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  1. How many different items and what quantities of each item?
  2. No disappointment at all. You are right, there really aren't many that do. Can't wait for this game!
  3. I thought the first two carts had some issues with a couple of games.
  4. Hoping that this awesome looking game can get a one player mode vs AI. I don't really have anyone that would play against me. And I am betting most people also have that issue. Either way I am excited for this one!
  5. I always kind of thought that for the 5200 version. Was hoping that it would get changed somehow for this one.
  6. Looks great! Would be neat if similar to Chetiry where you can pick no music and have 2 or 3 tracks to pick from. When will this be a cart release?!!! 😁
  7. Maybe it is an issue with the level 7 boss by chance? I guess try to get that far and see if it happens again?
  8. Awesome! Now I really want to get one of those purple cart guides Bob!
  9. This game isn't going to be sold in the Atariage store?
  10. We could have both boxed versions. Also we need a glow in the dark box now. Actually we need both versions for the glow in the dark boxes for a total of 4 different boxes. Oh the horror! 🤣
  11. And if you pay with PayPal its a 50 dollar minimum.
  12. Obviously clean the contacts with atleast 91 percent several times. Make sure to use some force. If that does not work try DeoxIT. And then isopropyl again.
  13. For what it is worth I can say I held one of these controllers the other day as well as many of his other controllers for other systems. They are all great quality and well thought out for playability.
  14. But somehow he will manage to get your order out the next day. He is so full of it.
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