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  1. Yes, I have almost all games and apps on SD card and with a few exceptions all run great. You can put 100's of programs in a 1gb card with no problems. You just have to make sure that you set up the files correctly on the card. Essentially, you will have a launcher and program folder for each game. If you have any issues let me know as I have mine all set up fine. Good luck.

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  2. Hello everyone... I finished what I think is a complete Tapwave collection several months ago when I got the Brando branded case but I was organizing and thought I would take pics for all to see. If you know of anything I am missing please let me know as I want to be as complete as possible.


    I couldn't fit everything into one shot so I divided into 2 halves more or less. The album below has close ups and descriptions of what I have. Thanks for looking.






  3. Okay, here are the pics and I have two original Atari joysticks and a Quickshot II but you can choose only one or all if you like. The PS is for a Gemini but has the same specs. Everthing is clean and has been tested . Let me know if you want any common games, paddles, etc as I have plenty of those too. If interested send me an offer via PM.













  4. I was just looking through the numbers to see the relative rarity of NTSC consoles and based on the serial numbers here are the estimates I arrived at...




    Intellivision II- P2-400,000 P3-250,000


    GTE Sylvania-25,000


    INTV System III-170,000 (I have one of these)


    Radio Shack Tandyvision-80,000


    Sears Super Video Arcade-150,000 (hard to get a good number here with all the different model/serial combos)


    Super Pro System-170,000


    Let me know if my math is off anywhere but I think these are fair ballpark estimates.

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  5. Graphically it is inferior to the 2600 but just recently I have been playing it a lot more than my Atari. The games are tougher to find but are really cheap when I do get them. KC Muchkin is better than the 2600 Pac-Man and various other O2 clones are about the same or better as far as gameplay. The joysticks are superior to my Atari ones for sure as all directions response quickly unlike some of my Atari ones which I have to really strongarm. Overall I prefer my O2 at this stage more because it has been so reliable and every game works the first time in unlike so many of my 2600 games. I also like the multiple games on a cart unlike the variations of the same game on the 2600. I have been a likelong Atari guy but if I had to choose between the 2 right now I would keep my O2.

  6. NTSC

    Sears Video Arcade Tele-Games
    paper taped on rf shield says "March 1981"
    Manufactured by Dimerco in Taiwan
    Model N. 637.99743

    Serial N. 81294972 on silver label

    also has another sticker on the underside that reads U187
    Channel select A-B recessed
    Speaker vents

    Works perfectly

  7. I made 2 power supplies in the past few months for about 2 dollars! Essentially I had two old Atari power supplies that died on me and were no longer supplying power at all. So I went to a local thrift store that has all kind of adaptors and PS in bins for $1 and got two with the same specs as the Ataris except they output 1 amp instead of 500 MA and had a different tip. They had screws holding the two halfs of the plug together so I unscrewed them and replaced the Atari cords from the old PS inside the new PS. You can't even see the splice as it was done inside the PS. I now have two new PS for my Ataris and I have used them for several months with no issues at all.

  8. C64/128: One of the sound channels went out on both of mine... one was a 64 and the other a 128. You could still hear parts of some games but others you had no sound whatsoever.


    Tapwave Zodiac: I had some issues with the analog joystick on some of mine... the upper left direction doesn't work consistantly. Also the Lithium battery went bad very quickly on some of my units... some hold a charge for hours and hours but others only a few minutes.


    Gameboy Advance: The screen scratches up very easily and the battery door tabs break off easily.


    PS2: The door on the tray either gets the tray stuck or falls off altogether... more annoying than anything but both of mine had these issues.


    Sega Saturn: The controller wires were constantly coming out where they entered the controller. I know this happens with aggressive play on many systems but it seemed like the Saturn was especially vulnerable.

  9. Hopefully I am not breaking any forum rules here but I have hit a stumbling block in my Tapwave collection and I hope someone can help out. As far as I can tell I am only missing a few third party accessories to have a complete Tapwave set and since Tapland shut down last year there is no Tapwave specific board anymore so this is my best hope.


    Does anybody have a Panache stylus with tether or a Globalsource/Innopocket aluminum case? I also need the green SD card version of Duke Nukem but I do have the black one at least. That is all I need to have everything made for the Zodiac. I have an extra Commandplay game grip in case someone wants to trade or we can work something out. I have a few other extras as well so let me know if you need anything Tapwave related.

  10. I completed the Tapwave Zodiac SD card library of 8 games sealed for $70... there were a bunch of downloadable games most of which are no longer available but they only produced 8 physical game cards.


    Hyperscan is probably the cheapest console to complete as I saw a complete set on CL sometime back for $50 including the console itself!

