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  1. My last week as Manager at Pinballz Arcade! On to a new job starting next week!

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    2. awace


      Cool Pinball

    3. awace


      I found Snoopy.bin on a 2c764 chip the other day it still fits in cart w legs half snipped off including the socket!. and booted into flashback II w cart mod !!! I SWAPPED between b/w color switch one side was one jumper and the other side poles of black and white switch on my 2600 case are for switch ing from internal memmory blob flashback roms and external REAL atari carts and since i scratched all the foil off the b/w switch

      and yahtzee w joystick loader file


    4. awace


      Also i found a lot of Files in .atr I thought were 800 files but work w 130xe rom on emulation! but some boot on 800 osb..

      once i get laptop runing ill try to run files on real 800 now if i could only find some 400 48k mod pictures of actuall

      pcb i could make a mod 400 and then find keyboard later!.

      so you still make carts harmany or normal ones.. w sockets?

      for 2600.

      also on 800 it would be cool to make a cart using a file i wrote in basic using emulation bu...

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