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  1. Bump I was just thinking of these... anyone know what they would sell for?
  2. I am looking for 1942 or 19433, Mario 2 & 3, Punch out, Ninja Gaiden, or RC Pro AM Thanks!!! PM or reply or BOTH
  3. Free bump... but I just bought this from my school for 20 bucks yay for high tuition and cheap software
  4. Hey guys, I just bought a Playchoice and need some games... if anyone has some for sale please pm or reply.
  5. The Wii sold legit... now I just hope the PS3 sells on the relist.
  6. Yep, scam.... Now I have to relist.... people are fin stupid these days.... they sent me a fake I paid email from Paypal too... saying they needed the shipping confermation # so that I can actually receive payment in my paypal account. Ebay refunded my FVF allready though If anyone wants it for a little over what I paid + shipping let me know.
  7. Here is the email they sent me..... I gave them a price and asked them to make it a confirmed address. Hello , Season's Greetings to you.I am Stella Jones from London.Uk.I'm contacting you concerning your item on Ebay which i eventually became the winning bidder for your item.Morever i'm presently serving our beloved nation here in Iraq with the United Nation and i intend sending this item to my Sweetheart who works with the American Embassy in Nigeria as a visa Officer.don't forget to send me the total cost including the cost of shipping to Lagos,Nigeria.I will be sending you my payment via PayPal,So kindly send me your (PAYPAL EMAIL ADDRESS) so as to immediately make out my payment.Make sure you get the package ready for immediate or next day shipment okay?.Plz i want the item to be sihpped via USPS.First Class Express 3 to 5 days shipping to Nigeria. Expecting your reply so as to immediately make out my payment. Regards Stella Jones New buyer and private feedback. Not to mention the buyer is in the U.K. You better be sure to only ship to his confirmed address and have proof acceptable to PayPal in case he does a chargeback.
  8. well the PS3 sold... now its just time to see if they pay
  9. Hey everyone, I happened to walk into wal-Mart today and guess what a PS3 and a Nintendo Wii !!! Well I allready had a PS3 so I put it on, and I got the Wii to hopefully make a few extra bucks Enjoy!!! PS3 Link Nintendo wii link
  10. Ok, So I am looking for old mario / nintendo items, anything you can think of if it has mario on it or is a cool nintendo item, perfer mint or sealed items. Also any signs!!! Mainly looking for 1993 or older. Thanks!!! PM ME
  11. Well I was watching it but it is now too high for me so check it out!!! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...A%3AIT&rd=1
  12. I have 3 original Mario Cells from the Donkey Kong Commercial (The Cereal one)
  13. Ok, I am looking for Shadow of the Colossus for the PS2, for around 20 bucks. and jaws cheap 360 games like King Kong, Tomb Raider, top spin, table tennis, soccer for a good price. For the DS games.... Tetris, mario kart, the new super mario, black bass I have for trade Game Cube Stare Fox Adventures, and Xbox 360: Condemned, Project gotham Racing 3, NBA 2K6 DS: Sprung, Feel the Magic PM me!!!
  14. I am looking for CHEAP prices. 360: Top Spin, King Kong, Kameo, Tomb Raider, Battlefield Modern Combat, Gun, Outfit, Perfect Dark, Burn Out, Xmen, & any others I may not have.... ask. DS: Mario anything... except Mario 64 and Yoshi Touch n Go, Super Black Bass, Tetris, Wario Ware, Resident Evil Also have some trade bait... for same systems. PM ME
  15. ttt Dont really need a controller anymore. Still looking to trade or sell condemned and NBA 2K6
  16. Ok. First Off I have NBA 2k6 and Condemned for the XBOX 360 for Trade.... I am looking for call of Duty, Battlefield, King Kong, Tomb Raider, Gun, Outfit, or others (except... Blazing Angles, Fight night 3, Ghost Recon, & Proj. Goth. Racing) I would also Like an XBOX 360 controller.... wired or wireless. PM me
  17. well thats what I thought but no wink... you never know
  18. Well I have a Baltic if you really want one pm me....
  19. Yeah I just want an I pod... yall can keep half the songs I looked up the odds there are 199 of these out there so chances of you getting it are slim. Oh and there is a PS2 and PSP on the game they are the light blues.
  20. Well the title says it all.... let me know if you have one to sell. PM Me
  21. If any one has an Invader Zim Box Set PM me I really want one I am also intrested in all 4 Futuramas and Thats 70's Show. PM ME!!!
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