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  1. Have you tried another power supply? If you have a multimeter you can check to see if you are getting voltage out of it. I have never had an O2 that was totally dead so the power supply is the most likely culprit. If you have the barrel type power supply you can test it with an NES power supply even though it is DC it will work for testing at least. If after all that you still get nothing then it is possible the voltage regulator on the board is bad. That can be replaced but it would require soldering and ordering a new one.
  2. Yes, the Game Selector has a screen menu but it is no longer made. It was a very limited release so they rarely ever come up for sale on the secondary market.
  3. Although I really only collect the original games-this was going to be the 4th Master Strategy game so put me down as interested! Great Job Leonardo and much appreciated.
  4. It is looking impressive so far. If you get stuck on the plastic cart trays you can just make the little disc that goes onto the removable rectangular cover and just have people glue it onto an existing Master Strategy one. Not ideal but since they are the most generic part it might be the most expedient way. Do you have any ideas about what the instruction manual will be?
  5. Wow, those boxes are looking good! Any updates on the Sherlock repros? This is something I would really like for my collection when completed. Are you using existing Master Strategy boxes with new artwork? Just curious in case I should keep a spare box around.
  6. Good catch on the numbering differences... I know Quest is both but I have only found the Magnavox Conquest. Look here...
  7. If you open up the controller and remove the board inside (you have to remove the black joystick tip and lock washer holding shaft to the black dome shaped part) you will notice that the board has a plastic membrane. Carefully separate it from the back where it is split and peel it back until you expose the left contact points. Clean the area with some rubbing alcohol and let dry. Put the two plastic sheets back together and test out the left direction. I have fixed various O2 joysticks doing this but be very careful and patient separating the membranes as the plastic can break and be gentle on the contact points too. Also be careful if you remove the cord connector from the contact strip on the board as any breaks in those will essentially make the joystick unusable.
  8. Another update including 3 new Platinum members Double Platinum Plus VPB--- all 49 original O2 & 61 Videopac carts CIB+Parker Bros& many other sets from Jopac, Radiola, etc… just an amazing amount of games! Over 20 different boxed consoles from O2 USA, Canada, Brazil, Videopac and Jopac. 2 different CIB Voice, Chess Modules and Microsoft Basic + both Wico accessories. O3 prototype console with modules and games + almost all Homebrews & unreleased stuff. TomBeck –all 49 original O2 & 61 Videopac carts CIB+Parker Bros& many other sets from Jopac, Radiola, etc… just an amazing amount of games! Many still sealed! 8 different consoles (many boxed) from O2 USA, Videopac and Jopac. A CIB Voice, Chess Module and Microsoft Basic + almost all Homebrews & unreleased games. Lots of O2/Videopac related paperwork, catalogs, advertisement, etc! CCC--- all 49 original O2 & Videopac carts (several different sets) CIB+Parker Bros& Imagic sets. All of the reproductions and most of the homebrews. Several PAL and NTSC consoles and an Odyssey 3 Command Center, Chess Module & Microsoft Basic. Platinum- Metarog-all 49 original O2 carts CIB+233-In-One. 2 CIB consoles + 1 CIB Voice. Almost all original paperwork, manuals, catalogs, etc. ScottyDont00-all 49 original O2 carts CIB+about 21 Foreign, hombrews, repros and multicarts. 1 CIB console + 1 CIB Voice. Ataribuff-all 61 Videopac carts CIB, 3 CIB consoles (Kinder im Verkehr, G7000 and G7400) Jeff31-all 49 original O2 carts CI,1 O2 console CIB, 1 O2 console loose, 1 Voice loose, 28 Videopac games (6 CIB) and 3 homebrews. Superbee- all 60 Brazilian carts CIB plus "Missão Impossível/Viagem Programada, a complete collection of Odyssey Aventura mags, 8 consoles (3 boxed), several Homebrews and carts from other regions, 2 Voice modules (1 boxed) - boxed Chess module - C7020 Microsoft Basic Module unboxed. Darrin999-all 49 original O2 carts +3 O2 consoles CIB & 1 Videopac console and 2 Voice modules. RickO2- all 49 original O2 carts CIB + all Parker Bros and several Homebrews. Gold- Krslam-all 49 original O2 carts+55 Videopac carts+more than 20 Foreign, hombrews, and multicarts. 1 CIB console + loose Voice and Chess Module. Atari2600land- all 49 original O2 carts+3 Parker Bros, 18 Homebrews and loose Voice. Ubersaurus-all 49 original O2 carts+boxed O2, 2 Voice units, Multicart CIB and 3 Hombrew/Repros. Atari_Bill-all 49 original O2 carts (most CIB), 1 CIB Voice, 4 Parker Bros, several Homebrews, most Odyssey Adventure Mags and the Adventure Club packet. mtshark7-all 49 original O2 carts (2 missing manual)+over 30 Homebrews, 233-In-One, various repros and 2 consoles (boxed) +1 Voice (loose) Near Gold- Bassguitari-48 original O2 carts missing only Powerlords +KTAA. 2 consoles (1 boxed) +1 Voice (loose) Others- SSG-unknown but not close IwantgamesJ-38 original O2 carts CIB & 1 loose, 1 O2 console (boxed) +1 Voice (loose) and a G7200. I know there are more of you out there so share what you have with us.
