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  1. Well, d'oh. Why buy a cart that is not working. Besides, even if it was working, loose BOMB PAL carts are worth 5.00 euro max...
  2. Nice collection. Are they all complete with manual and stickers? I still need two more to complete my collection, but since these games are quite expensive i wonder how long i have to wait until i have a complete set...
  3. I did, my red label Mouse Trap does not have a P in the productcode, but many of my red labels don't have one (I mainly collect PAL games and i can understand maybe one or two NTSC red labels slipping through, but not half of my red label collection). Interestingly, my Fatal Run is also missing the P in the productcode... BTW just noticed, but the picture of the cart mentioned in the first post is my card. If needed i can probably make a better scan.
  4. True, it's mostly common games with a few doubles (different languages and stuff...). The entire lot weighs 2.5 kgs so shipping it will be expensive. But luckily i might have found a local buyer, so this lot is reserverd.
  5. Bunch of manuals for sale. See picture. Mostly Atari 2600 related, but there are also a few G7000/Videopac related items and maybe a few other retro systems aswell. Don't feel like making an entire inventory of them so sold as is Asking price €10 excl. shipping (or trade)
  6. Last one i needed was Commando Raid. I think i have been looking for that one for several years...
  7. Which ones you guys still need? I have a few spare ones, although i have the feeling those are the same you guys already have... Personally i think that (besides the obvious ones like Homevision) this is one of the hardest PAL sets to get complete. Even Videogems, Technovision, Dynamics or ITT are easier to get...
  8. Seeing it took me over 5 years to get this set complete i think i'll skip the boxes and manuals part
  9. Well this took a very long time, but i finally managed to finish my Carrere sub-collection /me is a very happy man today
  10. YOK-dfa

    Wanted: Italian

    Bump. No one from Italy willing to help?
  11. YOK-dfa

    Wanted: Italian

    Hi, I want to buy something from an Italian webshop, but they insist on charging EUR 40,- to ship an enveloppe abroad, so i need someone who lives in italy who is willing to receive the package for me and forward it to me by airmail or something. All costs will be reimbursed ofcourse. Anyone willing to help, please send me PM. Cheers, Raymond
  12. Here in The Netherlands. For some reason that game was released here in copious amounts, so a loose copy can easily be had for EUR 10,- or less and if you have the patience to wait and search you might even find CIB copies for that amount...
  13. Why pay $40 for a fake lemmings (incl. shipping) when a original cart costs less?
  14. People still pay $2K for this?
  15. Why is the auction in US$ but do you expect payment in euros? I don't think eBay/Paypal even allows this...
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