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  1. Can I give some constructive criticism on this controller?
  2. I never see Atari Karts repro for less than 50 shipped. Ebay or Etsy. I was wanting one for a long time but never bought one.
  3. What about Robot Wars or Robot Wars 2020 before I realized it won't be out on cart this year.. Robowar 2021
  4. Still hoping that we can get a cart from you or AA store someday!! 😜
  5. I guess only in 2020 would this happen. That poor girl and her family did not deserve this. He is a sick monster and it does not surprise me that he did something like this. Serious mental issues.
  6. Holy shit that label and cart look sweet!! Woops, did I just cuss out loud?
  7. That could be nowhere near the best 7800 controller. 😁 Well,for two button games anyway. If you are holding the controller with your left hand your left thumb hits one button. Then holding the stick with your right hand, how on earth will you comfortably be hitting the second button...
  8. If I buy any games I would be in for the cheaper version.
  9. Ten or eleven years isn't that long is it? Asking for a friend 😁
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