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  1. This comment also seems like a "conspiracy theory" 😉😁
  2. I have been wondering what happened to this game, hope someday it gets finished. Looks great!!
  3. Yes I seen it, that is why I asked him if he cleaned the cart contacts..
  4. I know the cart is new but did you try cleaning the contacts on the cart? I had to do that once or twice to a brand new homebrew on an original console...
  5. I just tested on my module #1 and it works.
  6. Maybe there should be a list of tv's that the console has been tested as working and non working...
  7. The game is 39.99 and it charges you 49.99. You will then get a ten dollar digital gift card. Which then makes it 39.99, I was confused when I tried it. So I skipped the digital gift card and paid 39.99 😁
  8. If the carts come like that with a pcb that crooked than something is wrong. Has the publisher confirmed that the pcb's aren't just flopping around in the shell and will come straight?
  9. Now that could actually be their first "exclusive" game!!! 🤣🤣😁
  10. Maybe ask him why they still let ebay user 2coolspirit buy games to sell on ebay when he did the exact same thing while also showing the game...
  11. Where did they say that? If that is the case then ebay seller 2coolspirit should have not been able to get anymore games but he still sells tons of Collectorvision games. Over a year ago he sold and revealed the 2019 game on ebay so I wonder why he can do what others can't.
  12. I would bet anything that Brad would not treat people this way or act the odd way he does if there was more competition. Even perhaps if his sales dropped significantly. By him limiting your orders and quantities only makes him more busy.
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