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  1. New promotion this morning that I'm pretty sure is site-wide: 10% back in eBay Bucks if you buy with the app, 8% otherwise. Expires August 6, 11:59 PM PT. $25 minimum. Must activate first!
  2. Never knew about this feature. Users with a 100-to-1 ratio between posts and points should be banned, lol.
  3. Went to Aldi today and saw this in the parking lot:
  4. I didn't get this offer for any of my eBay accounts. I'm pretty sure that a lot of these offers are targeted, maybe intending to "juice" one account into greater buying or selling activity. Sometimes when I use the app, I get a $5 off a $10 purchase coupon that seems kind of randomly issued.
  5. Do you mean that the PS4 has won against the XB One? It seems as though the Switch is a pretty big player too.
  6. The console war mentality to me is similar to how committed some American car and truck buyers are to Chevy, Ford, and Dodge, to the point where their cars have even MORE logo insignia than what the factory installs with some even having a decal of Calvin urinating on the logo of another brand. Advertising encourages these comparisons for cars and trucks but the consoles don't really seem to engage that way anymore. It matters that cars (especially trucks) and console advertising targets men mostly. I just don't see this kind of aggressive brand loyalty among women targeted by advertisers. I'm sure loyalty exists, just displayed in less overt and confrontational ways. That's probably how it should be.
  7. Not sure if this is what BSRSteve is looking for in this thread, but Space Spartans (US) has the running man/no running man variant. (Also, the link in the first post is 404.)
  8. Have many FCTVVO variants that are still sealed turned up?
  9. The two most important factors are title keywords and price. Photos are a close third. Beginning sellers often use all the wrong keywords in the title. Keywords you should include: Make (e.g. "Atari," "Intellivision"), Model (e.g. "2600 VCS," "Genesis"), Title (e.g. "Space Dungeon"), completeness (e.g. "CIB," "complete"), functionality (e.g. "tested," "works," "sealed"). The number of characters gets eaten up pretty quickly, especially if the game title is long. Here's how I would write a title for a game: Space Dungeon for Atari 5200 with Coupler / Complete in Box, Tested Other title-writing tips: * stay away from keywords such as "rare." * No need to repeat the identical word unless it is in the game title. * words that a buyer would never search for (e.g. "video game") * Some games may include a compound word that buyers will search for using two words or vice versa (e.g. "Pacman" and "Pac Man"). You may need to include both in the title, if feasible. (Not 100% sure about how the search algorithm works in this case). As for price, decide whether you want to get rid of stuff or make the highest profit. If it's the latter, your items should have almost no competition on eBay, and you should be prepared for "longtail," which is sitting on an item for a longer than usual time to get the price you want. If it's the former, undercut the lowest comp in the same condition by $1-$2 for a BIN. Also, use BIN rather than auctions. Just be the lowest price when buyers sort by price (this includes shipping). Most retro games will ship first class for $4-$8.
  10. Recently got an email from Amazon that Prime Video will no longer be offered on a Roku device I just retired. I can get a $25 credit on a Fire device. Not a bad deal.
  11. I transitioned a buying account with some hundreds of feedback to a selling account. Then, I started a new buying account (feedback score doesn't matter here). Eventually, the seller account will get seller feedback of its own, of course. Separate accounts can protect you as a seller from a user seeking retribution if you had a bad transaction with them (with you as buyer). Also, I don't like my buyers to see what I myself have been picking up on eBay (from reading feedback).
  12. Have one eBay account for buying and one for selling.
  13. For sealed collectors, here's an Astrosmash with the contest sticker on the shrink. Item number: 283553568485
  14. I noticed that they are definitely flaky when charging in sleep mode. The light sometimes blinks when it is completely powered off. I may end up returning them just on principle.
  15. Yes, that was my plan. Or give them a USB drive with some simple instructions. I haven't modded my own yet, though. What's the method with the best ease-to-features ratio you've found, if you don't mind my asking?
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