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  1. I played Star Raiders on an 800 and for me it was the FIRST killer app. I waited for something similar for the VCS and have pretty much played them all. Star Raiders: the tweaks break it for me. It loses a lot of the system management stuff. The move to a smaller galactic map, changes to the HUD and difficulty in lining up a shot makes me cringe a little. I was so excited when it arrived back in the say, but remember a certain Pacman like disappointment playing it. Star Voyager was the first one that I played on the 2600, and its Ok. Tough as nails too. Phaser Patrol is a mytery because its the only one I've not played. Star Wars:The Arcade Game has some control issues for me. Not a fan of the port. StarMaster is the best cart only port. My only negative is the awful scoring system at the end of a mission. Gorgeous Activision, clean graphics do it again. Check out Star Fire for a game that I've fallen in love with. Miles better than Star Wars Arcade (IMHO) but it shows years of homebrew developer polish.
  2. Nukey, thanks for all of the great fixes. I need to download these latest fixes for Raiders, Enduro and Star Raiders. Riddle of the Sphinx (Imagic) also uses a 2nd controller for inventory control, any chance to add that to your list? Plaque Attack (Activision) has acharacter offset/vblank issue that makes it unplayable as well. It would be great to have the complete Activision and Imagic libraries 100% on the handheld. Thanks again!
  3. Lots of folks REALLY dislike this Sears exclusive title, but due to the Flashback series it has higher visibility now then it did back (IMHO) in the 80's. I get while some really dislike it, but oddly enough, I keep coming back to it on my handheld Flashback. The text is actually legible on the small screen. My biggest complaint on it now is the cludgy ratio between enemies and stardates, and the equally cludgy way engine repairs are implemented. The stardate/Alien ratio makes finding a decent game balance that is fun to play more challenging than the actual game. Hack away?
  4. Go here: http://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/infrastructure/a16010/30-year-old-computer-runs-school-heat/ An Amiga has been chugging away for 30+ years running a schools HVAC system.
  5. Migrated to PS4 for Christmas. My favorite PS3 titles came with and WOW, what a difference. Diablo III is a completely different game, because the PS4 version continued to be updated and patched, unlike PS3. New Patch coming soon. Alien Isolation and Destiny are just gorgeous.
  6. ARCADE: Reactor Mad Planets (No good port exists for any platform) Zookeeper Mappy Xevious Pole Position for the steering controller NON-ARCADE Any and all of the Imagic titles; Demon Attack Atlantis Microsurgeon Dracula MULE Archon Ballblazer (yesss) Star Raiders (I can dream, right?)
  7. No way to do a homage title, like the "Light Cycles" game nearing release? Harchon? Arkon? Art-Con? Change the sprites and and it's Con-Con (all cosplay action)? Add a Breakout style mini-game and then it's Archon-oid?
  8. Emulation headaches on the PS3 have to do with the nature of the cell processor that is under the hood. At least from what I understand.
  9. Refer a friend Quest-thingy is now live for PS4 & Xbone. Just sayin'. Won't be upgrading till Christmas though. Sad Warlock.
  10. So a PS4 is in my direct future, and I'm wondering about the upgrade path on DLC. Let's take two titles as examples: Alien:Isolation : Available on both platforms, and I have a big chunk of the DLC. If I transfer my PSN account directly, do I need to repurchase that DLC or not? The entire Cross Platform buy stuff is a little nebulous to me. When I purchased DLC, I didn't select any Cross Buy option, just the DLC for the PS3. Destiny: Since my game info is on the Destiny Servers, I should just need to a PS4 copy, and all of my save/character info should transfer, right? Also, since PSN on the PS4 is a pay system, will I get access to the High End PSN membership on PS3 when I sign up? The PS3 has been a workhorse in my house, and will be sad to see it relegated to "last gen" status. But it will join my console collection proudly. (Reverse order: Wii U, PS3, Wii, PS2, PS1, 32X, Sega CD, Genesis, NES, Colecovision, plus a Inty Flashback too. Maybe I'll pick up a 2600 Flashback this Holiday too.) A new HDMI splitter /switcher will be required to keep my PS3 & Wii U hooked up though.
  11. Riddle of the Sphinx by Imagic too. Multi screen scrolling, not paging.
  12. This project is unbelievable. That is some serious coding chops right there. To say I'm stunned by Ballblazer running with that kind of smoothness on a 2600 is a an understatement. Wow. Just wow.
  13. I finally got an 800, and am in the process of doing a little cleaning/restoring on it. The metal cover on the cartridge door has come unglued, and the foam that was the reverse liner on it has been disintegrating. So I'm doing a careful cleaning to make sure the foam bits aren't getting where they shouldn't. Question is, should I re-glue the metal cover back on to the inside of the cartridge door. IS it serving any real functionality? Some RF shielding that I should be aware of?
  14. We should start an AtariAge Clan. The Retro Shootists. ;> I'm VGL_Lynx on PSN. Running on a PS3. I love the PVE stuff, and Mayhem has made me laugh harder than any multiplayer game ever. I ran into a room with my BladeDancer, and ran into 5 other Hunters doing the exact asme thing. Hysterical. I need a Raid Sherpa though.
  15. YES! Looks like an Atari 800 is heading my way! Star Raiders here I come!

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