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  1. I had been switched another TT keyboard and works now with another non-Atari mouse. So another TT 's 2 ports does not work ... just keys works fine.
  2. Hello Zogging Hell, So it does not apply to Mega STe internal HDD ? Just TT030 alone ? I am using Mega STe. Yes, internal HDD does working fine minus mouse.. No, it is NOT Magic Desktop , just plain Atari Desktop with ICD. So the cracks between mouse port into keyboard board itself ? Okay, I will check it out.
  3. Finally I found TT030 keyboard for Mega STe ! BUT my mouse ST seems not response at all. I force to press down on "Alternate + arrow keys". I even changed to non-Atari mouse like GoldenImage mouse and it still not response at all ??? Yes, either left or right mouse ports ! 2nd problem , how to shut down Atari Mega STe properly without any damaging to internal Hard drive ?? On Macintosh 128K & above : it does have feature "shut down" on the top of menu panel. BUT not on Atari panel , nothing !
  4. Result is "0" or zero ? Is that right ? for that command PRINTSCREEN.
  5. Hello to all, I begin to remember barely , I think I did remove the ROM listed and re-scanning again while the application is running and was not work BUT when I was re-launch the application again and BINGO, it is works with correct scanned ROM listed ! I hope that is lesson for me to learned at this time above !
  6. That is strangest of all the time. Somehow , my Altirra seems working now with ROM files ! I can't figure out why ! Does it do with my Norton Anti-Virus or permission ?? Finally "Scanlines" show up. That is better now on my solid Window 10 (x64) at last.
  7. Hello Phaeron, Why I am no longer to see scanlines on the screen instead of plain vanilla screen ? Are you saying all Atari OS ROM files MUST placed inside "OS selector" folder ?? So that your emulator will recognized Atari ROM's . ...
  8. Yes, I did ! Still the same problem ? Should I move from ROM folder from Window 7 HDD into Window 10 SDD ?
  9. Hello Phaeron, It has been long time to post any public messages on this forum. Now, I am using Window 10 and I recently downloaded the latest Altirra as possible. So, it say, "NoKernal ROM". I get it and I did patched up ROM files on Window 7 HDD. Still the same problem "NoKernal ROM". So what is the problem ?? First time to see this weird problem.
  10. Thank you for offer 1 of those file. xex but not that one. The image is below from eBay oddly 1200XL. I want this file either ATR or XEX from below there...
  11. Need an full name of memory test on their oddly 1200XL with 1088k aka 1 mb. Can you (anyone) willing to created .ATR disk image for this particularly memory test ? Thank you ...
  12. Oh ... a different way. I did not go thr that way in first choice above... opps ... 🙄
  13. How do that in monochrome (amber) screen above in self-test mode ?? Guide me how. I did tried to find that feature in new update Altirra 3.90 test 14 ??
  14. Hello kheller2, Can you teach me a bit educational on my pilot unit. Myself, I just have a wild guess "10/28" means on Oct., 28th, 1982 ? "DA000156" means 156th out of 250th made in Pilot unit in 1982 ? Why I am seeing another pilot unit's always begin with "10/28" all the time ? Does means anything ?
  15. I found the photo which I took some months ago. It is Pilot Unit prototype. 10/28 DA000156. Yes, it works great expect non-responsive keyboard. So figures .... Yes, it playing any games without any problems. So it is 4th one unit on this forum so far . You has 246 units to go ...
  16. Atari 1200XL Made in USA. 83S DA 004287 108 And did I won any prize for the specific serial number above ?? 😄
  17. Hello kheller2 , please send me the link to another thread already. Thank you .. I would love to read their thread about wires add-on 800XL ...
  18. As for me, I need to open all Atari 800XL and see if it has add-on 1 or 2 wires , whatever the color is. Honesty, I do not remember any of mine 800XL has any wires ...
  19. Hello _The Doctor_ That is strange, almost none of mine 800XL has that yellow wires. Strange enough ...
  20. Updated ! I recently forced to change from Altirra ACID800 1.1 Beta to ACID800 1.1 (no BETA AT THIS TIME). It is all PASSED ! Included GTIA: Player Overlap ... Pass. Finally ! So I learned my lesson for today. At least I learned something new for your ACID800 1.1 !
  21. ACID800 version 1.1 Beta. 1 Failed GTIA: Player overlap ....FAIL. What is the latest version for ACID800 ? 1.1 Beta or 1.3 ?
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