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  1. Holy shit that label and cart look sweet!! Woops, did I just cuss out loud?
  2. That could be nowhere near the best 7800 controller. 😁 Well,for two button games anyway. If you are holding the controller with your left hand your left thumb hits one button. Then holding the stick with your right hand, how on earth will you comfortably be hitting the second button...
  3. If I buy any games I would be in for the cheaper version.
  4. Can we help with forcing you to finish this? 😁
  5. Ten or eleven years isn't that long is it? Asking for a friend 😁
  6. I do believe someone is making Qix for the 7800. I would never say I don't want to see a game being made but do you have other games that you have been thinking about other than Qix? Sure I would like to see Qix for the 2600 but with a 5200 Qix and possibly a 7800 Qix ...
  7. Can I pre order a bunch of them but with a clear case and put my own Chameleon stickers on them? 😁
  8. Obviously the big draw here is the two boxes. I am not sure I have really ever seen the boxes.
  9. The guy that sells fake repros of original 5200 games as new with no mention of being repros. 👎
  10. Looking at the video on FB and photos here, I would say this looks amazing!! Can't wait to see this through. Do you have a timetable of when you want it completed? Would love to see it in the AA store someday. Do you have any sounds yet?
  11. A small company that wants payment sent as a gift? And you are overseas...
  12. Wow, excellent job so far!!
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