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  1. As long as Intellivision has the D&D license, how about an Amico version of the classic board game Dungeon!
  2. We need a <self deprecation>I'm horrible</self deprecation> tag.
  3. We should start a pool for how many FEs cmart will really buy. Not sure how we'd get confirmation, unfortunately.
  4. Yes, it went to spam. Every one should check too if you didn't get the Night Stalker email.
  5. Has an email gone out to the mailing list over the past week? I signed up a week ago but haven't received one. Just want to make sure I get the one on Monday.
  6. Side deals and seller's remorse are an unfortunate fact of life on eBay. Not very long ago, eBay would have a two-day or so delay before publishing sold items, so it was possible to have your purchase in the mail before those wanting to make a side deal even knew it was for sale. But now it's immediate.
  7. Love the Night Stalker video. Wizard of Wor fans as well should love this game. The game reminds me of the Fuzion Frenzy games for Xbox and Xbox 360, which were meant to be played couch co-op. Very fun titles.
  8. Nice thing about Goodwill as the seller is that the carts probably aren’t fakes, and the winning bidder doesn’t have to worry about a side deal.
  9. 5% back in eBay Bucks. No minimum. Must activate.
  10. I don't play DOS games as much anymore as listen to their music on different wavetables. It may sound weird, but I like those games that let me mess with hardware. A few obvious titles have terrific music and are fun to play in short bursts for me: Descent, Duke Nukem 3D, Tyrian, Doom, Dark Forces, Jazz Jackrabbit. Others are still great, but the music isn't as memorable: Blood, Hexen, Return of the Triad. One Must Fall is the best. I sent off for the full version BITD and still have it.
  11. When I got into retro computing, I realized I no longer needed resources such as IRQs for parallel ports and peripherals such as modems--things that were a hassle to remove or disable. These days, everything is pretty streamlined for me since I don't need or want to network these old PCs. Just a video card and a sound card (or two or three). Plenty of resources to go around when all you need is a gaming computer rather than a daily driver. The challenge now can be to have three different sound cards in the same build. I have a CF HDD on my 486 with about 20 different autoexec.bat/config.sys setups for each sound card--I just rename the extension after I pop in the card. For my P3 with 98SE, I image the OS with different video card/sound card combos on DVD-Rs. Takes about 10 minutes to reimage after I've selected the combo that I want.
  12. What's nice about DOS gaming today is the benefit of all the knowledge gained from the trial-and-error memory management bitd. Just look up what works and go.
  13. I voted for Intellivision because of the overall quality of its packaging--the gatefold box, the pocket for overlays and manual, and the white plastic tray for the cart. BITD, it gave off a mature "deluxe" vibe that escaped 2600 games and only seemed passe with the advent of the wonderful, audacious Colecovision game boxes. But I wanted to vote for Channel F and its absolutely 70s retro Peter Max artwork vibe. My friend had a Channel F, and the chunky, colorful carts made it more fun to play the games (or at least anticipate playing them).
  14. I don't know how an XFL license would fare on the Amico, but the one license that may still be available and that would be gold for Amico is Little League baseball. I mentioned this in an earlier post in this thread, but the LLWS games for the Wii (2008 & 2009) have held their value much better than other third party titles. Plus the international dimension of the game would make it a hit beyond the US. Families would love to play this game together (and still do on the Wii).
  15. It was fdisk /mbr Check out this thread https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=35885
  16. I think there is an operator that you have to add to the command line when using format or fdisk with a CF drive. I can't remember what it is, but it doesn't work without it. Check out Phil's Computer Lab on Youtube. He switched to SD drives but may have an old video on CF drives.
  17. One of my retro PCs is a beautiful Wang 386SX-20. I had to use the CD-ROM interface on a Sound Blaster Pro 2 (CT1600) with the proprietary Matsushita drive. Drivers over at Vogons. Works great.
  18. I'm hoping that someone can help me figure out how to synchronize Minecraft installs. First off, I know almost nothing about the game. My ten yo has played it for years, mostly on an iPad (preferred) and some on a Kindle Fire. I've probably spent about $100 on skins and packs across both platforms. We also have it on the Xbox 360 and PS4, although those don't get as much play. With the advent of Bedrock for the PS4, I'm ready to unify these installs, if possible. I'm guessing that my son would want to use his iPad worlds on PS4. The iPad version is 1.81 and hasn't been updated in about a year. It asks me to sign in to an Xbox Live account to save my worlds (never did this, although I have an Xbox Live account). We also got a new iPad for Xmas, and the Minecraft loaded on this new iPad seems to be a newer version that wants you to sign into a Microsoft account (not Xbox Live account). I assume that all versions are now asking for a Microsoft account log in. The PS4 version says I have one chance to link a Microsoft account to my PS4 account. I think my son may use this one version in the future, especially to play with friends who come over. My question is: can I transfer the worlds and add-ons from our old iPad to both the new iPad and PS4? I just don't want to lose those assets. The old iPad is many years old and isn't as fast as the newer model, obviously, so I'd like to make the transition now. Thanks for any advice!
  19. New promotion this morning that I'm pretty sure is site-wide: 10% back in eBay Bucks if you buy with the app, 8% otherwise. Expires August 6, 11:59 PM PT. $25 minimum. Must activate first!
  20. Never knew about this feature. Users with a 100-to-1 ratio between posts and points should be banned, lol.
  21. Went to Aldi today and saw this in the parking lot:
  22. I didn't get this offer for any of my eBay accounts. I'm pretty sure that a lot of these offers are targeted, maybe intending to "juice" one account into greater buying or selling activity. Sometimes when I use the app, I get a $5 off a $10 purchase coupon that seems kind of randomly issued.
  23. Do you mean that the PS4 has won against the XB One? It seems as though the Switch is a pretty big player too.
  24. The console war mentality to me is similar to how committed some American car and truck buyers are to Chevy, Ford, and Dodge, to the point where their cars have even MORE logo insignia than what the factory installs with some even having a decal of Calvin urinating on the logo of another brand. Advertising encourages these comparisons for cars and trucks but the consoles don't really seem to engage that way anymore. It matters that cars (especially trucks) and console advertising targets men mostly. I just don't see this kind of aggressive brand loyalty among women targeted by advertisers. I'm sure loyalty exists, just displayed in less overt and confrontational ways. That's probably how it should be.
  25. Not sure if this is what BSRSteve is looking for in this thread, but Space Spartans (US) has the running man/no running man variant. (Also, the link in the first post is 404.)
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