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  1. I'm willing to bet I do a hell of a lot more soldering than pretty much anyone else here. ..Al
  2. I very often will look at a seller's feedback, and in particular will read the neutral and negative comments. This can easily show a pattern of poor selling/shipping practices. I have very rarely looked at a buyer's feedback when they've purchased something from me. Usually I'm only concerned if it's a new buyer and/or they have zero (or very low) feedback. ..Al
  3. If the seller doesn't respond, I won't bid on the item. ..Al
  4. I've been using WES51 stations for the last 20 years, and they've always performed well for me. That's the non-digital version of basically the same soldering station. The only problem I've had is after several years, the connection between the iron and the station becomes poor and the iron won't stay powered on. Replacing the iron (which can be purchased separately) has always solved that issue, and I have a backup station as well just in case something happens to the one I have, since I do so much soldering. I also keep plenty of tips and sponges handy, and since the WES51 is a fairly common station, it's easy to find those from a variety of vendors, so definitely shop around. ..Al
  5. I doubt it, it's pretty easy to figure out that a lighter package will cost the seller less money. Plus paper envelopes are much cheaper than boxes, so that's another reason to do this. This is the sort of thing that allows sellers to continue to get away with poor selling/shipping practices. ..Al
  6. You got lucky! Whenever I buy a boxed game, I make sure to ask the seller in advance if they will ship it in a box. It's not worth the hassle of taking a chance, and if the seller then ships the game in an envelope anyway, at least you're better covered when it comes time to confront the seller about their inexcusable shipping job. ..Al
  7. The only reason sellers will try and skimp on packaging like this is because they want to save as much on the shipping as possible. There's no excuse to ship boxed games in a "paper envelope", and putting pieces of cardboard on either side of the box surely isn't going to keep it from getting crushed. I also find it hard to believe nobody's complained before, if he's shipped "dozens of games just like this" in the span of over a decade. Boxes suitable for shipping games like this are cheap, and the shipping isn't that much more expensive (it could even be the same rate for First Class Mail). I hope you leave suitable feedback for these items. ..Al
  8. Keep politics off AtariAge, I don't want to have to waste my time cleaning up threads like this. ..Al
  9. Yes, definitely this. They also used cheaper plastics for the 7800 console and cartridges. They are quite brittle and break pretty easily if you're not careful. If I accidentally drop a 7800 cartridge on the hardwood floor, odds are quite good it will break. This never happens with 2600 shells (well, excepting the later ones that used the same shells as 7800 games). ..Al
  10. These carts are a big pain, the springs can bend or become detached from the rail they sit on (I see this on a regular basis, especially with 2600 shells), the dust cover doesn't always snap into place (I see this quite a bit with 8-bit carts), and it's just unnecessary complexity. If it's so useful, why did Atari abandon it with later 7800, Jaguar, and later 2600 carts (which used the same shell design as the 7800 at that point)? And I don't think any (or at least very few) third-parties on any of these old systems copied Atari's lead with this overly complex cartridge design. Some of them used a spring-loaded prong design, but they pretty much all left the PCB edge connector exposed. ..Al
  11. I really am not a fan of Atari's various sliding dust-cover carts (2600, 5200, Atari 8-bit computers), so I'd never buy such a thing. ..Al
  12. Yes, that's exactly what it is, real-time chat. It'll mostly be just text, although Discord does support audio chat and more recently I think, video chat. I'm fine with just text, I don't need to audio or video chat over Discord. It's basically an evolution of IRC, which was pretty primitive compared to modern chat apps like Discord. ..Al
  13. Yes and Yes. Fill out the form on this page, please, and you'll receive an email when they are ready to purchase. Atari Jaguar GameDrive Waiting List ..Al
  14. Please keep politics out of this discussion, thank you. ..Al
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