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  1. Thanks Steve, and thanks for all the game testing too! It looks like it's paid off for you, that's a great score! 😮
  2. I'm a big fan of Tempest and have thought about a 2600 version over the years; I'm not sure if a decent version could be done with the low res playfield though. You're welcome!
  3. I only played the Odyssey 2 back in the day at a friend's house and was always intrigued by it. I don't think I ever played K.C.'s Crazy Chase but I have played Pick Axe Pete a bunch of times and it's one of my favorites! I did start a port of it for the 2600 about 12 years ago and would love to finish it someday so it's a possibility! (it would be 100% assembly too ) You're welcome, I'm glad you're enjoying it!
  4. Sounds good Steve! I've always dreamed of a better baseball game for the 2600. Pete Rose Baseball is pretty good IMO as is M-Network baseball, but I was super disappointed with RS and Super Baseball. Homerun I'll always have a soft spot for, mostly because I got it with my Atari back in 78 and played the heck out of it. Being a Red Sox fan, I always pretended the red team were the Red Sox and the blue team were the damn Yankees... I'd love a game that looks and plays more like 5200 version (my favorite baseball game for classic consoles; Earl Weaver BB takes the cake for the PC though!), maybe even with voice!
  5. I do have a very old POC for baseball, actually it's one of the first things I tried way back in 2001 when I was first learning 6502. I love baseball too, so a Champ Sports Baseball is definitely a possibility!
  6. Here's a link to an excellent in-depth review and un-boxing video by Atari Age member @Gray Defender. Thanks for putting in the time to do this review Glenn, I appreciate it!
  7. A few I have mentioned before, like Champ Sports Hockey, Elevator Action, Rip Off! & Mountain Raider (still in design phase). Another one is Archon, but that is just a proof of concept from a few years ago, and the last one I started a POC last week (inspired by the brick pattern in Zoo Keeper), but I'm not sure if I'm going to pursue it yet.
  8. Thanks for clarifying Darrell! And good point about the ARM only being used for at about 20% (still a huge boost though). Yeah, I've had this same issue in almost every game, especially with Mappy. Usually I throw whatever I can at the ARM to see what it can handle and then spend a few months optimizing everything so it can run in one frame since in Stella it always runs in one frame since the ARM processing time is not accurately emulated (it's always 0). I do a Lot of testing on real hardware to make sure there aren't any screen rolls!
  9. If I didn't have 10 or so other 2600 projects I was working on, I would consider it... I think it may be a good exercise to see what kind of Galaga port could be done with the technology of the time, perhaps with 32K, extra RAM (SARA, CBS RAM+, etc.) and with the DPC chip. I already know the formation would be almost identical to what it is now since it's almost identical to the way Atari did it for Galaxian, so the rest would be needed to implement the enemies flying in, the double ship logic, etc.
  10. So at 18 million a cart, it would have been possible (plus the "cart" would have been the size of 2 or so tennis courts)? I'm pretty sure I could still do Galaga for the 2600 with only .8 Gigaflops (vs. .84).
  11. I totally agree TJ! As expected, the difference in capabilities has grown exponentially over the course of 40+ years vs the small (albeit important) improvements by comparison of extra RAM, ROM, the DPC chip etc. If they ever get BUS stuffing working reliably, then we're in real trouble! PS I'm not sure but I thought at some point Darrell said that there is a bug in the ARM chip where the processor only runs at half speed. Still a huge difference, but one worth noting (if it's true). If that issue is ever resolved (if it is even one), that would also give much more time between frames to do calculations which could lead to more complex games too.
  12. Hi there! I agree on all your (and TJ's points), but be assured that you still need to be an expert on 6502 assembly if you plan on making a good 2600 game that pushes the limits, with or without the ARM. The ARM (AKAIK) was not implemented to help developers that aren't experts in 6502/TIA development; it was originally added strictly to emulate the DPC chip originally used in Pitfall 2. Since there are additional resources available with the ARM even after emulating this chip, developers like Chris Walton, Darrell Spice and Fred Quimby (CDF) decided to innovate and exploit these additional resources to help assist the TIA. This led to DPC+, CDF and eventually CDFJ bankswitching schemes that all use the additional RAM and ARM CPU, and even allow code written in C to be executed by the ARM. In the end, however, you are at the mercy of the TIA and it's low res playfield and 5 sprites and 76 cycles per scanline, but the ARM assists greatly of course, mostly with data preparation and reducing the # of cycles it takes to update TIA registers (which in turn leads to the potential of much more complex kernels), as well as being able to execute game logic at a much faster speed during the blanking period. The development time savings is probably the biggest advantage to me; being able to program the game logic in C is not only easier and faster, but it also makes programming these games much more enjoyable, and the innovation keeps this hobby fresh. It's one of the reasons I returned to the scene after a 9 year hiatus after writing the 16K 6502 assembly-only Lady Bug and Conquest of Mars. Anyway, I hope in the end there will still be appreciation for games no matter what technology is used to make them. Games like Amoeba Jump and Aardvark as well as many other non-ARM games can stand proudly along side any of the ARM games IMO. Thanks, John PS . BTW - Al does include the Cartridge type in the store for each game, and ARM games are marked as "32K CDF" (at least mine are). Additionally, I (and many others) have also commented on dozens of AA posts, Youtube videos, FB posts, interviews, etc. to let people know the magic behind any of my ARM games, so I would think that most people that *want* to know how the games are made and how they differ from games "back in the day" either already know or can find out if they want to.
  13. Hi there! We initially ordered 12 Galagon shirts (and 12 WoW shirts) for PRGE to check interest (all the Galagon ones were sold out and there was a problem with the WoW shirts so those are being re-ordered). We are currently trying to figure out the best way to measure interest for shirts before placing another order (to try and reduce costs). We may just end up ordering another 12 Galagon shirts in mixed sizes (along with the previous 12 of Wizard of Wor Arcade) and offer them for sale on our Champ Games website (http://www.champ.games). Apologies in advance as it's a bit lacking in content and needs updating. I'll be sure to post updates as the shirts become available here and on the other Galagon thread (as well as on our Facebook page). Thanks for your interest! John
  14. Hello there! I don't believe the first demo loops back to dungeon 1 after dungeon 8.
  15. I agree; for Champ Games, Nathan Strum and Dave Dries have done amazing work on all our releases. FYI, Lady Bug (and Conquest of Mars) did not have a box option back in 2006 when they were released, but AA member @Brian O took it upon himself to create a box for both (with some help from Nathan) so both are available now, and Al is planning on offering just the box for sale in the near future for those who previously purchased LB & CoM and want to add the box to their collection.
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