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  1. Wow, I missed that earlier mention of HOTD 3 and 4. They are $7 and $10, respectively, on the PS Store. I am waiting on the delivery of an HDMI transmitter so that I will be able to play Move games with a projector and a 120" screen.
  2. Nintendo just accepted my repair order for my original Joycons (drift). I want to buy a replacement pair since I'll be without them for a while. Are 2020 Joycons you'd buy from Amazon or Best Buy fixed, or has anyone encountered the drift problem with these too?
  3. It would be interesting to know what game retailed for the most without any special pack-in hardware. If we were going that route, Phaser Patrol would be right up there. Zaxxon for the CV commanded a premium over other CV titles. I wonder if the same was true for the 2600 version. Time to dig out the EG magazines.
  4. Not really a piece of my collection, but one of my favorite purchases in a while: a hydraulic lift. My PVM has been collecting dust on a shelf because it's such a pain to move it and set it up. I have this 2' x 2' space in my office where I thought about putting a stand for it. But the white wall behind it is also a 120" projection "screen," so the monitor has to be able to move up and down. Turns out there are no shelves or carts that fit this space and were sturdy enough for a PVM--except this lift made for working on motorcycles. It's perfect. It has a 300 lb. limit, so this PVM is nothing for the hydraulic lift. The lift is heavy duty -- 75 lbs. by itself. I rationalized the purchase by figuring that it would have other household uses, but this is pretty much all it's going to do.
  5. The best P3 boards already command a premium. Several years ago, you could buy Intel 440BX-2 ("Seattle") mobos new in box for about $40. Now used examples of that board can reach $100. That era peaked with the P3 Tualitin boards, and enthusiasts also use Socket 370 and Slot 1 Slotkets to get Tualatin tech on boards that still have ISA. As a rule of thumb, the last boards (that is, the most recent) that offer a particular technology (usually bus) are collectible. The last ISA boards. The last AGP boards. Same goes for the cards (e.g., last, most powerful AGP card).
  6. Some dual CPU boards are quite collectible, and all of them are worth saving. A Tyan Tomcat dual Socket 7, for instance, is a board that would go for over $200.
  7. Socket 7 boards are still inexpensive. I'm selling some NOS 430TX boards now for $60, and that's a little high. Super Socket 7 (with AGP) are more expensive, as are Socket 4 and Socket 5. Even then, $200 seems a little high, especially for SS7.
  8. I can understand the desire to have a full collection of games for a system. If you feel this way, you probably think like some coin collectors at an important level. Those blue Whitman albums that had a space for every date and mint mark are based on the logic of this kind of collecting. If it doesn't seem weird that some coin collectors do this and it does seem weird that some video game collectors do this, then that dissonance has something to do with the notion that video games are valuable because they can be played and not because they are valuable in and of themselves. That's a legit perspective, and it probably seeps into discussions of comic book collecting--"why are you slabbing that book instead of thumbing through it and enjoying the experience it gives you?" I think it's useful to make these comparisons to figure out just what it is about video game completionists that is so objectionable.
  9. Good idea, but I already deleted all the games using the client apps in order to get a relatively clean image to clone to the new drive. It turns out that I don't miss them -- I wasn't really playing any of those games anyway. I might reinstall a couple like Doom 2016 and GTA V.
  10. Thanks, everyone. I ended up deleting all the games but kept the client apps, freeing up about 400GB of space. Using Macrium, I was then able to clone the mechanical HDD (1TB) to a 500GB Intel SSD that I like a lot. It's free and fairly easy once you figure out how to clone to a smaller drive. I will probably use the mechanical HDD as a secondary drive for redownloading some of those games.
  11. Thank you. I was just recalling apps like iTunes that allowed you to install on so many devices, so it was a good practice to deauthorize computers before you wiped the HDD.
  12. I have a Windows 10 computer with a mechanical HDD that I'd like to upgrade to an SSD. I think I'm going to just install Windows fresh rather than try to migrate. Right now, all I have on this mechanical HDD is games from Steam, Epic, and Ubi. Although I'm not looking forward to redownloading these games, I'm more concerned that I won't be able to download them again with the new HDD. Is there any kind of deactivation process I have to undertake before reformatting this mechanical drive (will use in another build)? Or are we allowed to download as often as we like as long as only one download is "active" at a time? Thanks for any advice.
  13. I'd buy a Socket 7 mobo with a nice Pentium 233 MMX CPU to do the reorg. Then you'd have a really nice Pentium system that is much more usable for retro gaming than the 486. And I love 486 boards.
  14. Thanks, that makes sense. I have pretty much every other console that takes cartridges!
  15. I feel kind of dumb for asking, but it didn't fit into the consoles in my collection. Thanks for your help!
  16. Thank you. I can't use another Windows 98 box, but you should be able to sell it on eBay. It looks like you have a Trident 3dImage AGP graphics card (even though it says PCI -- I'd check to make sure) and a Diamond Sonic Impact S100 PCI sound card. These aren't rare or collectible cards. But the motherboard looks like it has an Intel 440BX chipset, which is a classic. You should find out what kind of CPU is in it. The case is very clean, and it is what people would want the most from the system. I would say you could probably get at least $100 for it on eBay. Depending on the make, the mobo could be worth anywhere from $40-$100 by itself.
  17. Got this offer on one eBay account but not the other. Check yours before you make a big purchase!
  18. Yes, go to Control Panel, then go to System, the go to Device Manager (I think). You should see a list of the hardware.
  19. That's a nice case. What are the video card and sound card?
  20. Not sure if they changed the price, but it's now $14.98, one penny less than the minimum price to use the coupon. I picked up Far Cry 5 instead, which is $14.99, and so $4.99 after the coupon.
  21. OK, 94GB download of GTA 5 started. Really just getting it for benchmarking.
  22. This question is most interesting to me if we DO own the system and DON'T own a multicart. For me, I think it is: Gameboy (1) Xbox One (2 physical) Jaguar (3)
  23. It depends on whether you want the "out of box" experience or not. I prefer vanilla Windows 98SE without any bloatware, and it should run just fine if you have an Intel 440LX or 440BX chipset.
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