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  1. Well,Chris, looks like you could make afortune off this stand, it looks GREAT!! Package takes flight Wed. Fits to a T!!!
  2. Have also had that problem David. Years ago there wa a guy in Missouri who I had fix them by adjusting some capacitor or other. He quit making repairs some years ago. I contacted him just recently but he won't fix anything anymore. Bummer because he did it very reasonable and apparently had training to do it.
  3. THAT sucks! Next thing to try.........loosen but keep snug the 2 hex screws that adjust the head and move the head in tiny increments to the left or right. The other cure on the controller board may be to find the adjustable capacitor under the drive on the controller board and slightly turn the adjustment a teensy to the right. Lesson, only buy drives that are working; nor working drives which can't be tested with an ADAM and a disk may have a50/50 chance of actually reading and writing even though they appear to work
  4. AFIK, the print head position before startup makes no difference; upon startup, it will go fully to the left, contact the limit switch, then move right about an inch - at which time it is ready to start typing.
  5. Sure sounds like it needs that specific chip. What is NOT surprising is the fact that all these chips are 30+ years old and are bound to start failing just from old age.
  6. Most of the time i just use denatured alcohol and a cloth, works wonders. Know of one user who soaked a keyboard in the bathtub, shook the water out and let it air dry for a week to clean....don't recommend that though. Probably a lot of cleaners out there, just don't get too harsh and melt the finish or something. Just clean with alcohol, electronic cleaner on the boards, soap and water, and lots of care; will work wonders
  7. The half second between key press and type seems ok, that is after all a very short time. You said it is dirty, and that may well be the problem with the print head. The cycle is like this; power on, print head goes left until it contacts a switch on the case at the left, then print head moves right to start position (spin on print wheel is correct) Sounds like your contact switch is dirty; you can take the cover off and test this by manually. Move the print head all the way to the right side, turn on the power, then manually depress the switch. Print head should stop and move right. If that works, you know the switch is ok; just dirty and/or misaligned. Clean and make sure the print head contacts tnd moves the swithc just enough to reset it and send the print head to the right at start position.
  8. You got it!! Lots of Coleco's programs were written to got to ddd # 1 to boot, Don' t know who really knows, but logic would be disk 1, disk 2, ddd1, ddd 2. Maybe they were movin gso fast that the programmers didn't realize the ADAM could have more than 1 drive, who knows? Some programs will boot partially, then spin ddd # 1 looking for something; then bail on loading.
  9. Looks like Joe's site is not directing correctly for some reason. Go here http://ann.hollowdreams.com/virtualadam.zip download it and upzip it - it is over 8mb long (big?)
  10. The easiest place is http://www.sacnews.net/adamcomputer/although his link sees to be non working right now. Check back later with Joe.
  11. Should my memory serve correct, although I have CRS; you can hook a keyboard up to the interface and play it while the sound digitizer records it. You can then play back thru the keyboard, and I believe you can also play the music files on the ADAM, include it in your programs etc.
  12. The fact that it worked at all seems to point more to a misaligned head. It seems to know what it is doing when called upon to perform a task. I have already played with the head and got a drive to work. Slightly loosen the 2 tiny hex screws holding the read head in position (keep fairly tight) and then move it slightly as the drive tries to perform a function.
  13. Yup, you are right, same location or both.
  14. Think it was possibly the waiter. When we left, Jeffery was chowing down on dessert and it looked like the waiter was monkeying with a phone
  15. Just to show you the people attending, here is a small snapshot of the group......some of us were a little thinner before the banquet at the Mandarin, but you get the picture. ANY and ALL are welcome to attend any or every year; we did have one visitor this year, 5-11under came for awhile and had dinner with the programmer "group" @ Kelsey's Sat night.
  16. You have it pretty much covered Dr D. When we go into Canada from the States, or vice versa, we just tell the border people we are visiting friends - because that is actually what has happened as the group got smaller. Here is this year's schedule; although there are ALWAYS changes and switching things around or even changing topics. An ADAMcon would not be true if this didn't happen, along with Mr Murphy shoing himself quite often to mess things up. ADAMCON 28 JULY 14-18, 2016 Thursday July 14th schedule Arrival at hotel, dinner with friends, welcome to ADAMCON 28 Friday July 15th schedule Breakfast at the hotel Day outing - Wings of Paradise Butterfly Conservatory Saturday July 16th schedule Breakfast at the hotel 9:30 am Welcome to ADAMCON 28 9:45 am Luc Miron - games 10:30am Jeffery Wick- the Pokemon craze 11:00am Rich Drushel - Mighty Mitchell Award game 12:30pm Lunch from local restaurant 2:00 pm Daniel Bienvenue - music and color for CV games 2:45 pm Dale Wick - hardware my ADAM needs; programming 4:15 pm Luc Miron - games 9:00 pm Annual ADAMCON chat session Sunday July 17th schedule Breakfast at the hotel 9:00 am Dale Wick - game programming 10:30am Bob Slopsema - history of ADAM in Uraguay 11:00am ADAM News Network meeting 11:30am Doug Slopsema – ADAMnet "virtual" ADAM disk drive 12:30pm Lunch from local restaurant 1:30 pm Much Maligned But Highly Coveted Mighty Mitchell Award finals game play of ADAMite (Monopoly type game produced designed & implemented by last years winner, Dr D) THIS will an annual event, it is a wonder to behold!!! 6:00 pm Banquet @ Mandarin restaurant 8:30 pm Passing of the ADAMCON 28 banner/t-shirt Monday July 18th schedule Leave for home - plan for ADAMCON 29 on July 20-23, 2017 somewhere in time……………….or Albany, N.Y. or somewhere near there ???????
  17. First game ever..........Pitstop. Without even reading the manual or knowing what to do, we dove in; banged up the tires; blew up the car; and laughed out backsides out. It was a hilarious afternoon.
  18. Yes, there are actually 3 small adjustable capacitors on the bottom controller board. Appears that onnly the one may be out of whack??????
  19. Got lots of the brown bottom ones; don't recall if I have any straight single color one.
  20. There are multiple variations of the ADAM board out there in the wild; this is but one of them. There were actually upgraded eproms or roms with the EOS and I beleive Smartwriter upgrades also. There were rev 81 and one other if my memory serves; they should be out there somewhere to download.
  21. EASY PEAZY. Niad's way works great as long as you have filemanager or equivelent block copy program. Just make sure to keep your block#'s straight; if not, yougot a mess like Joe says. Absolute easiest for DDP to DDp is Filemanager, EasyCopy or other and just use the copy media program inside of it. The only thing important is to trade DDP's when the program asks you to put in original or copy DDP.
  22. coleconut is the man to know, he found the game and made legit carts of it
  23. This is a reminder to all out there in cyberspace. ADAM ColecoVision convention # 28 is in registration mode as we speak. Geulph, Ontario, Canada from July 14-17. Deadline for room count is Jun 15th and we have a limited # of rooms reserved for our use. IF you want to come, I need to know and see if we can pre-reserve some more rooms. Details & pricing at ............ http:ann.hollowdreams.com
  24. All original Donkey Kong case, paper and ddp. Last one I had I think, but as things are in limbo as I move this year, who knows. I don't collect any ADAM stuff strictly as originals, so was willing to part with it when asked. I DO like my ADAM's and all the stuff that goes with it and have some original things I won't part with at all, but some things can be sold along the way to other collectors. CHEERS
  25. Second that ADAM; you never know "when or if" you will use those parts, but it may save a trip to find one or order one. Plus they don't take up much space!
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