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    I think it's the most disappointing game I ever bought. For such a cool license I expect something more that collect stuff before it hits the ground. Best part about this game; it's a 6! I'm just mad because I payed 16 dollars for this game. At least it's not like ET.
  2. Most Wanted All are Atari 2600 games Pengo Road Runner Radar Lock I want my Mommy Gyruss Spy Hunter For Trade All are Nintendo (nes), cart only Athena Super Spy Hunter Lunar Pool Xenophobe Al Unser Jr. Kirby's Adventure Skull & Crossbones Klashball (small area crushed in) Mighty Final Fight Space Shuttle Project Anticipation Palamedes Championship Bowling Heavy Shreddin'
  3. There also this one but it's unfinished and maybe abandoned. http://www.geocities.com/polybius2/Rarity.html [ 05-28-2002: Message edited by: postamessage ]
  4. Try these... Tombs & Treasure Kiwi Kraze Kickle Cubicle MC Kids Monster Truck Rally Indy Heat City Connection Jungle Book Micro Machines
  5. Skyfox? Was this going to be based on the arcade game?
  6. I just rebuilt my controllers with parts from Best Electronics. I now have 3 perfect controllers! But I have a problem with the system. For any controller in the 1 player port (this is a 2-port system) the front button (the one that allows you to jump in Moon Patrol) doesn't work. All the other buttons, including the keypad, the start, pause, reset, and back buttons, work. Take that same controller, place it in controller port 2 and it works perfectly. Why does that one button not work in port 1? More importantly how can I fix this?
  7. I'm looking for a good scan of the end label of Jawbreaker. I want to be able to print it out and paste it on the cart. The pic on Atari Age is the wrong size and a low quality jped. I would prefer it to be in tif format of about 150 to 300 dpi. I'm willing to trade scans if any one is willing to take a couple of minutes to scan their cart. [email protected]
  8. There has to have been more than a 1000 of these made. http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?V...item=1284474979
  9. I picked this cart up today at Goodwill. It was only 50 cents. What's this game like? It's not the same as on the 2600 is it? I also found Atariartist, does this require any special hardware to use. I believe it came with some kind of tablet or something. [ 10-10-2001: Message edited by: postamessage ]
  10. I think it has to be a RF problem because the seller said that he tested it and it worked on a monitor (unless he's flat-out lying to me.) Anyway, I can get a refund if I return the computer, which is what I'm going to do. Do these things have a high failure rate? I think I'm going to give up on collecting the 8-bit Atari computer.
  11. I'm glad someone replyed, before I returned the thing on Monday. The screen isn't static and it makes an annoying sound. Holding down option doesn't do anything. I contacted the seller and he said that the system did work when hooked up to a monitor but I don't have any cables that would plug into the monitor outlet so I can't test it. I will look into the ANTIC chip and see if I can spot any oxidization. [ 10-07-2001: Message edited by: postamessage ] [ 10-07-2001: Message edited by: postamessage ]
  12. I just recieved my 130 xe that I won off of ebay a while ago and I can't get it to work. I have it hooked up to a tv and all I can get a mostly red screen with a white line down the middle. What's wrong with this thing?
  13. Still would have been taken for a ride. Dig Dug and Jungle Hunt are $2 at Oshea 's
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