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  1. Shipping costs, import taxes, sales tax on imported goods, potentially also an incompatible PSU, lack of warranty. On a $300 item you can add another $200 to the total easily. Recently had the same exact experience, and then what to do if it breaks and needs returning?
  2. Maybe related to the Freesymc thing? Does it work ok for you in Wndows as Atari_JaguarVCS above referrs to? If that works great news it just means the AMD video driver needs to improve just like the WiFi driver improved enormously.
  3. I just played England vs. Germany, and Germany beat me 2-0, so the A-I is TOO realistic. The game is a LOT bigger as a binary, over the Steam version, and the game takes 2.2 GB, not 100 MB like 2017. 🙂 It's got a LOT of options, and the footage in OEB Pete's video shows quite a lot of gameplay; I recommend to watch. The director of Batovi posted a response to a video by Brutally Honest Gamer who had suggested it was an old game. "BATOVI Games Studio 19 hours ago Hello, here Roque, director of Batovi, the creators of Pixel Cup Soccer, I am glad that you like the game, however you are wrong when saying that it is PCS17 from Steam or PCS16 from google play. This is an evolution of those, with a much deeper gameplay, many more characters, stadiums, etc. And contrary to what has been said, it is in Atari where this new version is making its debut ;)"
  4. Hi Allpaul, The home-screen is dynamic, at the moment. I think it's meant to sort in last-use order. (I think...) I agree being able to add favourites, is an obvious addition, and maybe a custom-tab also. Let's hope! For deleting apps/games in general, it's done via the Settings/Storage section, just like moving them from one device to another. I'm not sure if that's what you meant. It is also possible to filter, in the store, with the Menu/= button, but that is not for the normal menus. I hope that once any deep technical changes and improvements are added, they'll do more like that. Cheers, Richard.
  5. I'm happy to alert everybody that "Atari Vault 2" has an update to fix some original bugs. 🙂 - The Options, Graphics, bug is fixed. Now the game allows you to change borders, and scanlines. - The Adventure II game menu now has a "Respawn" option after the dragon eats you. (Press 😃 - Other bugs fixed. Thanks, Code Mystics!
  6. "I love" has a recent VCS game review compilation video with some hints and tips you might like, and also gameplay.
  7. New game added to the store! Pixel Cup Soccer is a dynamic, arcade soccer game - with fast paced gameplay that is just the fun part of soccer. It features great pixel art and soundtracks that evoke nostalgia of the glory days of the classic arcade games. Play with both the Classic Joystick and Modern Controller.
  8. Those are good calls! Yes, the box-art is really a great part of the old games. People forget, the box-art was always such a big part of the game, because the graphics in our minds-eye, are always best. The idea of sound-tracks with every game; that's an awesome idea, and would indeed give physical media a unique must-have.
  9. This is the (compressed) video which was posted. Yes, it's a video, to play. As Tony says, in the screenshot above, it's not a "trailer footage", just a sample. 10000000_320949119498990_3031264694754731717_n.mp4
  10. Well, here's a small YouTuber who just reviewed the new Atari VCS. Anthony! Verdict: "This is a pretty neat little console!"
  11. Maybe it's because you enter the app before it's finished updating, or maybe there is not enough space on the system disk.
  12. I don't have a 4K screen of any sort so I can't investigate it. 😞
  13. Yes, and they even commission games for their platform, which can be played the same way. One of the backer rewards (which I did not get) was also a unique physical NES game cartridge. The Kickstarter is over, and I've not invested in it or anything, so I can share this just to explain it. Most notably, even pre-Kickstarter (which was done in one day) they had 100,000 testers online... This is just the sort of thing where the VCS is much more than a normal games console, IMHO. It's also great that it's cross-platform multi-player. It's definitely "pandemic safe" couch co-op! I didn't buy the PieReader, because I don't have a collection of Nintendo/Sega cartridges, but if they later bring out a black PieReader, and a 7800/2600 cartridge adapter, I'll go for that. 🙂 (I suggested to them they should have a VCS edition, with some real woodgrain, perhaps. )
  14. Subscribers (or lifetime access backers like me) can invite other players to play the retro-games which were local play only, of course, to play over the Internet, with a simple link. Making classic"couch co-op" games also playable over the Internet, is an amazing feature, ideal in this pandemic! Mostly, my friends are not in the same town, they're in another country, or another continent, so sitting together with a beer isn't possible for me. I hope in future, they'll add Atari systems too. The CEO told me he's also a big Atari fan. (A 7800 cartridge adapter for the PieReader is possible.) No video chat yet in AtariOS. The one thing we can't do right now is video-chat via the VCS, but that is something maybe can be addressed in an update. (My webcam not found.) --> I suspect this is not technical - it's also a "kid safety" restriction actually. So, for video-chat, booting into Windows 10 is presently necessary for now.
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