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  1. Don't know about Rage-Quit... but I do know the all-time, #1, grind-your-teeth, bad-loser-masochist title: Star Raiders. Commander Mission, 1979 Try that, and you will soon be at your nearest dentist... 8-)
  2. Or whatever is left of this ZX-Spectrum clone (and cheap !!): For those souls out there who are feeling brave: https://www.ebay.com/itm/LENINGRAD-2-soviet-clone-of-Zx-Spectrum-48-atari-amstrad-amiga-msx-computer/223509922519?hash=item340a3ac2d7:g:gfAAAOSwQktf2nNC Never imagined that such thing ever existed... I makes me wonder about Atari/8bit clone, though... Vostok? Rasputin-3? There's got to be one, somewhere... 8-)
  3. Experiment yourself! Enter "1" (numeric) on A1, then copy to A2:A255. Then move to B1, and enter "1+A1" formula. The copy relative to B2:B255. Watch the top-right. memory counter. From there on you can now copy the entire B column to C..xx columns, relative, and watch with each increment how RAM is allocated. Mind you that effective file saved on disk will be about 1.5x SMALLER than used ram reported on-screen. You will also optimize memory usage by saving file, clearing ram, and the. reloading as you build it. RAM allocation is. ore conservative during editing / creation. Try it out!
  4. We are now down to six (6) units left... (CRT8021). I will hold them here for one more week, and will send a quick reminder before sending them to eBay. IF you have not gotten yours , hurry up. You will need them. Cheers!
  5. Syncalc will leverage (to around 200+KB ram) your U1MB ram-space. It will also run several times faster than Visicalc (spread-sheet load times and recalc-times), but will be about two orders of magnitude less precise (it will sustain up to xE-07 of precision with upgraded ROM math pack, whereas Visicalc will go up to E-09 with its own math library). NONE will support 80-cols. Syncalc can load a test 57 KB spreadsheet (80KB in RAM) in about 19secs. and recalc it in about 9.5 secs. (with Altirra FP pack in rom, and controlling DMA from keyboard, at will). This test spreadsheet has A1:A255 with a real number, and B1:N255 with "1+left-cell" formula. Visicalc will never be able to run it, and it takes on average 2.5 to 3.0 longer than Syncalc on typical recalc operations. At this point, Syncalc has no substitute, and nothing comes close enough, factoring in all benefits. Visicalc, however, is a MUST-have masterpiece of work in your SW library, a true legend, and solidly coded and put together for the Atari.
  6. Beautiful forensics there, especially with the In and Out clock-signal tracing. With SuperSalt test assembly (external, multi-port box), you can exercise SYNCHRONOUS comm. tests. (besides the ASYNC. mode ones, as well). First, with the UUT clock (the host's) and then using the external assembly's clock A total of 15 bytes are transmitted, in both cases, at 19.2 Kbps rate. I am not sure if directly related to your edge-detection slips, but I was always surprised to read that such tests are declared "passed" with as low as only ONE (1) correct byte out of the 15 (!) Like implying that some errors would occur and they would be ok (!?) It is on page 2-12 of SuperSalt Technical User manual...
  7. Easy guys, don't shred your keyboards by chasing ghosts... even if they show up. 🙂 At the end of the day, NONE of these upgrades (except SIDE and U1MB) were designed in concert and coordination. They are the product of independent initiatives... for machines that were never meant to be expanded internally, anyway... Better to establish a direct contact with the owner of the offending HW, and pick it up from there.
  8. This thread is back on-track since post #3892. And it did so without the need for self-appointed mall-cops, and their stirring mall-closure drama. The boat already sailed.
  9. I got beatings, belts, slaps, butt-kicking from both, in alternate fashion... But I also got the benefit of the doubt, one time I got in HUGE trouble for essentially doing nothing. The reason? My trajectory, and overall behavior. I was not really a trouble-seeker or problematic outside of the house. I also had the fortune of a childhood ruled by parents that were there 1000% of the time, fully committed to their kids, and giving every bit of their souls at every corner they could, with sense of direction and strength. When my moral compass failed, theirs was always pointing the right way... I don't know how, but they did... Today, I am very thankful for everything I got from them... even my direct, 1st-line cousin, who had the fortune to experience part of his everyday life under my dad's wing... he CRIED like a baby, when my bad-ass, tough-as-hell (but give-it-all) dad passed away. Same goes to my mom. Although I've never beaten my kids, my older kid today (19) is already thanking for me being a hard-ass, for yelling when things where going wrong, for insisting on a clear path... I hope the very best for them... But my job is much harder, because their mom passed away when they were still little... Talk about a very fine and difficult line to walk. I would NEVER interfere when she handed them a belt, and she could take A LOT more patience than anything I could. In any case, I don't (and will never) believe in soft-handed formation of kids.
  10. You hit the nail there, with a Thor's hammer. And that is where all that dumb-fuck revisionism and all that non-sense we see today comes from: sore losers trying to desperately find culprits for their lives devoid of any real accomplishments (or meaning)... who then we are all forced to fund with our taxpayer contributions. At the end, weak parents mostly make weak kids... Plain and simple. (cases like yours awaken my inner "psychopath"... I am surprised you have not bought yet the most powerful ultra-sound transmitters you can get to torment those unruly dogs every time they bark... ) (sometimes images speak better than words:
  11. You don't need to replace these capacitors, unless you have tested them as faulty (they are out of spec). If DC capacitors show NO signs of any top-surface or side-walls bulging, and no unusual de-coloring, and still firmly planted on their soldering-point, don't even touch them. In many instances, this is mostly a urban myth, born out of sheer psychosis or self-inflicted hysteria.
  12. Well, that's fixed-storage (HD) speed territory! ...At least for linear, "burst"-type of operations, like loading a file straight, which is VERY different than, say, moving a SDX directory (with +100 files) to somewhere else (a much more transactional operation, in nature, but typical in a productive environment). What HW modifications are required to achieve this (pretty high) level of performance through SIO? If no HW modifications / surgery required, then that is another show of the A8 brute-force, when DMA is not possible or practical !
  13. Are you including StarRaiders in that statement? And Yoomp!, too?
  14. Failing socket-contacts and/or broken tracks on the MoBo are pervasive failures, usually hard to catch. Check first for any signs of prior desoldering work, if any, and individually test THERE first. Then, assuming there is a contact failure somewhere, start by pressing (firmly but not crazy, with uniform pressure) with your thumb ALL active components, one by one, in sequence. Press, turn on, wait, then turn off and repeat for the next component. If there is ONE socket where contacts are failing (especially in MoBo) chances are you will find the culprit. If it os more than one, well, that would be a daunting task. After this, you can now troubleshoot pjn-by-pin, signal-by-signal. Good luck!
  15. You are correct about the tearing... It is vertically oriented btw. It even shows on above videos. But, in my opinion, it is not that detrimental. Considering everything involved here, the rendering is respectable, in many ways.
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