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  1. Hello all, RobotWar:2684 is code-complete (yes, I promise Al )and awaiting it's release in the AtariAge store in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, here is a first look at the box and amazing artwork by David Exton: A big thank you to everyone involved in the making of the game: @Nathan Strum for game design, graphics and testing. As with all my projects, Nathan's initial feedback and quick turnaround with game sprites is always just enough inspiration for me to get a game to a playable state and move it from POC into the WIP basket. David Exton @liveinabin for the amazing artwork for the box, manual and label. Steve Ramirez @sramirez2008 (and his son Chris ) for extensive testing, especially on co-op. Also, a shout out to my own son Joey who has spent countless hours playing co-op with his old man and providing valuable feedback, all while proving to be a formidable father-son duo vs. the Ramirez's. James, Tanya and the crew at @ZeroPage Homebrew for testing and game suggestions and for the "exclusive" reveals on the ZPH Twitch Stream (even if he has to decipher our crazy password schemes to play ) David Brown for the 7800 sounds (which we used in this version along with some new sound fx and the high score music done by none other than myself ) The CDF in CDFJ (Chris Walton @cd-w, Darrell Spice, Jr. @SpiceWare and Freq Quimby @batari) for their hard work and innovation that is constantly challenging Champ Games to push the 2600 to it's limits Last but not least, @Albert for all the work he puts into the physical release of the games on top of everything else he does for the Atari community. AtariAge and Champ Games will be posting more info on the game's release date as it becomes available! Thanks, John
  2. Well, I did some research on AA and found a thread where another Expansion Module #1 user @Chris H. was having the same issue with Zoo Keeper. Looks like they were able to run other ARM based games so they asked for a replacement from @Albert and it worked. 😕 So, hopefully Al can shed some light on the differences between the carts he sent to Chris H. and that will reveal the issue with the incompatibility. 🤞
  3. Hi Brian, Thanks for the info! Yes, I tested the Lady Bug CE ROM and was somewhat surprised that title screen displayed (although it's completely different from the original so it kinda makes sense). I'm sure with some debugging I can figure it out. 🤞 I can imagine. Does the AFP map the paddle to the joystick buttons? I should load up Avalanche and give it a try. Interesting. I wonder what the technical reason is for this as that would go a long way into 'fixing' the issue (by that, I mean potentially come up with a solution that works on a real system and also overcomes the quirks of the AFP). Possibly, but I don't plan on altering the game to have an AFP only version. I think the only way to play Avalanche is with paddles (like Kaboom!) do probably not worth the effort. Thanks for the info! John
  4. Tagging @Albert so he's in the know. @batari Fred, I asked Brent to tag you also as it seems that there is a difference between running ZK flashed to the eeprom of the Harmony Encore vs. a running the ROM from a Melody board in the ZK cart. From my non-hardware viewpoint I would think these would be the same thing so I thought you might be able to determine what may be different between a Harmony Encore vs. a Melody board that may cause an incompatibility. It is suggested that maybe there isn't enough power driving the ZK cart, but since it runs on the Harmony Encore (both as a ROM through the menu and also burned to the eeprom), I would assume (again, non-hardware guy here ) that the power draw would be similar for both? (actually logic would suggest it would be *more* for the Encore since it has the SD card reader also). Any help or suggestions would be great! Thanks, John
  5. Thanks for the update... sorry there is an issue playing the game on your brother's Colecovision too! As I mentioned in our PM, there is a way to burn the ZK image to your Harmony cart which basically turns your Harmony into a standalone ZK cart (you can do this with any game). The ZK cart is the ZK rom burned to a Melody board, and the Melody board is basically a Harmony lite without the SD card interface, so in theory if it doesn't work on the ZK cart from AA it shouldn't work on the Harmony cart with the ZK ROM burned to the eeprom. Perhaps Fred @batari can explain it better than I can (assuming what I'm saying is correct ). I hope it works! 🤞 Do you have any other ARM games that you can test with? (Draconian, Space Rocks, etc.) Thank you!
