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  1. For later comparison, as prices are rising so fast... I am still waiting for delivery, but I paid GBP 35, +10 P&P ($60 total) for an Intellivision and 2 carts from UK. It hardly seems a "deal" compared to USA ones I read about here, but for the UK/Netherlands it was good... that was the absolutely cheapest working unit I could find from UK (because money is tight at the moment). It has had a hard life too, but is working, with both controllers in fair condition. Sadly metal bits are scratched. Obviously I did not buy it as a collector's piece, but as a first working Intellivision. (I got the handhelds before.) The unit has some problems with TV quality I'm told. If anybody has any ideas, please let me know. I do also plan to fit a composite video mod to it, and I hope that it will resolve the problem. I hope I did not buy a lemon! Cheers, Richard / JustClaws.
  2. A new Intellivision! I think this is great news, and I signed up. I got into the first 100,000. I am so lucky! :-) It's ironic that this is announced now, as I just managed to order my first (ever) Intellivision with 2 carts. It's had quite a hard life I think, and it would never have found a home with a collector, but I am a player, and perhaps later will be a developer. If there is a new machine, then this could be a happy coincidence! Cheers, Richard / JustClaws.
  3. OK, as I wait for my first real Intellivision (ever) to arrive, to play with and to code on, I found this wonderful thread and I wonder if a Linux version of this is now available? Cheers, Richard / JustClaws.
  4. I am waiting for my first Intellivision. It's coming with only 2 games, so if you do a batch #3, I'm interested. :-) It's also a bit "beat-up", and not collector calibre, but I bought it to play with, and maybe to code for as well. Getting my new console something nice and new might be a nice welcome for it. I think it's had a hard life. Cheers, Richard / JustClaws.
  5. justclaws

    68000 Chip?

    Hi Lars, OK, nearly 13 years later I want to add useful information thanks to Clint Thompson's collection and video! Again, for the regulars here, no need for this information, but I think it is a common enquiry, unanswered. This is a nice video of one of several Cojag motherboards, and it clearly shows the version numbers. "Mmm Donuts!" Of course, I did not go through all the Cojag motherboard photos, but based on Area51 board, no change, and at 26Mhz. Cheers, JustClaws.
  6. Although this thread is old... I guess everybody already saw the linked post, but for newcomers who browse this thread, and wonder, it's good to have a link as a follow-up to a thread where these is all answered. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/109944-overclocked-jaguar/ It's also convenient to have a reference to the logical follow-up to this thread easily found.
  7. Sadly in the trials of family life, my Nuon N505 DVD drive died, and then player went into a skip (dumpster). I am really sad also that I no longer have all the stuff I collected and some I wrote for the Nuon in past years. It was indeed a real pain developing for it by only being able to test by writing to a CD, so bravo to emulators. It's good to see that in my years of work-driven isolation from the "scene", things have continued to progress. Richard.
  8. OK, almost 15 years later... Is there an up-to-date list of these and also how many are "out in the wild" at this point? I see some are now sold as ROM cartridges.
  9. From Germany... too much for my pocket. If anybody has one spare in NL or UK, cheaply, do let me know! 200 GBP or 229 EUR. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Intellivision-console-gamepad-equipment-boxed-Box-damaged/382415365030 I have seen one in very bad condition, scratched, and with very bad quality video it seems, and bid made. I am hopeful that the video issue can be fixed, with a composite modification. Can anybody confirm that? Thanks, Richard.
  10. I am looking for a PAL Intellivision, and with prices in The Netherlands (Holland specifically) on Ebay around the 300 EUR level, I started to look at Ebay France, but I guess they will be the SECAM models. So cheap... This one is a USA NTSC one for sale in France though. Interesting! https://www.ebay.fr/itm/Console-Intellivision-2/282983740297?hash=item41e3253389
  11. What price would be reasonable for one, please? European dark, working.
  12. Would the ECS be useful for my starting collection and at what price? I really want the system to play, and not to collect, but saw a local ECS. Cheers!
  13. I am several years late but well done and I will enjoy reading all this later! I also would like to try the ROM back from ejagfest but did not find these yet. Maybe at EJF18.
  14. Reading this very old thread, the issues the 7800 presented are so similar to the Jaguar! The 7800 is indeed a very interesting system, but from a Jag-homebrew view, even more. I love both systems, and both could have benefited from a bit of extra hardware in the box, and more generous cartridge sizes. Jaguar is a better name though than "Atari 15600". :-)
  15. I looked at the video, and on his site, and there is another video (capture) showing gameplay.
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