  9. Wow, I really thought it might take a few days to sell this. Although the price is lower it is still $120.00 and that seems a lot for a video game to me. I essentially sold it for what the lot cost me so that is where I set the price. My thoughts were essentially give someone a price break that really needed it for their collection and that seems to be what happened. It is more fun and fulfilling to know this will be kept and treasured rather than flipped for a few bucks..
  10. I think he said it was one of the last ones he needed so not the 49th but close.
  11. You were right... it is now paid for and packaged. It went to a member of the O2 Brotherhood too so this is a win-win for us all.
  12. Hello everyone, I hope this is allowed but if not let me know and I will delete the thread. So I have a CIB O2 collection which I finished last year. However, I am always looking for updrades if they are deals. I bought a big lot of O2 stuff and included was a CIB Power Lords. I am not really a hoarder so I see no reason to keep 2 of these. My first impulse was to put this on EBay as a few copies have been going for around $180. However, I thought I'd give true collectors first shot at it for a discounted price. I'd really like this to go to someone going for a complete set. So if any O2 collectors want it I will take $120 shipped for it. Probably best to do it through regular PayPal as you would be protected if anything happens to the package. This offer is only good until 03/24/17 midnight after which it goes to EBay. PM me if interested and/or post questions here if you wish.
  13. No problem and you are very welcome. First 4 are of the right insert measuring 7 1/2 by 5 3/4 by 2 inches Next 6 pics are of the left measuring 7 1/2 by 5 3/4 by 3 inches. There are al kinds of crevices and of course the slots for the Voice itself so best to measure a Voice unit and get that as a fitting measurement.
  14. Okay, here are the pics... my box is not in the best shape so you will have to do some touch up but it is complete. First 2 pics are of the wider sides and are 15 1/2 by 8 inches. The next two are the narrower sides and measure 15 1/2 by 6 1/2 inches. Next are the ends which measure 8 by 6 1/2 inches or 7 1/2 with the flap. Finally is a pic of the two interior flaps that are attached to the main box and measure 6 by 3 inches each. If you need anything else feel free to let me know.
  15. That looks great... was a game cart for SH ever created? I seem to recall a prototype was found but did anyone figure out the rules, tokens, etc? BTW, if nobody else sends you the pics and measurements of The Voice box I'll post those tomorrow.
  16. Nice... looks pretty straight forward too. Show us the finished product when done.
  17. Wow... that is a fine looking machine! It looks like a lot of work went into it but the results are awesome. Congrats.
  18. You could probably convert regular O2 joysticks with some 6 DIN connectors and the correct pinouts. It will take some basic soldering skills but I've done this in the past with the 5 DIN TRS-80 joysticks without too much trouble.
  19. I think I have a spare... I don't remember if it is complete but I can check this weekend if you are still interested.
  20. No, just the basic mod with no additional components... the colors are a little dim but otherwise it looks nice enough.
  21. I'm working on one tomorrow so I'll let you know later on.
  22. Try used a cleaning cd if you have one. One of mine had some issues reading games and that helped as any dust on or near the laser affects it.
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