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  1. Compute Gazette magazines still available. What is the cost for the magazines of Commodore ? The problem is here as public forum. I can't revealed my zip code for the shipping cost. Must go thur private e-mail only.
  2. What is the cost for those magazines ? $16 , right ? Are you in Michigan state ?
  3. Yes, I will love to have all of them. What is the cost for all those magazines ? Many thanks ! And the shipping cost ?
  4. Hey, you misspelling my both username for 2 Atari 1200XL.

    My real username : Caterpiggle

    Not Caterpibble

    and I am suppose on that high roll.

    2 owns of Atari 1200XL and thank you for let me know the exactly date released.

  5. DELETED ME , please
  6. How much do you want for ProBurner Cartridge ? Many thanks ...
  7. I WANT TO BUY PROBURNER Cartridge soon as possible !!!! Please let me know as you can !!!
  8. Is possible for me to buy only (All) magazines ?
  9. What about me ? I have 2 Atari 1200XL. Here are the serial numbers : USA version: 83S DA 013935 133 Taiwan version: 72R DA 26042 263 PLEASE BE KIND TO TELL me which date & time if it is possible on both 1200XL ?
  10. How much do you sell for Captain Beeble ?
  11. First of all, I did turned the button on BUT nothing comes up. NO green LED on, N O T H I N G. I assume it is broken. I even switched another brand new internal power supply that made for Macintosh II ONLY and still NOTHING ! I can't change the battery PRAM ! it is complete soldiered. I believe it is 1st version than 2nd version if you want to know.
  12. Hello Sal, This is deaf guy came from Atari Party 2011. I need to know if you will rely back to my e-mail ? I need to know what is the cost for XM301 Virtual Hard Drive. I sent 2 different e-mail to you in this month.
  13. All righty, I accept all 3 empty Atari 800 Memory Boxes. I need to hear from you by response first.
  14. I thought you stated, "Atari 400 empty Boxes" ?
  15. Can I have 1 mint box of Atari 400 as possible ? Many thanks ....
  16. Please delete me, too.
  17. Please delete me, too.
  18. Please delete me, too.
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