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  1. The video would not post in the first message of this thread for some weird reason. This is a very interesting video chat between all the members of their VCS design team. I hope that Atari can persuade the AMD team who worked with them to do a similar one!
  2. I think everybody loves the VCS case design; only a RAM trapdoor is a sad omission. The design of the system hardware, case, PCB, peripherpals, is very interesting to me. Previously, I posted an article about Surface Ink who were contracted to Atari to work with Atari and AMD on the hardware design of the VCS. They now added a new video. This is the original article; I can't find the old post to this. https://surfaceink.com/portfolio-item/atari-vcs/ There was also during the campaign additional detall about the Surface Ink work too. They had a good partnership clearly. https://atarivcs.medium.com/the-atari-wireless-classic-joystick-and-atari-vcs-vault-677945d3d8d2
  3. I think by title, and content, I'm going to post this here. It's rather interesting to watch.
  4. Today, I found that Atari has published an update for the game, and it's got some more features. I love that it's continuing to develop, and I've very happy that I bought it. :-)
  5. Hi Jack. I cannot recreate the problem you are having. Maybe you are talking about the very first account, with the new console? Can you send me a photo of your screen when you have the problem, via PM? A network connection is definitely not required to login. One is required to create an account, because each is linked to an email. Once the account is created you don't need email connection. You can use Guest if you do not want to create an account instead. I have tried with both WIFI and Ethernet, making both unavailable. The result is only a warning message at the top of the screen. I'm baffled, quite honestly. I can understand you're frustrated, but I cannot work out what's happening for you. Cheers, Richard.
  6. A network connection is not mandatory. If you are using WIFI, you could just turn it off on the router, with Ethernet, unplug. I thought I just clicked <skip> or pressed <esc>, like during setup, but I'll check. From the dashboard, in settings, you can just clear the WIFI settings, once loaded. Only the store or online apps should require the network. If it can't be skipped, that would be a new bug, but it's very odd as it's certainly not intended.
  7. I think what catches the interest of non-gamer friends, is brief, movie-style trailers! Also, once they realise it's not what they heard, they're willing to look and discover. 🙂 Of course, this whole question is why companies have focus groups and why gamers and enthusiasts like us rarely find marketing works for us!?! (Also, my friends aren't gamers.) My ideas are probably way off the mark, and outlooks change a lot by nationality I think... The Guntech trailer also impresses people, not because it's the best game, that's a matter of personal taste, but for sure, it demonstrates how far from a retro console, the VCS, is. Likewise, the Danger Scavengers trailer really shows off the machine visually. We know, sadly, that people often judge a system by graphics, especially one which is retro-inspired, and where people have talked as if it only plays a few retro games.
  8. Well, this works for some of my friends, who've seen it. I think it explains, and with humour. Of course, not the hardcore gamers, who already have a gaming rig, or other brand fanatics.
  9. It's great to have another VCS developer giving direct updates here too. Thank you!
  10. I totally agree. What I meant is, it was an upgrade from what shipped in the machine! The Quadro 400 is much better than the original HP card, and the PC is only 7 years old! ("The Quadro 400 was a mid-range professional graphics card by NVIDIA, launched in April 2011.") https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/quadro-400.c1317
  11. I keep hearing how a 10-year old PC is faster than my new VCS. Let's see... I thought I'd try the Heaven benchmark on some other systems I have use of. Of course, most people here have gaming PCs, and money to burn, but I don't, and I'm not alone. I tried 3 of my systems, and you can compare them to VCS. Maybe you can add your gaming-PCs and potatoes, for more amusement! https://benchmark.unigine.com/heaven I thought my work-provided 15" Macbook-Pro would be interesting for starters. Of course, it runs MacOS. (It's running the very latest version of MacOS Catalina.) It's just over 5 years old, 4 cores, 8 threads, Intel GPU. The laptop display is a bit less than full-HD, of course. I also have an Fujitsu Esprimo q520 mini-PC, Intel i3, Intel GPU, 16GB RAM. I use the machine as a desktop, with virtualisation, and software development. It's just over 5 years old, 2 cores, 4 threads, Intel GPU. (Accelerated driver.) It also ran my Linux Steam game collection. It's running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. I also have an HP mini-tower, Intel i5, with an (upgraded!) Nvidia card. (I got this 2nd-hand last year, as a compact mini-tower while I am tele-working.) It's about 7 years old, 2 cores, 4 threads, upgraded Nvidia graphics card installed. It runs Windows 10, desktop applications, with Hyper-V virtualisation, just fine. If anybody has an old gaming PC they want to dispose of, I'm happily accept donations, ha ha, to accelerate some hobby game projects. 🙂 Yeah, I'm not expecting any offers! In The Netherlands, a refurbished Esprimo min-PC is still selling for over 300 EUR. https://www.remarkt.nl/fujitsu-esprimo-q520-usdt-core-i5-4570-4gb-500gb-ssd-hdmi.html Previous VCS (see previous message in this thread) This is a previous VCS benchmark, but it's not 1920x1080, so I will run it myself, when I have time.
  12. justclaws

    My Setup

    Nice setup Zoyx. Now THIS could also make a nice series thread... 🙂 Come on friends, share you new VCS setups with Zoyx. 🙂 My setup right now isn't very eye-catching... it's on little table; for development purposes! My BJL/Skunk Jaguar is connected by USB (Skunkboard) to the VCS, for some fun as well, and a USB SCART/RGB video-capture device for use with the VCS, as well as HDMI capture.
  13. I feel sure that we'll have a positive resolution for the long-term, in the not-too-distant future. Call me an optimist, yeah, but it's not without reason. :-) I've no inside-information. It's a guess! As a result, I'll be patient again.
  14. I hope that COVID-19 is not disputed, at least, in this thread. Surely we're past discussing that...? I hesitate to post! For the millions of people who died, have lost loved ones, or been seriously ill, or lost their jobs, it's certainly serious! I have been working from home for 10 months now, and I've not seen any colleague, even over webcam, even once. https://covid19.who.int/ - What does COVID-19 stand for? ('CO' stands for corona, 'VI' for virus, and 'D' for disease.) On the tech side, I can certainly testify that our supply of hardware from the far-east, was badly affected by COVID. From even before April 2020, we immediately had problems, with orders being delayed, and we're only end-users. Only now is my employer able to be more sure of supplies of urgent h/w systems, but this still sits on a knife edge. The wholesale shutdown in China in Feb/Mar 2020, at the height of their pandemic, escalated prices, blocked shipping. We were offered lead-times on repeat million+ Euro orders of equipment which started at 6 months, and got worse... At the same time, other equipment we needed was sat in warehouses, and the price was dropping, without demand! I think both what Tommy and DigDugNate said on supply-chains is true, without contradiction, their opinions, aside. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-03-20/a-covid-19-supply-chain-shock-born-in-china-is-going-global I think going to test new hardware now, or start new production, must be a nightmare challenge. It's like a war period. I saw in a video Tommy said the Amico has >100 electronic components, and >700 parts. Just one blocked is enough! A certain other console manufacturer had 2020 production delayed due to supply problems with just one component. That manufacturer, at end of 2020, had to resort to air-freight to bring products from Chinese factories, to market... On shipping too, climate change is starting to have an effect... on shipping price too. If you didn't see the video yet. (Actually, my game about loading/unloading cargo, against the clock, with motion controls, I hope that will be fun!)
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