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  1. Yes, it was sold here, but I will leave it to the buyer to identify himself if he chooses.
  2. Offering this here until tomorrow (7/18) before going to eBay with it. Not many records of sale, but it looks like the few I could find were going for around $350 three years ago, so entertaining offers. I bought this when they were first located (I'm #7 in the FAQ with a very old email address) (http://songbird-productions.com/jagdomain/jvmfaq.html) Headset was included with mine and was told there were less than 20. Not branded, probably just some cheap bulk headsets that were picked up for testing. Modem was used one time at my store (Video Game Connections, formerly in Howell, NJ) to test with Ultra Vortek.
  3. You'd be surprised how many were manufactured up until about 2 years ago. The majority of them were VCR/DVD combos. The phasing out of tuners though was 100% brought on by OTA going digital. Manufacturers either had to include two tuners (1 analog & 1 digital) or none. If they opted to include only analog, half the box had to be a warning to that effect. I was only pointing out that going into a store today or looking online for a NEW VCR would be very difficult. Flea market and thrift stores for used ones is another story. I probably still have half a dozen in storage that were used to run RF only systems on Commodore 1084 monitors.
  4. Actually, damn near every VCR manufactured in the last 5 years does not have an RF input. When OTA went from analog to digital manufacturers abandoned the tuner (and RF in) in VCRs. The few companies that still made them with RF in were getting a hefty premium (a Panasonic model for example was $100 more with the tuner and no other feature changes)
  5. Thanks for the quick reply! I never would have checked that account for this since my primary email address with PayPal was changed to a Comcast.net account years ago.
  6. Sent $20 donation payment last night around 8pm but still haven't received the roms. Just wanted to make sure you got the order.
  7. Current offer is $675. I will leave this out there until noon EDT 9/18. If any other offers come in, it will be extended.
  8. I've had this one for about 12 years, so no. I haven't been that luck in years.
  9. Using my name is fine. It's been used for a number of things in the past (mostly NES related) so I well aware of the downside but why change tradition.
  10. Due to the numerous offers on the Canadian Super Cobra, I feel it's necessary to post the highest offer so there's no questions. I will not include the identity who made the offer out of respect of privacy. I will only update this post and want to have this wrapped up by Wednesday morning. Current offer is $650 (9/17 1PM EDT) Previous offers: $600 (9/17 12:50PM EDT) $500 (9/17 12:30PM EDT)
  11. Nice. Mind if I use them on my website? Not at all. I don't know if the photobucket images are scaled at all, so if you want the 600dpi scans I did I can email you zip file of the 13 images.
  12. Pics are up of Canadian Super Cobra. http://s1271.photobucket.com/user/mikeetler/library/Intellivision?sort=3&page=1
  13. I have a Canadian Super Cobra will most likely be available. Box has surface wear but is intact. Includes both English and French manuals and is a silver label cart. I'll have pics available tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.
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