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  1. As of now, we're still planning on releasing that game as "Wizard of Wor Arcade", so no worries!
  2. Thanks! Hmmm, I didn't realize there was a Galaga clone made for the Tandy CoCo named "Galagon"! We actually decided to name the game after Champ Games (CHAMProgramming) PC clone that I did back in 1997: http://www.champ-em.com/galagon.htm Incidentally, I was able to reference a lot of the code in CHAMP Galagon for the 2600 version which helped immensely in the quick development!
  3. That's great to hear Dan! Thanks so much for having Mappy and the demo of Galaga available to play at the VGS!
  4. Hello! Galagon will first be available for purchase on October 19th, 2019 at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo in Portland, Oregon, and then in the Atari Age store a couple weeks after that.
  5. Thanks for the feedback! I did some testing with Autofire off (Diff A) and the repeat rate does seem a bit sluggish, so I've cut the delay in half which seems a lot better. I am going to keep the same constant rate for Autofire mode (same as it is now) so it's not any easier (I think Autofire is too easy as is), but will see what other people think during testing. The challenge stages are maybe a bit more difficult than the arcade, but I think the update to non-autofire mode may help for those using difficulty A. We are still tweaking the difficulty to better match the arcade, but due to the different resolution of the arcade screen vs. the 2600 it is a challenge. Although we are definitely trying to have 2600 Galaga be as close to the arcade game, we are also hoping that the 2600 version has it's own nuances that separate it from the arcade so people can enjoy a different experience and challenge. I think the only game that forces the user to rotate their screen 90 degrees is the homebrew "Merlin's Walls". Although I think it's a cool idea, I don't think I will be developing games with this requirement as there are a lot of people that play these games on old CRTs and asking them to rotate them 90 degrees to play one game is probably not good for the CRT (and perhaps a bit dangerous ). I understand what you're saying; for now the only marker you have is the actual score since putting more info up in that area is not possible without introducing more flicker. We originally were hiding the score when enemies were flying in from the top but changed it back for this very reason. Hopefully the score on the top and the reserve ships/level indicator on the bottom are enough to help position your ships for the challenge stages. If not, you can always use the force I will most likely upload a new demo in the next month or so to get feedback on the changes. FYI the final version is scheduled for release on October 19th at the Atari Age booth at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo in Portland, Oregon. It will be available in the Atari Age store sometime after that, usually sometime in November (Al usually provides more details as the date approaches). Yes, good observation and good suggestion! I have implemented this and it's much better now (the delay for difficulty A is now 1/2 the delay for difficulty B when using Autofire). I will be releasing a new demo soon with this and a few other changes. Thanks!
  6. The current plan is to release the full version on Saturday, October 19th at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo, available at the Atari Age booth. Al will most likely add it to the AA store a few weeks after that. It will be available in both NTSC and PAL60.
  7. Okay, now I'm following you. I didn't realize that there is a multiplexer IN the Genesis controller which what was confusing me. I did two tests: 1. Straight pass thru of all 9 wires (1:1, 2:2, 3:3, etc) with a Genesis pad. No interference seen. 2. All pins connected but pins 5 and 7 swapped as you suggested. The interference line was really bad (very bright white) and the controller was acting very wonky. Hope that helps! I am going to build the circuit that has no chips (except for an inverter or decoder to select) since that seems to have no interference either; we just need to resolve the issue where one player can control the other when the buttons are held down (also, the Genesis pad doesn't work either). I'll post my results here. Thanks! John
  8. The 5 prizes are each worth a different amount, and for each consecutive pair of prizes that you pick up, the score multiplier increases (2x, 3x ... 6x). The values for each item are: Radio - 100 points TV - 200 pints Computer - 300 points Painting - 400 points Safe - 500 points So, if you pick up the two radios, followed by the two TV's ... and collect the 2 safes last, you will get 7000 points total: 2x100 + 3x200 + 4x300 + 5x400 + 6x500 Of course, it's very difficult and challenging to do this, especially in the later levels, but if you can at least save the higher point items (painting, safe) for last you can earn a good portion of that 7000 (depending on how many consecutive pairs you collect beforehand). You need to pop all 15 red balloons for a total of 3,000 points (200 points each), including the last 'Goro' balloon which is worth 2,000 points = 5,000 points. Popping all 15 balloons will also give you an additional 5,000 points for 10,000 points! NOTE: You may notice that when you pop the Goro balloon, Goro escapes and moves up the screen more and more after each challenge stage. At some point you will not have enough time to pop all 15 balloons by yourself but if Goro moves high enough he may pop a balloon for you. Hope this helps!
  9. I'm glad ou're enjoying the game! Great score, and you made it up to level 12 - awesome! I've only made it up to level 9 myself lol. Yes, the slamming doors is key, especially in later levels, plus timing the jumps off the trampolines. Your score seems pretty low for level 12 though; I usually score about 90K in 9 levels. Are you collecting the prizes in order? If so, that's up to 7000 points per level! Good luck!
  10. Yes, that last version made available has both sound and music. I just tried it with 6.0.1 and I'm getting both sound and music on my side... I'm not sure what might be the issue.
  11. The Genesis controller gives no interference or sparkles when hooked up directly to the Atari. When it's hooked up to the multiplexer with or without pin 5 wired up, the interference/sparkles are the same as with a regular joystick connected. Hope that makes sense!
  12. I had a few minutes and tried some more tests. First off, if I disconnect the select line the interference goes away completely, but of course only one of the joysticks work. Second, I swapped out the inverter for the 2x4 decoder and it had similar results (same type of interference). Thirdly, I hooked up a diode between the select line going to the Atari and that didn't seem to reduce the interference at all. Some other observations: The white line interference on the bottom is most prevalent when pressing left, which happens to be hooked up to INPT1 since left from the atari is being used as a select line.
  13. Hmm, I probably didn't describe it well in my previous posts, but when I configure my test program so that it does not switch (the select pin is always 0 or 1 depending on the position of the left difficulty switch), the interference drops considerably, most notably the white line on the bottom of the screen goes away. However, the sparkling periodic static does not go away; this is the same whether or not the select line is constant or alternates from 0 to 1 twice a frame. It seems that there the situation you described where perhaps both chips are active while the inverter goes from 0 to 1 and vice versa may be true. My design did not have the genesis button 2 hooked up (pin 5) but did have pin 7 hooked up. As expected, the Genesis pad behaved the same since pin 5 wasn't hooked up. I did try a revised design that routes the 2nd genesis button (pin 5) to INPT0 and the static/interference seems to be the same. I'm pretty sure it's not the software that is causing the issue since I also tried with Nathan's updated design that didn't use any chips (it just activates ground for the active joysitck as suggested above by Stephen) and there is virtually no static at all. The issue with that design is that (1) it seems that it does not work if you have a Genesis controller hooked up, even if pin 5 isn't wired up and (2) if you hold down both buttons, player 1 movements are mimicked for the player 2, and vice-versa. Nathan describes more about what he's seeing in his above post. I think my next step may be to build Nathan's circuit without the octal buffers and see if I can resolve either of the two issues (Genesis controllers not working and being able to control the other player).
  14. Hello there! No, the full ROM for Mappy has not been released yet. I need to coordinate with Al; I know he's pretty busy with the forum upgrade. I will post to this thread when it is available.
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