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  1. Sold 6 cartridges today so I updated the photos a little
  2. Updated the first post again with lots of new games!
  3. Edited and updated the first post with new games
  4. Aha yes! XD It was that video that inspired me to see if it was possible to mod my TV, but yeah, I'm not skilled enugh to know what to do exactly, so was looking for some advice here mabye
  5. I have this nice old woodgrain PAL TV made by Salora that I use for gaming etc, but it only has RF input unfortunatley, so I kind of wondered if it whould be possible to composite and RGB mod it somehow? The Schematics can be found here: https://www.electronica-pt.com/esquema/tv/salora-1g3-1g5-12236/ I saw the schematics for the TDA3560 chip says something about composite and RGB: http://www.datasheetcatalog.com/datasheets_pdf/T/D/A/3/TDA3560.shtml So I guess there's something you can do with that chip then if it whould be possible? Hope someone can help that may know these kinda stuff better than me!
  6. That mod diagram is pretty neat Kosmic Stardust! But is there not a way tho to only use two buttons, like B and A on a NES controller? Mabye if you add more switches or something to chane between the modes?
  7. Okay, both my consoles are dissasembled now cus I had been messing around with them, but you can see here in this photo it does not have a power switch, and that black cable is just soldered to those 4 pins normally and goes trough the power switch hole and then connected to the power supply, seems a bit tacky I think they did like that. And oh, so some swedish models had a power switch then, all I have seen have just had that cable sticking out. I have been thinking about adding a power switch to the console if it whould be possible Anyone got any ideas how a switch could be wired up? Cus it seems a little confusing when it has 4 diffrent cables for 12v and 5v etc.
  8. I got the console to work again! after a closer inspection I saw a cheramic capacitor had a crack in it, so after replacing it started to work! And saw you replied just as I was writing this, too bad I did not worte a few minutes earlier, but thanks for your advice and help anyway! And btw, so does the other PAL consoles have a power switch? cus the swedish consoles don't for some weird reason... you just pull the cord out to turn it off.
  9. One thing that annoys me with the PAL version of the Luxor Video Entertainment (Fairchild Channel F) model 1 is that it does not have an on/off switch and the only way to turn the console on and off is to pull out the power cord (It is like this on the swedish PAL version at least) So now I wonder, is it possible to add an on/off switch to the PAL console? Or if I could get some info on how the on/off switch on the NTSC consoles are wired, cus it seems a little confusing to me since there is 4 cords that goes into the console from the Power Supply. And the PAL consoles have the same shell as the NTSC ones it seems like cus it still has a square hole on the back made for an on/off switch, and it says "ON/OFF" at the back too so it should probably look nice to add one. Edit: Oops! I'm sorry! Seems I accidently posted this in the wrong part of the forum... Hope someone can move this to the right place.
  10. Oh, yeah the power supply is okay. As I mentioned I have a working console too so I have used the power supplies I have on that one without problem.
  11. I have a Luxor Video Entertainment System (Fairchild Channel F) PAL version, model 1, that does not work at all. When I plug it in, nothing happens, the LED inside does not even turn on. Any ideas what could be wrong? Hope I can get some help here to fix it! I tested the 3 main socketed IC chips in another working console I got and confirmed all 3 worked fine at least.
  12. Dennis90


    I bought a NTSC TIA chip from him and I got it yesterday, thanks!
  13. I managed to fix the Junior console I mentioned in the first post that had dark image. I looked around for alternative composite mods for PAL Junior consoles and found this one: http://www.console-corner.de/videomod.htmlSo I tried it out and It turned out nicely. The image looks great now! Still have not managed to fix the other three consoles mentioned tho.
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