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  1. If you haven't already check the continuity of each connector pin to the chips, power and ground.

    Clean the pins on the game carts as i doubt both are bad but dirty pins can cause solid screens.

    You can also try to pull and push the cart in the slot when you power on as maybe the connector is not making good contact on the cart.

    If all that fails I will check and see if I have any good ICs... I know I have an 8244 but I will have to test my 8048s as they may all be bad.

  2. I agree that the Imagic and Parker Bros games are all really good.


    Yes, the multicart is from Packrat... it seems there is a great demand and he is really backed up. I do get an email every few months so I know I'm on the list but I really want to try out all the games I don't have.

  3. I don't have any Homebrews but I do have a complete collection of original games. The must haves in my opinion are KC Munchkin, UFO, Attack of the Timelord and Smithereens. The next tier would be Turtles, Freedom Fighters and Pick Axe Pete.


    Another option is getting a multicart like the 233 in 1. However, there is a long wait as I put my order in almost 5 months ago and still haven't gotten invoiced.

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  4. What comes up when you power on the O2? Is it a black screen or a grayish one with random characters? If black then you have a bad chip or other component on the board.


    I have a couple dead boards so I can send you a cart connector or the whole board (with bad chips)for cheap. That is assuming you are sure it is the connector.

  5. Well since recent topics have talked about the a/v and joystick mods I figured why not talk about the Power LED mod and round out the mod trinity. This is very easy to do and just requires an LED, some wire, solder and soldering iron. I found a bunch of red copper wire in the garage and took the LEDs out of some dead PS2 controllers.


    I then soldered the end of the LEDs to the wire and the other end to the two points you see in the pics. I just tested voltage on my multimeter until I got 5volts with the console on and it worked great. I then snaked the LED to the back grill and taped it down so you can see it from above.


    You can drill a hole and have the LED more prominent but I didn't want to mutilate the console. I have tested this for several hours and see no issues. Let me know if you did one differently.



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  6. I finally got around to painting my test console that had a really scratched up and faded silver cover. This was a cheap paint job with a couple cans of flat black I bought at a garage sale. It didn't come out perfect but it is a lot better than it was. I also painted the Action buttons on the controllers and put in an LED to the right of the power switch. It doesn't look too bright in the pics but it looks alright in person. Let me know what you think.

    Anybody else do any paint jobs lately?




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  7. You probably have model BC7600 GY02 with the raised logo, rough keyboard, standard RF cable,barrel type power adapter and black attached controllers. Look under the console and there might be a small sticker with that code on it. I do believe these were later releases (1983 or so) and if you open up the console there is usually a date stamped on the inside of the bottom cover.


    You also have a later box type that was made when Phillips had a more direct hand in the Odyssey here in the U. S.


    There are actually 8 or 9 different models (I have 3) but all play US Odyssey games the same as far as I can tell.


    Welcome to the O2 club and post some pics of what you have if you can.

  8. Well, in the past few months a few AA members got there O2s working correctly because they were missing some parts. I happened to have several O2s that are dead for one reason or another so I am offering up my spare parts to whoever needs them.


    I have 4 O2s available for parts that I will send for a couple of dollars plus shipping as they are just taking up space at this point and it felt good to have 2 O2s up and running due to my "Organ Donors". So if you need anything just pm me or post on here what you need and I'll see what I can do.


    The only thing not included in this offer are power supplies, switchboxes, socketed chips and whole consoles (although I do have some working ones if you want to buy). Pretty much anything else is game from screws, labels, dead boards, keyboards, top and bottom covers, controller parts, RF boxes, etc.


    Here is a pick of just some of the stuff I have...


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