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  1. Has to go to school -___-

  2. I dont know whe i will get in this week or next week
  3. Thank you man when i get i will check out the list
  4. I haven't played games as old as the atari but i have played the NES (I am a collector and Light Rifle from Nintendo Age)
  5. Yeah i just have to wait a few days for her to pull it out hope games are CIB or have the instruction manual at least and the system does have the box
  6. Yeah she said yes yippeeee i have to wait a few days so she get it from her garage
  7. She said it is a system with like 20-30 games (its from her childhood)
  8. Thankyou every one will tell you if i get the atari
  9. At my moms work a girl would like to sell her Atari it is a lot consting of one systmen and some games is 25$ a good price and i dont know what model it is but i think it is the 2600 or the 5800 thanks for all of your help
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