  11. Hey, another Zodiac gamer... and I thought I was pretty much the only one. Unfortunately I only have the SD card card game of GR that came in Z-Pak Adventure. There is a video of Rebel Assault on Youtube here-

    You might want to contact him and see if he stil has it.


    P.S. I think that is the file I sent Felyx earlier on... I thought it was a demo but it is the full version.

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  12. It is a good news/bad news scenario with Palm. SInce it is essentially an outdated platform most of the software is very ceap or free but on the other hand since so few use it the availability is next to nil. You can still get many games on CD and SD card on E-Bay for next to nothing but they don't come up often. It has taken me over a year to get all the Palm SD card games although there are only a dozen or so.

  13. Hi,

    Compared to Austin, I am doing the opposite way: from the iPhone to the Zodiac.


    My children have iPod Touch 2nd gen and as their iOS can't be upgraded anymore so they can't access most of the new games released on iTunes. I really think that this is an artificial limitation to oblige owner of "old" iPod Touch/iPhone to buy a brand new device as anyway the games on iPod Touch/IPhone remain basic.

    So I refused to enter that vicious circle to keep playing new games and then remembered my children were playing with some cool games on my Palm and that Tapwave did a Palm handeld system.

    I found on ebay UK a brand new Zodiac mint in box to offer to my son.


    Many games are available for download here: http://dl.openhandhe...c.cgi?0,0,0,0,4


    Added to the wide library of games from Palm PDA, there is a potential of several hundred of games and although they are old, there are suprinsingly not so different of what we could have today on iPhone (many Palm games are now available on Android or iOS by the way)


    Some games released specificaly for Zodiac are impossible to find :o


    I am looking especially for Vorum Fighter: no trace on the net at all

    Does anyone got it?



    I've got this game and it does have a rumble feature (I think) so it may be Zodiac specific... I think I have the demo and the game is not great as all the ships come at you from the right at different speeds and different weapons but that is about it. Not too exciting a game but it is what it is. PM me your e-mail and I'll see if I can send it as an attachment.


    BTW, as an update to my post above I now have the Zodiac Cradle and those two other SD card games so I am complete as far as official Tapwave products. I am only missing a few 3rd party cases and I will have all the Tapwave related accessories.

  14. Congrats, welcome to the club. It's a pretty small one.


    Ended up selling my Zodiac. Primarily used it for emulation while at work and it was certainly cool at first. The analog thumbstick turned out to be less than ideal for retro emulation though. The system also wasn't as powerful as I had hoped despite the numbers.


    The games on the system itself weren't anything to write home about either. DOOM II was glitched and essentially unplayable (supposedly there is a patch, but I couldn't find it). That was a bummer. Tony Hawk looked cool but was damn-near impossible to control. The Z-Pak Fun had an OK breakout clone that played in a vertical mode. The Z-Pak Adventure was OK and I played Legacy a lot.. well, until I got lost near the end of the game (It's a D&D-style dungeon crawler). Unfortunately the other game included on that pack is essentially a shareware game and after finishing the first few levels, they want you to go online and buy the rest. Ha.


    The homebrew is cool, source ports of great stuff like Flashback, Out of This World, etc.. Again, the analog stick isn't great for those. Other source ports like DOOM, DOOM II, Duke 3D, Hexen, Heretic, often crashed and I couldn't get the sound to work in half of them. Emulators were bugged to hell as well and would crash whenever they feel like it. Simply want to load a ROM? Crash. Change your controls? Crash. Exit out of the program? Crash. Hell, some of the official Tapwave games would crash too, even after a reboot.. Ugh.


    It also needs a cradle in order to transfer certain applications properly, so there's a lot of software I haven't tried yet, in case I get one again in the future for colelction purposes.. it hates Windows 7 though.


    I agree that the system can be somewhat challenging but that is just part of the fun for me. So far I haven't run into too many glitches on the games I have and several of them are very enjoyable. Some of my favorites are Gloop, Shippy, Battlejewels, Stuntcare Extreme, Zapem and Orbz. I am more into retro gaming so these really appeal to me. The SD card games are okay and although Tony Hawk can be difficult to control it is still fun and playable if you stick with it. The bluetooth was hell to get right but I now have it configured close to perfect and the internet browsing is working well if a bit slow by today's standards.


    Those cradles are hard to find and in fact it is the only official Tapwave accessory I am missing. My hotsyncs have been fine without it though and I now hotsync through bluetooth so no cables are needed. Haven't tried emulation as I not really into that but I am sure that would be full of problems and I do not want to chance crashing the whole console. Anyway thanks for replying and if you do get another one and the free software is no longer around feel free to let me know and I can always e-mail you some. If you do happen across those last two sd card games please let me know as well.

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