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  1. Hello there! I'm pretty sure @Albert was waiting on some manuals and boxes to be printed and he's getting ready to ship things soon (I'll let him give you an actual update ). Thanks for your support!
  2. Thanks for the feedback Will! Yes, the custom mazes offer more gameplay options, including trying to trap a bug or two if you're good enough.. That's most likely a bug, although I am a huge fan of eggplant 🍆 so maybe its coincidence? Seriously though, this is a bug and has been fixed in the latest version. The veggie type and location is much more random but also balanced. I'll probably post an updated demo sometime before the release in November as this one is quickly approaching RC. Thanks again! John
  3. johnnywc


    That looks great TJ! It reminds me of those carnival games where you're either shooting water or a ball into a target and it moves along a horse during a race. Can't wait to see how this one progresses! I believe it will be the first 8-player Atari game. With all these multiplayer games being made, maybe @ZeroPage Homebrew James should consider adding a "Best Multi-player Game" category to next year's award.
  4. Hi there! It looks like Darrell @SpiceWare cleared things up (thanks Darrell!). I do have an opportunity to use CDFJ+ for Gorf Arcade now that it's been finalized (and used actively in @cd-w's amazing Zeviouz ), but I am going to stick to 32K for the reasons you described (I don't want to be working on Gorf Arcade for another year and I have a delivery date set of August 2021 ). With that said, I am considering using CDFJ+ for Champ Sports Baseball so I can use the extra ROM for player names/stats/etc. and, more importantly, use 4K of that to save stats/etc. on the cart itself and not have to rely on the SaveKey for that. We'll still have AtariVox support for voice, which will also take up a bunch of ROM if we plan on adding on full announcer phrases ("now batting, number 8, the left fielder"), etc. Games that use the extra ROM for data only and not necessarily game play shouldn't add as much development time than say, a game that used the extra 32K for additional levels, features, etc. It'll be fun to find out!
  5. Okay - that makes sense. I think a clean install on my end is in order! Okay, that worked. Not sure why when I run it through Textpad /Tools with the same command it doesn't override. Must be my system/setup/environment... please disregard my "error" reports.
  6. I just installed 6.5.2 over my existing install and by default I couldn't see the cursor when I hit TAB or ~ when navigating the menus. When I re-installed 6.3, the cursor was back. I can try it with a clean install and let you know how it goes.
  7. Yup, that was it! PS Looks like the default is -UI/+Emulation; perhaps the default should be +UI/+Emulation? Thanks TJ!
  8. Thank you Stephen and the Stella team! One issue I'm having (and I had it in 6.5.1 also) is that when I hit ESC and ~ to view properties, my mouse pointer is not visible. I've reverted back to 6.3 temporarily since it's almost impossible to debug without the mouse cursor and that works fine. Oh - another small issue but this may be user error: when I run from the command line with -lc joystick -rc joystick, should that override the 'auto detect' feature? When testing Lady Bug Arcade, it seems no matter what I specify in the command line, the QuadTari and SaveKey are always detected. This seems to happen even in 6.3, although I'm almost certainly this worked at some point. Any help/suggestions are welcome! Thanks! John
  9. johnnywc


    I gave it a test. Through the front pot, it does seem better in that it does detect the 1st joystick properly now, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be able to read any joysticks plugged into the additional port (port 3 or port 4). 😕 It performed the same through the USB connector in my tests also; it could just read inputs from the first joystick. However, it may just be because I have no way of mapping those ports because they aren't recognized as inputs with Stella. Meaning, when I try to map inputs to joysticks P2 and P3, I can't map to the additional joysticks because Stella would need to set DUMPPORTS high to enable the physical joystick connected to port 3 of the QuadTari. I'm confused actually; I'm not sure how it would work in software, but somehow you would need to map using the 2nd physical joystick connected to QuadTari port 3 to Stella joystick port P2. (and the same for QT port 4/Stella joystick input configuration for P3).
  10. johnnywc


    Hmmm, I'm looking on the Stella 6 on the R77 page and it looks like the latest release is 6.4? Where can I find 6.5.1? Apologies if I'm missing something obvious.. EDIT: Guess it was something obvious; I found a link for it on the official Stella download page.
  11. johnnywc


    Hi TJ! Not yet - I'll put this on the to-do list. Is the test to see if the physical QuadTari is recognized when it's connected to the R77 front ports, USB ports, both? To be sure, what version of Stella should I have on the R77 to test with? 6.5? Thanks! John
  12. Hi Karl, thanks for the work testing 7800 games with the QuadTari! I do have a 7800 and an old CuttleCart that I haven't used in years but I'll dig it out and see if I can get it working. Hmmm, unfortunately I don't know anything about 7800 programming but I figured that in 1 button mode the ports would be read the same as single button joysticks, especially sine Pro-line joysticks work fine with a QuadTari (single button only) for a 2600 game. I'm not sure why it would behave differently for a 7800 in single button mode. 😕 Pin 9 from the Atari is used as the select PIN and PIN 5 is disconnected (this allows you to detect a QuadTari at startup since PIN 9 is high and PIN 5 is low); perhaps having pin 5 disconnect is causing the issue? Of course regular CX-40s don't even have pin 5 and pin 9 hooked up but still work on a 7800 game, so the only thing 'different' that the 7800 is seeing with a quadtari would be pin 5 being low instead of high. I'm not a hardware expert but maybe that info will help figure out the issue. 🤞
  13. Thanks! The original Lady Bug from 2006 is and probably always will be the game I am most proud of for many reasons: it is one of the first 2600 games I developed (along with Conquest of Mars), plus it uses technology that was widely available and commonplace in the 80's (16K ROM, 128 bytes of RAM) so it could have been released "back in the day" exactly as it is. Yes, the biggest changed IMO are the arcade-like maze (11x11 vs. 11x9), the asymmetrical doors, and the max number of skulls increasing from 2 to 6. The other additions (high scores, scoring screen, credits screen, different mazes, 2 player/ 2 player versus mode) are additional bells and whistles that I hope set the 2021 version apart from the original. Thanks for your support! I'm sure you will enjoy it; surprisingly Lady Bug had it's best year sales-wise in 2020 since 2007! At half the projected price of Lady Bug Arcade (scheduled for release in November 2021), it's still quite the bargain...
  14. Unfortunately a side-by-side comparison won't be helpful since Lady Bug and Lady Bug Arcade use significantly different methods to display text and the maze. The original 2006 version uses 48 pixel sprites for text (no flicker) and the maze is drawn by combining pink and green. The Arcade version uses 96-pixel interlaced graphics for the text so it's appears darker (or at least it should ) and the maze uses a new interlaced blending technique. I have the ability to use completely custom colors for the PAL60 version, so perhaps we can just come up with a list of what colors are too bright (ie. the word INSTRUCTIONS, etc.) and I can use a darker value for those if that looks better.
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