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  1. Got my replacement joycons today. Look brand new. Took a little less than a month for turnaround.
  2. The 8BitDo BT adapters are only $11.47 now on Amazon.
  3. Thank you! I went ahead and ordered a Seagull 78 to pair with it too.
  4. Apologies if this has been brought up in another thread, but I just got one of these and want to use it with my 7800, among other consoles. I realize that there won't be two-button functionality. Looking for some peace of mind that it is safe to use with the 7800 from folks who have done so for a while. Thanks!
  5. The British have a pretty good catalog too, including Elite, Golden Eye, and Tomb Raider. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/jun/03/30-greatest-british-video-games
  6. This is going to reveal my own ignorance, but I'm trying to think of truly world-beating games that were not from Japan and the US, and the only one I can think of is Tetris. I'm thinking about games that even non-gamers would recognize and have played, but that's a little different from the OP's criteria, I think.
  7. I was using it with Asteroids because I had forgotten which bin I had stashed my Starplex in. I bought it mostly as a collectible. It worked pretty well with Beamrider.
  8. Thank you for noticing the hydraulic lift. The PVM rolls around like butter on it. The controller is a KY Enterprises Fingertip Controller that was a DIY back in the day.
  9. I know, but why not keep all the connections in place while the console is in the box? There would be no plugging and unplugging from the console at all. You carefully lift the console out of the box, connections in place, and put it on the floor or a shelf. And wearing out the prongs on the AC adapter? Or breaking a connection in the wire itself because the wire bends the wrong way? Man, if the console is really that fragile a box isn't going to help. I'm going to bow out here because I'm beginning to realize that the need to take these steps this isn't about the console at all.
  10. But I don't understand how keeping it in a box will reduce wear and tear on the connectors. If you hold the console in one hand and the AC adapter in another, is the weight of six inches of the cord going to produce enough torque to KO your 7800? This is a serious question--not trying to troll.
  11. OK, I'll play. What, exactly, is the problem expressed by the OP?
  12. Bill, a little off-topic, but have you written anything about what the hobby (and life in general) is like after you sold most of your collection? It would be a welcome read.
  13. Yes, it's almost like they are speaking a language that only the two of them understand.
  14. For me, it's 486 to Pentium 3 era PCs, a roughly 12-year period. Mostly hardware, and then mostly sound and video cards. The ISA sound cards are most interesting to me because there was so much difference across them that they capture the range of innovation and imagination of the period for me. I have about 70 ISA sound cards (not all unique). Most had to be Sound Blaster compatible, but some were good at the FM synth implementation and others weren't. But it is the variety of wavetable synths that makes these cards collectible to me. Video cards may make playing Doom a little faster or slower, but sound cards really change the experience, almost like the feeling you get playing a console game on different platforms.
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