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  1. He acts like he is so busy but spends a ton of time on ebay worrying about what items sell for that he carries. He also has no clue how to pack orders when it comes to systems. He squeezes them into boxes that barely fit. I also wonder that he only uses flat rate boxes which could be why he does not want to pack up bigger orders. The whole site being a train wreck only shows that he is probably a madman himself since he refuses to change it. He could make things so much easier on himself if people could order on his site instead of emailing and talking on the phone all day. The whole idea of keeping your orders to small quantities only makes him busier since you will email him or call him again with the other items you want. And the way he treats quite a few of his customers is just wrong.
  2. I wrote to him through ebay more than a month ago about just letting people in the description know that they are getting a reproduction label. He never replied if I remember correctly.
  3. I have hardly been on since the upgrade but I really liked the view new content and the way it was set up. You could see multiple threads without scrolling. And as you said, the page numbers .
  4. Wow great job . Love the look of your dragon and everything else really . Also really like the music . Would love to also hear what synth could do for pokey sound ! Could the mid boss speed up and or change patterns as you get closer to killing him ?
  5. I would love to win a 5200 paddle controller
  6. Back around 1986 I started hanging out with a new friend and he had a 5200 . I had no idea that it existed before that so I was stoked . He had many games but after a while the controllers stopped working … go figure . Sometime after 1987 or so I didn't hang out with him anymore and I never seen or played a 5200 until around 2005 or so . What brought me to Atariage was finding out about Adventure ll on the 5200 before it was for sale . So I quickly bought a system on ebay with games anticipating it's release . And Adventure on the 2600 is my all time favorite game . 1 Miner 2049er 2 H.E.R.O. 3 Qix 4 Pitfall 2 5 Megamania Special Mention Adventure ll Homebrew
  7. Bought an item from him and everything went great . Packed very well and quick to ship , thanks !
  8. He relisted another for 840.00 .
  9. Is there a thread for these new ones ?
  10. Looking for a copy of Pocky & Rocky for the Snes .
  11. I am betting on a sports game . But whatever it is will be another must have !
  12. Forgot how good Demon's Crest for the Super Nintendo is !

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    2. DragonGrafx-16


      They had it at my local game store and it was stupid expensive. Not that I haven't spent more than $70 on a game but that's rare.

    3. GoldLeader


      I was shopping for it for a while, but could not afford it now...Seems to be on my SD2SNES though ;)

    4. GoldLeader


      Does anyone have Demon's Crest for trade? I will offer up a Super Rare "Launch Edition" Home Alone 2: Lost in New York SNES cart, Plus I'll throw in Combat and Pac Man for VCS.

  13. I missed out on Another Adventure . Would you ever consider selling a cart only of the game ? Or if not , perhaps the Atariage store could sell it ?
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