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  1. Loved both of the episodes on YouTube, looking forward to more.
  2. Wow, this is very impressive! It's like I'm transported back 30 years and playing the ST version in my bedroom. Good job all involved. Looking forward to more.
  3. Great read thanks for posting. What I take away from it is that Atari not opening up to 3rd Parties early was a huge mistake and also the lack of 80col mode too. Still can’t imagine how the Apple II got so popular given it’s price. But being from the UK I didn’t get exposed to what was going on in the US from that point if view, nor probably would I have been interested given I was born in 1970.
  4. I always preferred Galaxian & Galaga over Gorl or Phoenix in the arcades they always seemed much more polished to me. Gorf esspecially is glitchy and flickery as though the hardware was being pushed too far. This Galaga demo on the Atari 8-Bits looks amazing!
  5. I'd never of thought of Elektra Glide being a motorbike game until I saw that title screen!
  6. Ah that's a fun way to keep track it. Just looked as all mind Multibook disks and the highest Clone Generation was 73 and the all had tghe Clone Originator of 1.
  7. No me neither until today. I only noticed because disks I images about 20 years ago weren't actually imaged correctly. So I finally got round to dealing with them today and in each case the ones with issues were RobC disks. I'm going to have to try booting them on a machine to see if they are just rotten disks or something else is at play.
  8. This is weird, but just this afternoon I was trying to image some RobC menu disks (with Music) and my 1050 (with a Happy Upgrade from AtariMax ) was get getting bad sectors. This is using the APE Pro system software. Could it be that Happy Drives have issues with these types of disks?
  9. My introduction to multi-game disks was getting Multiboot disks from my mate. The sense of nostaligia I had listening to the Antic Podcast interview this week with @Nojeee when I found out he'd written it was great. We used Multiboot for pretty much everything until September 87 when I started college in Hull and made friends with another 8Bit Atari owner who had loads of RobC menu disks.
  10. Im not defending it because Ive backed it. Im just saying Ive not the energy to spend this much time worrying about all the supposedly negative things people have pointed out. You guys carry on doing so and Ill enjoy a book that may not be perfect.
  11. Yeah maybe I have, but whatever, life is too short to read pages and pages of this stuff.
  12. Ive backed the book and am looking forward to it. This thread is very depressing reading. The level of righteousness about copyright is ironic given I would assume everyone in the community has software they dont own, me included.
  13. Racing Destruction Set was a fav. of mine.
  14. Wow, that looks amazing, great job!
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