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  1. I'm having trouble getting AvP and CapAmer running. I have the ROMs provided. Am I missing something? Like Rush n Attack needs a parent ROM? B
  2. Imma try and get back into some MAME guys! I've got 1 week to catch up I guess! Here goes nothing!
  3. Imma try and get back into some MAME guys! I've got 1 week to catch up I guess! Here goes nothing!
  4. bigbee99


  5. Awesome! Thanks! I'll give an update when time allows me to complete this! B
  6. Yeah. The help key isn't working. I picked up a Basic cart and when it gets to READY I get nothing when I press any key. Sounds like keyboard issues to me. I did pop it open and it's very clean inside. And the connection look to be ok. I did nothing further though. I have not researched any troubleshooting for the keyboard yet either. Suggestions? B
  7. Either of you have a few extra carts you would like to off load in one shot?
  8. I have acquired a 1200XL computer. This is my 1st Atari computer (I have 3 c64's). From what I have read, there is no kernel chip. I have no carts, disk, or disk drives for that matter. Just the 1200XL and the PS. I'm wondering what you can do with it w/o any other hardware or software. And then I guess I will start my 8-bit Atari collection with a few carts. Maybe Basic or something. Below is a video link to the machine. Is it powering up correctly? Thanks B
  9. I understand theses are rare. I'm not talking abbot the modded systems either. What do the toploader with a/v outs go for these days? Any insights? B
  10. I was thinking something Like that. Thank you! B
  11. Not sure how to price this one, but for a Rare box still in the plastic this seems fair. $20 plus shipping and I will send it yo you. Or send me an offer. As far as shipping it, I don't want to flatten it (I know some people prefer that). I feel it will damage the plastic that has been protecting it for so long. I will just overly package it into a box. B
  12. I know right? I don't really think it was that honestly. I just think things change on his end. It's all good. No hard feelings. It's gone again just like that. B
  13. Remember all this stuff? It's back! the other guy backed out. Please only message me if you are interested in the whole lot and no I will not ship it media. It is boxed up and packaged and all that jazz already. I don't want to unpackage it. The last guy was in Ohio and it was going to be $16. West coast and far north east will be about $25-35.
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