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  1. Well, despite the Saturday debacle, it was a fun show. The fairgrounds and surrounding area got hit with a small tornado (or straight line winds, it's unclear at this moment) early Saturday morning, tearing the absolute hell out of everything. The arch that's been standing there for years and years got blown over, and looks to be incapable of being repaired. There were trees that a large man couldn't put both arms around completely tossed around like toys. Power was out for miles around, roads were closed everywhere. It was a mess. So, we turned around and came back home, but SBC's page said that Sunday would be a go if they had power. Well, they had power! All in all, it was a fun show. Marc Summers and Phil Moore were SUPER cordial and nice (I swear Phil is just a big ol' kid). Got my pictures with them. Also got pics with some of the Game Chasers guys that I hadn't met before, like Eric and Wood. Shot it with AlphaOmegaSin for a bit, too (cool guy, really friendly). Didn't buy much, just a piece of perler art and a repro Wily Wars cart. Met some old friends from OVGE there, too. Good times, and am already looking forward to next year.
  2. Next weekend everybody. Who's going? I won one of the VIP Packs, so I'll be there! #Superbitcon
  3. Well, managed to make it to this year's show as well. LOT of fun! I picked up a few goodies. A complete in box (and MINT) Custer's Revenge, which I have been looking for FOREVER. That makes 4 of the adult 2600 games in my collection, one a double-ender. The cartridge has never been inserted into a system, actually. Yeah, there's a joke there somewhere. Found me a nice CD-I for a great price. It's the Maganavox version, and it had the video cartridge already installed. Had the joypad and the spoon controller. Didn't get any games, but meh, you can burn those. Also got a Secret of Mana 2 repro. AND finally got the season one DVD of The Game Chasers. The chodes were there (I met them last year as well), and I got all 4 to sign it. I think this is actually my favorite thing I got, as I'm a big fan of those doofuses (Dodongo in particular is a RIOT), and getting to talk to them again was great. All in all, a VERY good show this year. The museum had some very interesting items (the SNES military trainer in particular was incredible). I bs'd with AlphaOmegaSin about Tim Schafer and Anita Sarkeesian, and Dodongo flipped off my camera. Good times!
  4. Oh, cool, so I don't need that DIN cable after all. Sweet. So, I use a C-64 composite cable to hook the system to a television (a DIN plug to 2 RCA male ends). The audio cable would go into the female RCA jack that's plugged into the Magic Voice, and the RCA male coming from the Magic Voice would go into the audio in on the television. Neat! I gotta hook everything up and try this now! I have both Gorf and Wizard of Wor. If I can keep it hooked in constantly while using other programs and cartridges (like my beloved Fast Loader), then it would make changing cartridges a snap, as they just go into the top of the module instead of trying to jam them into the back of the system.
  5. Well, I found a text version of the instructions (after much looking, actually). It says it comes with a, and I quote, audio cable with a PHONO end and a 5-pin DIN end. It also says you hook the DIN into the A/V plug on the C-64, and the phono plug into the audio OUT plug. I dunno, seems kinda odd. Gonna look through my cables and see if I have it. Hopefully, I do, because I see nothing online to buy, that's for sure.
  6. So, rummaging through my oddities box, I ran across one of these. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to have any cables. What cables exactly does it use? In pictures, I've seen one with what looks like a DIN connector on one end, and a smaller connector on the other, possibly an RCA (since that's what the jacks on the side of the actual Magic Voice looks like). Also, these are apparently rare? Thanks in advance to anybody who knows about this!
  7. As far as I know, Bill, my 800XL is completely stock. I also have an 800, but it's stock as well. So, the 14319 would be the power supply for the 800XL system itself, and the others would be for the disk drives and casette recorders.
  8. So, I have 5 power supplies for Atari 8-bit computers. Four of them are part number CO17945 and one is part number CO14319. They all have the same input jacks. I have 4 items that use power supplies, an Atari 800XL, 2 1010 casette drives, and a 1050 disk drive. My question is which things exactly do these go to? I'm pretty sure the CO17945 is for the 1050 drive, but I'm a bit squiffy about just trying these out willy nilly, since the power specs are different. Thanks in advance!
  9. Yep, that's it, Goldenegg. Thanks.
  10. It doesn't quite look like that one, Rex. The DIN connector is the same, but the other end is a female connector.
  11. So, I have a cable that seems like it's for the Sega Genesis. It has an 8 pin DIN connector on one end, and a 9 pin female connector on the other. It's around 5 or so inches long. On the side is written E148000 LTK Style 2835. No other markings are visible. It seems like it might be a converter cable so you can use the Genesis Model 2 AV connector with the Model 1, but I'm not sure honestly WHAT the heck it is. Any help is appreciated.
  12. Holy crap, that was you there, Shadow? Awesome! Man, what a great show. I was the guy that was showing you the Atari porn games I bought...ahem, I mean, the manly sports team game I fought a lion in a boxing ring to acquire. Yeah, that's the ticket. Anyway, man am I jealous of your collection. That Tax Avoiders was just mesmerizing... Flack, sorry I couldn't spend more time talking. I was really busy helping Nintendo-Okie set up their game show section, plus I was one of their score keepers, so I had to bolt. The game show, btw, was a HUGE success, and they had a bigger audience than ANY of the panels during the day. MMF, always a pleasure to see you about. Sorry I missed saying bye, but again, I was really busy the last part of the day. Had a great time! Got pics of me with Smooth McGroove (!), Pro Jared, the Game Chasers, and AlphaOmegaSin, and got to see a lot of familiar faces from OVGE as well. Hope to do it again next year!
