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  1. Didn't really have time to post anything today, just too busy overall. Only made it out of the booth twice today to use the restroom. I suspect tomorrow will be similar, although a bit less hectic. I did take many photos inside the booth, not sure when I'll get them posted. Will take more tomorrow. ..Al
  2. NotOutrun has a new name! Watch this video for a compilation of clips showing the game's progress, as well as a reveal of the new name. We're demoing this exciting new Jaguar title at this weekend's Portland Retro Gaming Expo!
  3. You would prefer I just lock thread or ban you without giving you a chance to correct your behavior? And this isn't the first time I've had to warn you. I'm trying to be patient, but you are making it difficult to do so. I'd prefer to see your thread(s) co to use in a drama-free fashion. I'm not convinced this is something you want. When are you leaving for Portland? ..Al
  4. Great, I look forward to seeing them! ..Al
  5. Also, I laughed at "allegedly snarky", thanks for that. ..Al
  6. I didn't go back and remove all the stupid posts from various parties (including you), but I did talk to them as well as the warning I posted to you in this thread. So, you're happy to use AtariAge to promote and discuss your games, but you're attempting to intimidate / discourage me from looking at your games at a public event? I'm sure the show organizers would not be happy to see one of their vendors engaging in such behavior. ..Al
  7. @VladR Apparently you chose to ignore my last post. I deleted your most recent post from a few minutes ago that contained more trolling. Feel free to try again without antagonizing. I'm surprised you have time to write all these snarky posts given your PRGE deadline. ..Al
  8. This is normal. It loads all the text for the status update and is using CSS to crop it to a few lines. Depending on how fast your browser and computer are, you may see what you're describing sometimes. This happens in other areas as well (such as for search results). Displaying the full status update was too much of a mess so I disabled that. ..Al
  9. Do you want your thread locked? This is how you get your thread locked. ..Al
  10. What if they are working in parallel? ..Al
  11. No, unfortunately. I was hoping to have them out for the show, but the printed materials took longer to put together and there were several back and forth iterations with some of the items. I did receive the labels and manuals at the end of last week, and they look great! Here are the labels: Will maybe take a photo of the manuals later -- this is my last day before I leave for PRGE, so I don't have a lot of time today. I should have all the boxes for Fantasy World Dizzy, Speedball 2, and Rebooteroids when I get back from PRGE. I should have a small number of these right before PRGE, and if they arrive (they are being shipped straight to Portland), I'll have a small number of these games at the show. As soon as I return from Portland, my primary focus will be to get all these pre-orders shipped! ..Al
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