex ) Notice that Bank-Testing will NOT be performed (message absent in text-window), ending quickly in "PASS". What normally happens, instead, is that after base-memory is checked, x4 BANKS are tested on 130XE mode. To optionally test 1.b), all is needed is: Set BIOS profile on 576KB CompyShop mode and XL/XE OS of choice. Insert AVG or Ultimate/SD cart, and load PoP June version ("bugs fixed') SIC or MegaCart images. Wait for it to run, as it will crash (blank-screen) right after "Vizier / iron-fist" story-line. ALL of the above symptoms are FULLY mitigated when rolling-back to latest-known Production .JED (as I have confirmed today). ALL of the above issues DO NOT show on my 800XL / Ultimate1MB, when performing identical tests on 576KB CompyShop mode. Hopefully, the above list is simple and clear enough to quickly replicate and confirm the problem on anyone's end. However, if results are different, please, post them here, too (that would be head-scratching, to say the least). Anyway, there we go!
  6. My best wishes, there. Hopefully calm waters, ahead. From what I read above, I was not sure if you could not send the 800-Sophia II back, while sitting there and killing desk space, etc. But, in any case, I will volunteer my basic assets here (including scope, etc.), for whatever other testing maybe required (in parallel, and in the meantime). For some reason, it seems lately that if there's a "roach" in the kitchen, I will somehow find it... (don't ask my why or how, though). So what I can do is continue reporting all the issues I find (systematically repeatable) on this thread, so at least we have a central place to check them out for resolution, whenever possible. Speaking of which, here comes the next one... 8-)
  7. 😂 For some reason I thought the horizon would scroll horizontally... but no, its the color-grid that moves from back to front! (the only h-scrolling thing there is a solitary text-line before game-start...)
  8. Yep... the problem is the color palette... ugly-looking, in the context of this particular title (maybe not an issue on other titles). Rainbow-walker is quite a show-off on the A8... plenty of horizontal scrolling combined virtual 3D-effects through palette-shifting and sprite-positioning... plus vibrant and rich colors coming out of a 1979 chipset design...
  9. You are correct on that, to the point of having been already listed on the Top 10 MOST IMPORTANT games in history: https://www.nytimes.com/2007/03/12/arts/design/12vide.html Gram-by-gram, byte-for-byte, there are very, very few titles with the stratospheric figure-of-merit that Star Raiders has. With its tiny 8KB foot-print (which takes direct control of the entire machine) and its dazzling action and 3D-effects, it makes look a lot of stuff out-there like bloatware. ONLY bested by Avery's special, high-speed math version of itself, which holds near effective 30fps during most computationally-intensive sections, thus making it a REAL pleasure to play, to this day! Couple of it with a high-power sound system and a large screen on your living room and watch your generational peers go "Holly f__k!" when they see it in pure action, soon after realizing its 1979 copyright! 8-) It is also a game better suited for "type-A" personalities, that is, those that like to be on the front row, having control, making decisions, and taking risks. And presumably for this reason, I would also say Emkay is also CORRECT when stating that it is underrated... Not as well wide-spread awareness as other (more recent) titles. As for the improvements, not sure how much better it could get beyond Avery's high FPS version, which is absolutely loyal to its roots, but if anyone wants to try, go ahead! 8-))
  10. Alrighty, it seems we found a new "booboo", here. Summarizing: The problem involves ANY version of Ultimate/SD cart FILE-loader (.XEX, etc.) and latest .JED for Incognito. The problem is fully mitigated if .JED is downgraded to last, most-current known production version (also posted on this thread). Incognito BIOS does not seem directly related to the problem (in fact, BIOS loader works beautifully). The symptom is that .XEX files will crash during or right after loading. Further inspection with Turbo-Freezer (at every step of the process), reveals that files do not seem to be correctly located / uploaded in RAM during actual loading process from cart. As an example, this file can be used as test-target: atbas157.rex. It (should) pre-load @ $4000-$5FFF before processing, yet it appears ~ $20B0, instead. Since it is systematically repeatable on my end, it seems worth attempting to replicate on someone's end, and if confirmed, figuring out why the latest .JED and Ultimate/SD cart are interfering with each other (pretty strange, I would say). Who knows where this problem could should up, as well. Thanks!
  11. From Sophia-2, standard NTSC color-palette, DVI-D interface on Viewsonic VP-950pro LCD monitor, on ~4:3 aspect ratio: The problem here is how Sophia-2 decodes hue $01 with default NTSC palette, which this image makes extensive use of. Hue $01 appears parrot-green/yellow (colorimetrically correct), instead of gold-yellow (perceptually correct). Same issue if rendered over Y/C on the analog-side of my video path (also on secondary VP950pro). This significant shortcoming can be fixed with a simple correction on existing NTsC palette (up to 15 user-definable) but, to this day, I have yet to see.a SINGLE sample file showing its structure and how such palette should look like, in numbers.
  12. The 8dBi long "swivel" version is perfect, especially for plugging Fujinet away (and horizontally) at the master port of Lotharek's SIO hub. Once there, the antenna can be angked 90-degrees upward, so its main section remains fully vertical. Looks like we'll go places, here. 🙂
  13. ...That guitar-solo from 6:00... masterful, barely looking at it, and never losing depth and class!... Quite impressive, indeed... 😳👍💪
  14. You don't do that on Atari, nowadays. Instead, you first encode in .WAV or .MP3 (for example), then encode to .PDM format, (pulse or wave? density, with Xuel's web-browser encoder) and then playback at MUCH higher quality than anything from Yogi's samples, all via AVG-cart .PDM player, for instance. You will be blown away with the difference in quality...
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