  13. I'm really not sure, Dan. I think he may have had a heart attack.
  14. Ok, I'm gonna be there again this year. I'll be honest. I wasn't sure my heart would really be into it, and was considering not having a table. But, I don't think that's what Brad would have wanted, so I'm going to be running yet another tourney. All Your Base will be sponsoring me once again. This year, it'll be the BRAD Game Beatdown. Yes, in honor of Brad Prillwitz, I'll be changing the name. It may or may not be a bad game that we play, but I guarantee it'll be one that you WILL remember. Remember, too, that Crossbow will be donating some of the proceeds to charity this year, and I may do a donation thing at my table as well, and donate it in Brad's name. I'll see if the Nintendo Okie guys can help with that, as I did a charity event with them last year that was really fun. So, I'll see you guys in September, then.
  15. Saw the new site today. Can't wait! I'll get in contact with Tabor and see if I can get another Bad Game Beatdown set up. Still, I'm saddened beyond belief at the passing of Brad Prillwitz. He was such a great guy. It's simply not going to be the same without him.
  16. http://www.retrousb.com/product_info.php?cPath=30&products_id=119 That's what I got. With a custom title screen message, so it's truly a one of a kind.
  17. Nah, just the actual game boxes. I've managed to find a very few, but most have stupid watermarks on them from the site I got them from. Was mostly wondering if there's a single site for them, as I can't seem to find one.
  18. Does anybody know a good place to look for decent quality box scans? The Cover Project has NO old computer stuff whatsoever (No Commodore, No Vic, NOTHING!). Just curious if anybody knew where to start looking. Google turns up squat, usually. Thanks!
  19. So, another OVGE in the can. It was incredible. This year was easily the busiest yet. I mean a non stop stream of attendees from open to close. I had close to 50 people sign up for the Bad Game Beatdown, if you can believe it. This year I chose Rise of the Robots on the SNES as the torture game, and oh man, was it ever bad. What really determined who won was the rock-scissors-paper game I had everyone play before their match. Since you can ONLY play as the blue cyborg guy on the player one side, that player was at a serious disadvantage due to him being seemingly weaker than the other characters. Anyway, the winner got a nice 50 dollar gift certificate to All Your Base Games, and 2nd place got a 25 dollar gift cert. and a nice PS2 fighting stick. Everything was just great this year. Jordan Hamilton did a recreation of the Nintendo World Championships tournament using a reproduction cart. I totally sucked at this, actually. The winner? A guy who was actually in the ORIGINAL NWC tournament, and who to this day still keeps in contact with Thor Ackerlund, the winner of the original contest. How cool is that? Brad Prillwitz did an Atari 7800 Scramble tourney, and a Track and Field tourney using the original controllers where you had to mash the buttons as fast as you could. Was fun, but MAN those controllers kill your hands. The classic game tourney was won by the guy who won LAST years tourney, and for like the 3rd year, I came in 2nd, but it was pretty darn close this year. I won a copy of Duke Nukem Forever (just can't stay away from those awful games it seems) from the Nintendo Okie trivia contest, and you can hear me in one of their upcoming podcasts. So, overall, it was a great, great show. Much thanks, again, to Jesse for setting everything up. And my personal thanks to Tabor and the guys at All Your Base Games for sponsoring me (and giving me a cool "Somebody set up us the bomb" t-shirt). It was truly a show I'll never forget. Now, to think on what horrid game to use in NEXT year's tournament...
  20. Harbor Escape by Panda - R6. Paid .99 cents for it. Swordquest - Waterworld - R9. Paid .99 cents for it. I'm not really into collecting super rares, but when I do find them, I tend to get VERY good deals on them. There is nothing a 2600 collector loves more than a seller that thinks "Oh, it's just an Atari game. Slap a dollar on it and toss it in the bin." Yep, that's exactly what happened with those two acquisitions.
  21. That Maiki is probably just a troll account. Note the bad Engrish and random thought structure of the posts. Go Go Gadget Ignore Button! Best - Yar's Revenge, Adventure, Pitfall!, River Raid, Berzerk, Ms. Pac-Man, Kaboom! Worst - E.T., Pac-Man, Airlock, any Mythicon or Froggo game. Hated E.T. as a kid, will always and forever hate it. I played the FUCK out of Pac-Man after I got it, but realized after a while how bad it was. Went back to playing Yar and left Pac-Man to the dust bunnies.
  22. Ok, so I have been in contact with Jesse. Everything is going as planned. Almost all the tables are spoken for, as well. I will, once again, be back with a tournament. This year is the BAD GAME BEATDOWN 2 - THE REVENGE! Things are going to be a little different, though. I'll be joining forces with All Your Base Games and sharing a portion of his table space, and he will be sponsoring the tourney with prizes as well. Like last year, players will have to endure one of the worst games in my collection to win a prize. That game will not be revealed until the very moment of the tournament, though. It could be any game of any genre for any system. Yes, that includes the Virtual Boy or the CDi (oh, man, a CDi Zelda tourney...what fun that could be). I'll also be dressed up as the Angry Video Game Nerd, so if you see a nerd looking...well, angry, that'll be me. Hope to see you all there!
  23. Jesse is SUUUUPER busy right now. Haven't heard from him myself in over a month, but I know he's completely swamped right now.
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