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  1. thank you davebatari, What about 1010 Hong Kong Version ?
  2. What ? Are you talking something else rather than regular timing belts ? Just for idler wheel shown only ? In that photo, right ? I apologies for misunderstand. Can you give an specific belts from Lowes that will work 410 & 1010 , regular 3 timing belts ? My apologies once again.
  3. Thank you BillC ! Lowes is even better close to my home ! I failed to understand , how can this rubber belt is prefect fit into 410 timing belts (3 of them). Because those rubber belt is different width ! There are link in UK that offer for 410 and has different width ! How is possible ??? Care to explain. A little off point , will those rubber belt at Lowes will also fit for 1010 (Hong Kong version) as well ???
  4. Thank you davebatari , I will make a visit to ACE Hardware soon and get over with 1 of four 410 recorder and see IF it is works ! If it is works, then I will buy all rubber belts for 3 remaining !
  5. Good evening davebatari, Where did you buy this universal rubber washers ? At Home Depot ? I has four 410 are broken. Wow all of them are broken ! Easy to take apart inside and replace that black rubber belt above in your 1st photo ? I know there are 3 of belts. But your photo only has 2 rubber belts ?? SO do I have to buy 2 of them ?
  6. 25-1060. I can paste photo at the back of this drive. That I do NOT have that specific ribbon cable that hooked to an VERY SPECIFIC shape port ! Do you know where to find a key and 3 fuses ? Any idea where ?
  7. Hello Turbo-Torch, 1. Vintage Tandy 5.25" 360K External Floppy Disk Drive for Model 1000 PC, 25-1060 2. Radio Shack 5Mb Master hard disk 3. Model II Disk System. (8 inches drive) I have all of them (Yes , 3 of them). The only missing is key for Radio Shack 5 Mb Master Hard Disk. Missing 3 fuses on the back of Model II Disk System. I want to know if any those 1 of 3 or all of them has matching ribbon cable like you has in those photo above ? Thank you for reading my message above.
  8. Hello roadrunner, Yes, I did and works at this time.
  9. Hello Albert Hey ! It is PDF MANUAL BOOK , please ! I remember , in a few years ago, eBay was allowed to paste link under eBay but now it is forbidden. Like 2 or 3 years ago , it was allowed .....
  10. I has been struggle how to installed or paste real hot link or web site on my eBay Page but it always failed ! When I click on link and it ended up "error". For an example http language : <br><a target="_blank" href=”https://www.manualslib.com/manual/468893/Triplett-630-Ns.html#manual“>Triplett Model 630-NS</a><br> That is exactly I am trying to paste onto eBay but eBay re-direct under www.ebay.com/etc ..... with error (weird animal show). You know what I mean ?
  11. I try to installed "Install.cmd" but MS-DOS Shell said, access is denied (repent many time). I did created "opencbm" under program folder. Still not work ...at this time.
  12. Hello to all, It is MY FIRST time to test with my MPP memory board on 600XL. It does works fine as stand alone. BUT it has a problem with The!Cart cartridge. Is that normal to see blank , No names listed. My The!Cart works fine on 800XL BUT not on 600XL with MPP external memory board. Another hand , my 600XL with 64k external works great with my favorite SIO2SD "Driveless" adapter. Has anyone have the same issue as mine ? Any one ?
  13. Hello to all, Thank you for all your help and hint. Do you have any idea what it might be worthy ? Is that rare piece as circuitboardless keyboard ?
  14. One remaining mystery to me. Why there are NO "Return" or "Enter" key caps at all ??? Do you think "Line Feed" or "Here is" key caps might mean for "Return" instead ???
  15. No, I will not pulling anything on any of those key caps. Why ? Too fragile to breaking down easily. So must created my own circuit board as key matrix ? Still don't know which terminals that might using that kind of keyboard ? Heh ... Must be hard to find which terminals that match keyboard above ?
  16. There you go ! Just tiny metal pins below the key caps. Yes, 2 pins each. At least can you tell me which terminals using that kind "unique" keyboard style ?
  17. No foam or foil contacts , nothing. Just bare plastic. Keytronic may be but which terminals or computers that using the exactly same keyboard above. It does not even have flat ribbon cable, nothing.
  18. At first , I am bit confused about detected the hardware , ZoomFloppy. My out of date CBMXfer 1.10 (I think ). I can't find the exactly version under application folder. CBMXfer does not detected to my ZoomFloppy BUT my Window 10 does show ZoomFloppy Hardware with firmware there. I don't understand , is the last updated on 2017-09-05 ? Same as mine ?? That is 3 years old CBMXfer application ? Okay, I will installed "CBMXfer 100 installer". What is exactly VB6 modules do ?
  19. Thank you for your search and found the match number 275-1422 but it is still NOT match what I have it. Please look at the photo below. There you go. The box front generic keyboard is not match to that black keyboard. So I want to know which exactly terminals that are using the very same keyboard below.
  20. None of them above. I will drop the photo soon in this weekend, I hope. Because this keyboard has really weird labels on the key caps. It does not have any "Return" or "Enter" for that matters.
  21. Hello to all ! Anyone who can tell me what is this generic oddly internal keyboard for which computers or terminals ? I would not find anything on Bing.com , nothing.
  22. I don't think so , it has not been detected anything even thur it is always on 1571.
  23. hello OLD CS1 , Can you tell me what version did you using on PC CBMXfer application ?
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