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    Computer Room 2

    From the album: stuff

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    Computer Room 1

    From the album: stuff

  3. It's near the large set of dip switches as I recall. Gazoo
  4. ftp://ftp.whtech.com/Geneve/schematics/HFDC_hard_drive_bypass.txt
  5. I have an interesting way of transferring files from my PC to my TI or Geneve. I walk a CF card back and forth. My real TI & Geneve both have CF cards as their SCSI hard drives. I've got a spare 256k CF card laying around here. I have a CF image file on my PC that works with TIimageTool , I transfer the files I need from my PC to the image file and then write the image to the CF card. Carry the CF card to the TI or Geneve and you've got a hard drive of what was just copied from the PC. BOOM! MESS hard drive image works directly on a CF card on the TI! Gazoo
  6. Jus' waitin' for some more 80 column programs to roll in...
  7. http://www.ebay.com/itm/XVGA-Box-CGA-EGA-RGB-RGBS-RGBHV-to-VGA-Industrial-Monitor-Converter-Tracking-/171430317053?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item27ea0b0bfd Best price I've seen for one of these. I'm hoping they drop a little more. Gazoo
  8. The image in Gazoo's crystal ball is quite different than the image in Tursi's crystal ball. Gazoo
  9. 512kUtilities052415a.bin Another 80 column program has been added. Selection 'I' is now 'GIF File Translator'. Enjoy! Gazoo
  10. Gazoo

    New menu 052415a

    From the album: stuff

  11. 512kUtilities052415.bin Another 80 column program has been added. Selection 'D' is now 'Fractals'. Enjoy! Gazoo
  12. Gazoo

    New menu 052415

    From the album: stuff

  13. So how is the user of a genuine 80 column VDP device supposed to determine whether a program works with a non-standard VDP device so as to 'not to waste peoples time'? I don't believe the user of the genuine equipment should have to take on the responsibility to sort out that type of nonsense. Gazoo
  14. Yes, of course. You need a real 80 column device to use the program. Gazoo
  15. 512kUtilities052315.bin Another 80 column program has been added. Selection 'X' is now 'Multi Disk Commander'. If anyone has any requests for other 80 column programs to be added, let me know. Enjoy! Gazoo
  16. Gazoo

    New menu

    From the album: stuff

  17. Does the disk version of this game have the same issue? If not, then it should be able to be fixed. Gazoo
  18. I'm really looking forward to the final product. I've never been a game player, but have an interesting history with the game. I first encountered Simon at a dorm party at WCU in the late 70's. Someone else was playing it and I thought to myself "That looks cool!" After that person was done playing (unsuccessfully) they handed it to me. I started playing and soon had the attention of everyone in the room as I was doing well. (I was at college pursuing a BS in Music). I ended up finishing the game successfully, and was coaxed into doing it several more times. I thought nothing more of it other than it was fun. All you had to do was remember the pattern of the solfege notes so-do-mi-so. Simple! It's apparently not so simple for the musically uninclined, though. This is the one game I can actually play. Gazoo
  19. ftp://ftp.whtech.com/snug/mdcdocs.TXT ftp://ftp.whtech.com/snug/mdcv2.arc
  20. Does anyone have any contact info for Oliver Arnold, author of 'Multi Disk Commander' ? Before I start hacking his wonderful program, I'd like to ask him if he's ok with it, or maybe if he would be willing to make the changes that I'm planning. Thanks, Gazoo
  21. This is very interesting! Which direction does the adapter work? Does it allow you to use a SCSI drive as an MFM drive? (I hope, I hope, I hope) or is it the reverse? (bad, bad, bad). If it is the first option, someone with an HFDC could end up with a CF card as their hard drive! (MFM to SCSI to IDE to CF) Gazoo
  22. I've got a better idea, take out the EZ135 drive and install another CF port. Connect that to an MP3 player to play the files into the CS1/2 port to load the files. Better yet, is there such a thing as a 3.5" drive bay MP3 player? I'm not going to do that, way too slow. But a neat and doable idea. Gaz
  23. Standard PC power supply, no changes to power supply or cards .
  24. Gazoo


    From the album: stuff

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