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  1. Absolutely. Navigating the current one could be, at times, a harrowing experience for the unfamiliar... Like stepping into a century-old haunted house, full of weird relics.... 😂😉
  2. Like the old (and wise) saying goes: "I trust.... but I verify" And so I did. I have been at the place, a small cave in San Jose, which seems like some sort of front-office. I have seen the character (nowhere near looking 70 years old, unless he made a devil's pact). It is a creepy place to be as far as I recall... but it DOES work. Generally speaking, it is a bad advice to hold ab entire community hostage of one single individual. At the end of the day, we PAY for all that stuff (not that we get things out of charity or favors). Insisting in such approach, puts us all in a position of weakness (and that is a BAD position to be). Instead, we should continue to share our GENUINE experiences, so we all know what to expect. And it is NOT true that Brad is the only supply for regular spares... maybe for some special ones, true, but we can source parts from other places. He'a specialized stock is already dwindling (laws of physics). Once that happens, eBay will be the place for most things. I am ALWAYS in favor of win-win business (including Brad's, which is unaudited and unknown in several ways), but I will NEVER, EVER accept being anyone's "hostage". And no one here should. EVER.
  3. I just wonder what excruciating punishment he would impose on those that call him an "idiot"... 😀
  4. NEW TEST: On A800 / Incognito, set to 64KB of base memory, and using Turbo Freezer's 512KB extended memory, via PBI-bus. ALL .car images (initial ones and latest, above) WORKING here! Will later test (and update here) with latest DD .ATR results... So far, so good!
  5. Ok, since the original (first) .CAR images all work flawlessly on both my 800/Incognito and 800XL/U1MB, I went ahead and tested the above, and it works without a problem on the 800 / Incognito, with both AVG and Ultimate/SD carts (not sure if testing on my 800XL will be needed). In fact, besides a shorter boot-time (?), I could not see any other major difference. (UPDATE: also long-tested DD .ATR provided above, booting from NUXX SDrive, and it worked PERFECTLY !) Bottom-line: everything works like a charm (after LONG >60min test...)
  6. Aha!!! I will definitely try it! THANKS for the extra clarity, here! I do wonder how this all work once dual NTSC / PAL support finally arrives for the A8... I think PoP will be the reference title for testing. Cheers!
  7. What´s interesting about A8 PoP port is that, as far as I have seen, it has been developed (primarily) on a LCD-based environment (Rensoup is welcome to correct me, anytime). The screen-play is like Karateka, where the background-artwork remains mostly still, and the characters are the ones movimg. In the case of PoP, the artwork is spatially more extensive, thus benefitting from a flat field-of-view and a high contrast (white-to-black ratio). NTSC would be the cherry on the cake, not just for fluency of screenplay, but also for the flicker-effect on intro. Having said all that, can't complain with any of your renderings. Your B&O CRT is definitely a solid performer, with GREAT contrast and decent linearity, which are key for PoP. Among the best I have seen on this forum, for sure. Enjoy!
  8. Well, in spite of all my dearest efforts, I am afraid to report that... I could NOT make it fail on my U1MB 800XL, either! 😜 It turns out that the originally posted .CAR images also work like a charm on the 800 XL, just as well as they did on my 800 / Incognito (that is, with AVG and ULTIMATE/SD carts!). FYI, both of these setups still with 3.10 firmware in NTSC, though. The only thing I was not able to put to work is booting the Double-Density .ATR from my Nuxx-SDrive or RespeQt, but that one boots perfectly from the Indus/GT.
  9. Would you look at those beautiful solder-blobs... Like a work-of-art !! Kudos!!
  10. Sure thing (as I have several from those two batches). Plenty of yours out-there. But not some of latest production, including the last one I bought, for instance. I remember sending out some JTAG headers to other folks out-there, so they could be added.
  11. As long as there is a JTAG header on the board, of course... otherwise, it may have to be added, instead...
  12. Absolutely. Much, much better with such optimizations... while still maintaining original graphics rendering. Absolutely no point getting back to the non-optimized 3d renderings (especially during explosions...)
  13. How's that going? Any unexpected challenges while addressing this?
  14. Looking pretty good there!! On NTSC, color rendition comes a bit different, also nocturnal but a bit moodier, due to the purples (looks like you are rendering NTSC with PAL color-map, maybe)... I would also agree that the game lends itself for NTSC's higher refresh-rate.
  15. 😂 They just dropped their lollipop on the sand and got mad... Infantile to the core... It never added-up from the beginning, and that´s the TRUTH.
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