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  1. Here are my thoughts about this. Yes, it is still a 4A. You simply updated the video chip. It is no longer an all original (stock) 4a, but one with an upgrade. I feel it is the same as an Amiga 2/3/4000 computer. If you add a better video card than the stock one, is it still an Amiga? Yes. Is it stock? No. Overall, it is the same hardware, thus it is the same computer. My opinion anyways. :-)
  2. I tried the files(0) which didn't work, but the files (1) worked fine. I'm not sure if it matters too much, but I did the "call" function before using "old".
  3. Hi, I'm still relatively new to the 4a world, and have some memory questions. I have the PEB with memory card. I was copying some games from cassette to disk with no issues there. A few of the games would not run from disk as it said "memory full", I tried from cassette and got the same error. I know there is a ram difference with PEB on and off (11840 vs 13913 bytes). With the PEB off, it works fine. How to you get the program to run in that 32k (24488 bytes free) area? Shouldn't it be automatic? I should mention these games are basic and not extended basic. I personally don't care where the program resides, I just would prefer loading from disk than cassette. :-) Any help would be appreciated. Michael
  4. All I can say is I now have proof I am not alone. :-) Pretty much everything that has be written here, I have done. Early on in my collection phase I made a promise to myself that whatever computers I get, must have a floppy drive. A mandate so to speak. I waited till a 4a with PEB showed up on Kijiji. I have to say, it is becoming one of my favourite computers. So, like so many of you, you have to get a back up in case something happens. I needed one as a few of the keys never worked on mine. Then, you find a great deal on some games, but it comes with the console, so now there is the backup for the backup. Then you notice one day while kijiji browsing that a guy 5 mins from you have a beige 4a for next to nothing, so you figure what the heck, might as well give it a good home. :-) The sad part of all of this is, that I have seemed to screwed up my sons mind with the backup practice. "Hey dad, don't you have that computer already? Yeah, I need this as a backup in case it stops working". So, while shopping at Walmart: "Hey dad. can you buy this ninja turtle for me? Why, I thought you already have that one. Yeah I do, but it is my favourite and I need a backup in case I lose it or it becomes broken". My wife turns to me and said "see what you started". OOPPPSSS!
  5. TI99IUC: thanks for the super quick reply and post. It really helped. It explains why I've been playing for a half hour clearing the screens, and the day would not change. :-) Now I know! Are there any Tombstone experts out there? I have a question, I was reading that there is a "dragging tactic", but never could get that to work. Not that I've tried too hard either. There is some good reading about the game (and the mention of dragging) here: http://www.videogamehouse.net/tombstone.html Interesting enough, as read from the above link, the original title was Saguaro City, and the Morgs turned into crosses instead of cacti. TI made the programmer change the crosses to Saguaro cacti, but changed the title to Tombstone City: of the 21st Century to cover the Western and Alien conflict. :-)
  6. Hi all, does anyone have a PDF copy of the manual for Tombstone City? I've been searching the net for one, and I just can't locate it. Thanks.
  7. Goonies is up there, what about Spy vs Spy I , II and III? Those were fun games especially with two people.
  8. Hey everyone, can anyone recommend a tape backup program for use with a SCSI tape backup. I have the ICD scsi card and I am using it on a 1040ST. Thanks.
  9. By any chance...would anyone be willing to share their settings from TCPSER or BBSSERV or whatever you are using to get the 4a to BBS by telnet? Thanks, it would help me (along with a lot of other people) out greatly!
  10. Hi all, thanks for the info. Looks like I am going to have to build one! Good thing I enjoy soldering!
  11. Hi all, just a quick question about the 810 emulator. Instead of using an SIO2PC cable, does it work with an SIO serial unit? I have the ICD P.R. connection unit. Just wondering if this would work with the emulator, and if so, would I need a straight or null cable. Thanks.
  12. Thanks Ed, that's good to know! I've been replacing some chips trying to get my card to work. I forgot to check the null modem pinouts..oooppss...but in case anyone else is trying to replace some chips, this is what I have done thus far... Read #21 in this thread. Replaced U20 TL082 and U19 TL084 (Op-Amps), still same issues as #1 and #21. Replaced U13 74LS251, still same issues as #1 and #21. So next on the list, check the null lines...... :-)
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