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  1. On 5/16/2021 at 10:39 AM, atarixle said:

    My tiny but working setup.


    Yes, there is a fully tuned Mac Mini, which is perfect for running RespeQt, Atari800MacX, and cc65.


    I had so many plans how to create a much nicer workplace but time is too tight to mention ...


    Name of that OS system on the screen ? I never seen this before ...

  2. 6 hours ago, www.atarimania.com said:

    Would you be able to check whether the two cartridges below work with your system? They crash on a standard computer.


    Computer Orthoptics - Diagnostic Programs.car 16.02 kB · 5 downloads  

    Computer Orthoptics - Therapeutic Programs.car 16.02 kB · 5 downloads

    Why don't you add 1 wire on GTIA chip like another quote say, pin 3 and 10. Viola ! Bingo ! It might be work at this time !

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  3. Hello Skr,


    I am using Window 10. Conjectural 2 Paddles into 1 port. Still failed. That paddles had been tested on real Atari 800XL , works great without any problems. Tested on Arkanoid II. Works fine.

  4. Hello Phaeron,


    Myself, why you removed the old features under DirectInput/XInput and move to Input Setup ? I did tried to follow your way, Input Setup. It does not make sense when I full turn 360 degree in my paddle. What I seen the arrow turn only right side area from top to down, that's it. Never show 360 degree, nothing. Buttons does not response at all. Yes, it is hook up my 2600-Adapter II device.

  5. I did downloaded the latest version of this emulator and I still have big trouble how to play Atari paddles via my 2600-adapter II device. I did clicked all the possible input features. Still refused to work with my paddles. But joysticks works fine, that's strange ....

  6. It seems does not work on Altirra emulator. It just destroyed disk image of that 2.6 F. Nothing show a true speed , just appear as "XXX" on emulator. So I have to test on the real hardware Atari 800 with 810 disk drive.

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