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  1. Sure, or make a rom file. Maybe you also find this item useful, made by someone in the Mattel Aquarius FB group https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/154442047508
  2. You can also try BLBasic to shorten your code a bit with get/put
  3. I can imagine! Maybe it will turn up in someone else's stuff one day, like House of Terrors recently did.
  4. Very cool indeed! PS remembering an old topic, I guess you never found the tape with Aquapede again?
  5. I read the thread and it's very cool what you are trying to do. Let's hope MackJsy comes up with the solution.
  6. I particularly meant the "timing" fine line trick at the left bottom. He is working on something like this which involves a very good understanding of the timing issues http://48k.ca/breakthrough.html
  7. Yes this is him. He also included the VZ200, which capabilites look quite similar to the Aquarius. I only saw a question, from someone in the tutorial, asking him if he would want to include the Aquarius and his answer was yes. However he needs some help from someone, with enough knowledge regarding the Aquarius, to make this happen. As for your other question, you probably should look at this thread.
  8. As I just read in the comments. Jonathan from the MPAGD wants to include the Aquarius if someone can help him on his way.
  9. I understand! It was a bit confusing on the digitpress faq, they mention these short after your name see Thanks for a posting from Andrew Davie, we know way more about all the software and accessories that were never released. It's just a pity that Andrew has parted of his huge Mattel Aquarius collection, it would have been nice to see pictures, screen shots and scans of the manuals. Game Cartridge List: -------------------- * Bump 'N' Jump * Chess * Lock 'N' Chase * Maths & Mazes * Melody Chase (#4652) * Sea Battle * Space Speller That's why I asked. Thanks for clearing that up!
  10. Very impressive lot indeed (I would have loved to buy an Aquarius II from you), but I don't see anything on that website regarding Bump 'n jump and Lock n'chase, so does this mean, you didn't have these (prototypes) as mentioned in the faq?
  11. You mean this list on https://www.digitpress.com/faq/aquarius.htm "Unreleased/protos list"
  12. Shame you can't remember exactly what goodies you had back in the day. Anyway thanks for the prompt reply.
  13. Just out of curiousity. At that time did you have any (prototypes) of games like Sea battle, Lock 'n chase etc.? They seem to have been advertised until 1986, but no proof of any existence has yet been made available on the web.
  14. At the website from Martin he has scanned in a copy of the Dutch user magazine. It mentions 2 unknown tape games which could be ordered: The Bridge and UFO. A real pity there is not more info on these https://www.vdsteenoven.com/aquarius/pfvbalen8603.php.
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