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  1. After purchasing the physical tape, Roy Templeman was kind enough to give me a password to download the digital ROM.
  2. And if not, with every tape sale, you will get the digital ROM version of the game too😜
  3. Within Vaq72a / submap tools there is a program called CaqtoWAV this should do the trick, although I never personally tried it.
  4. Could this be the Fred Horvat we are looking for? https://twitter.com/fmhcom Maybe someone has a twitter account to reach and ask him?
  5. At least all the other games, on this order list from Add-on Electronics, have surfaced. This could indicate that a release was not far off.
  6. It's a pity there is so little info on the mentioned games
  7. I think it even reads Spectrum at the top corner, but of course I hope not!
  8. I think this is the same one for the ZX spectrum https://www.mobygames.com/game/zx-spectrum/biggles/cover-art/gameCoverId,121179/
  9. I really have no clue. Where did you find this picture?
  10. Here some more comparison http://oldcomputer.info/8bit/benchmarks/index.htm
  11. This one, you mean? The Aquarius is still reasonably fast in comparison to other computers, but scores poor on the accuracy. CreativeComputingBenchmark-Jan84.pdf
  12. I also found this one http://adb.arcadeitalia.net/dettaglio_mess.php?software_name=word&software_list=aquarius
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