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    I love Atari especially the 2600 and 7800, i have sold off all of my carts for a couple of reasons, one being space (moving from a house to a small apartment in June) and 2 needed the money, so now I look forward to getting a Harmony Cartridge and some of the Rom carts from Atarimax for other systems, guess i am more of a player than collector these days, but it is damn hard to shed my collectors blood, when i sold off my 2600 and 7800 collection it felt like i was selling off a piece of my soul, i will get over it (maybe) but the Harmony cart will make me feel better. My gaming Consoles are as follows, 2600 4 switch, Junior, 7800, SNES, Genesis (model 2), N64, Dreamcast, Gamecube, PS1, PS2, xbox (getting rid of this one) would like to add an NES top loader.
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    nothing at the moment, Harmony cart soon.....
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  2. Hey guys, i am trying to find a Nintendo Gamecube Gameboy Player statup disc in good working condition, i would also consider the player add on as well, though i did pick one up, not sure if it works or not, it did not have a disc and stupid me did not realize that a disc was needed to work the thing. If anyone can help i could pay a reasonable price, ebay prices are just too high in my opinion. I can pay with paypal, or if you want to trade, the only things i really have are some Atari 2600 systems (complete) and a bunch of controllers., pretty much sold off my 2600 game collection about a year ago. Thanks everybody.
  3. Wow!! what a treasure, congrats you guys on one heck of a find, good luck with the auction.
  4. I was a teenager in the early 1970s and can still remember seeing my first PONG coin op in a pool hall, everyone including me could not get enough of it, at the time there was nothing else like it, then later on when i got to play Pac-man in a new arcade filled with video games i thought this was the coolest thing since sliced bread. in the early 80s i was fully grown had a good job and bought myself a 2600 to play at home (to save money and my marriage) and i thought wow this was the best thing since the VCR. move ahead many consoles and years and i play my PS2 and Xbox almost daily (retired now) i don't have the current gen systems other than a Wii i bought for $30 at a garage sale, but found i did not care for most of the games it has, so we use it mainly as a wi-fi movie box. As someone who has been there through all of it from the very start (had a friend who got an original Odyssey for Christmas in 72 or 73) i remember he had a light gun with it and we played that thing to death, i never owned one myself, but for the time it was state of the art, it was never as popular as the 2600, I guess that was mainly because of it's price at the time and no one knew what the heck it was, or what to do with it, not sure why it never really caught on. young people these days have such an overload of stuff that it's no wonder they are bored with playing the older simple games, the magic is not there for them as it was for my gen because these days it's 'just wait a month and the newest thing will come out. I was glad to have been born when i was because i lived through some amazing growth in technology.
  5. too bad you did not video tape the box opening, usually ebay will side with the buyer, but you may be right about them siding with Lukie on this one, but who knows, maybe take a few pics of the shells you might get lucky, i wish you the best with it.
  6. Good stuff, one of my 5 favorite 2600 games
  7. wow really nice collection, it's the Atari other stuff that really makes my mouth water, some real goodies, thanks for all the pics, fun to see it all.
  8. I think the guy who makes these is spells it hoZer, with a Z rather than S
  9. Purchased 10 games from him, fantastic person to deal with, highly recommend to all
  10. reminds me of the idiot on storage wars who found a dirty beat up NES model 001 and said it was worth, i think he said 10k or some stupid amount, the best part was when he took it to a retro game shop and his dreams came crashing down to $10 (it was non working), some people are stupid it amazes me that they can even function enough to type out an ad.
  11. So far i have only had to give one neg., the others have all given a full refund to avoid a negative i suppose, it happens far to often though.
  12. yeah and this 35% are the same people who's games we as collectors find in shops, thrift stores, etc. trashed to hell, some people are just players with no respect for the collecting aspects of gaming, i dunno, maybe it's just the collector in me but i prefer to have something tangible, something real to hold onto, or maybe i am just old, likely it's a little of both.
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