  6. Hi there! Sorry you're having issues playing the ZK cart on your Colecovision expansion module and thanks so much for doing all of this testing and posting your results on this thread. I wish there was a way to reply to reviews directly but this is a good second option. Hopefully we can figure out why ZK isn't working on your setup. There is no real difference between the demo and the full version ROMs (except that certain features are enabled/disabled) so I would expect the full version ROM to work on the Harmony Encore also. It'll be interesting to see if it works on your brother's Colecosion. 🤞 Thanks! I need to first find a Colecovision (would definitely like a modded one if possible; any suggestions?) and then pick up an expansion module off eBay so it will be a bit. Thanks again and good luck to you too! John
  7. Hello everyone, So I decided to pick up a Flashback portable and test out a few of my non-ARM games (Lady Bug, Conquest of Mars, etc.): Lady Bug: seems to work fine except the title screen doesn't show up (it's completely blank). Interestingly enough, you can still press select or left/right to blindly change the skill level (confirmed by the different color score). Other than that, it seems to work without issue. Conquest of Mars: Title screen is messed up: Logo appears very low down the end of the screen so you only see the top of "CONQUEST" and you don't see the skill levels, copyright, etc. Gameplay: seems to play well except for the status display where the score and fuel are messed up (looks like player registers are being updated too early, etc). (video attached) End of game screen seems to have the same issue as the title screen (content appears much lower than expected so the bottom is cut off). I looked at the LB code and tried a few things but haven't been able to get the title screen to appear yet. For CoM, I was able to fix the title screen and end of game screen issues by removing a "STA WSYNC" that was inside of the loop waiting for INTIM to go to zero. Not sure why it fixed it but it did. I looked at the score and fuel display code but didn't see anything obvious that would be causing the issue (as it works on real hardware without issue). Both are using a standard 48-pixel sprite routine that seems to work in other parts of the code without issue. I understand the portable isn't 100% compatible, but has anyone figured out what is not compatible or have any suggestions as to what might cause these issues? Looks like it may be a problem with the VDEL registers but perhaps something else. Oh, lastly, Avalanche seems to work but it requires a paddle. Silly question - can you play paddle games on the FBP? I would assume that paddle games would need to be modified to support a joystick to be playable? Any info is appreciated! Thanks, John com_fbp_score_fuel_error.mp4
  8. Great score! My high score is about 170K, level 18. The cats move pretty quick at that point and the extra cats and coin appear pretty fast so you really need to focus and not waste too much time on those levels if you hope to survive. Good luck!
  9. Hi there! For CoM there was an update in 2009 that modified the caverns to have indentations where the laser gates appear on STAGE 3, plus some minor tweaks to the collision detection, firing speed, etc. Hope that helps! John
  10. Hi there! In our testing, we have found that Wizard of Wor Arcade is 100% compatible with both the Harmony and Harmony Encore carts and have not had any complaints from other users. To be sure if it's compatible, feel free to download the latest demo version from our website. Hope this helps! John
  11. Thanks, and thanks in advance for the support! As @Stephen pointed out, most of our new games use an ARM processor and 32K ROM sizes (Turbo Arcade actually uses 64K ROM). The ROM size helps us add a lot of bells and whistles, levels, etc. plus storage for more advanced graphics, animations and sounds. The ARM processor helps out immensely by providing more RAM including 4K of display data used in datastreams that typically contain data for the TIA registers for the player graphics, background graphics, colors, etc. and 2K of additional RAM to store game info (very useful for games like RobotWar that can have up to 100 objects on the screen at once). The ARM processor can also execute C code (typically during vertical blank and oversan, before and after the actual screen is displayed by the 6507 assembly kernels) at a much faster rate than the 6502 (~70Mhz vs ~1Mhz) so more complex game logic and collision detection can be executed each frame (plus data preparation for the graphics). Oh, not sure if this helps, but I have been doing this (making 2600 games) for about 15 years, so I would think my experience has helped with these games also. I should also mention that the graphics and sounds are usually done by experts (Nathan Strum, Bob D, Mike Haas, to name a few) and without their contribution the games wouldn't be nearly as good. EDIT: I should also point out that in addition to the extra ROM, RAM and CPU speed, we are also using the CDFJ bankswitching which can trace it's origin back to the DPC chip developed for Pitfall II. This allows for more updates to be done per scanline by updating TIA registers using a fast-fetch technology. Additionally, the DPC chip offered 3 part digital audio that we utilize in Mappy.
  12. You're welcome! Is this info for a research project?
  13. You're welcome! Yes, I've been working on Qix here and there and it's coming along nicely; I hope to have a playable demo soon! Let's hope so! 🤞 I think there will be quite a turnout if it happens after a 2 year hiatus.. it will be great to see everyone again! 👀
  14. Very impressive and thanks so much for the support Steve! Now all you need is an Atari Organizer (or a couple)...
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