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  1. Now we just need Todd to make a side scroller platform game 😁
  2. If my memory is correct, wasn't this game coming in a CBS shell?
  3. 😍This would be awesome on the 7800!! Also looking forward to the day we can get a finished copy of Dragon's Decent on cart for the 7800.
  4. If I sent you two super pots from Best Electronics to your U.S. address could you use those for my paddles?
  5. I would be up for buying two of these.
  6. Wow, you just amaze me with all of these quality games!!
  7. They are about 12 foot long cables that I have had for a couple of years. I think I got them in a lot of games. I got the same results from all 3 consoles with the 12 foot cable so the cable was the issue, not adjusting the pokey resistor. I also have a shorter cable that I have also had for years and the controllers work with that one. Will do more testing this week.
  8. I did test my controllers on a different console with different cables and got better results. The extra long ones won't work correctly. They have an H on them and say Taiwan. The controllers worked with what I assume is an older shorter cable. I tried Adventure, Dig Dug and Popeye. I did get some odd results with Popeye. But I unplugged the cable and plugged it back in to the controller and it worked as it should. I hope during the week to test a bunch more games.
  9. You probably have the wires out of place. Take it apart and rearrange it!! 😀 😈
  10. I wondered the same but I tried two different ones. However, the two I tried are really long cables. I will hunt for some shorter ones and try them.
  11. I have tried my two controllers on three different consoles and the same thing is happening. The buttons work but it only moves to the left. I have been turning the pot but still nothing happens. Is there anything else I can try? Something in the controller?
  12. I received my two controllers today. Just tried them on my console and they both just go to the left automatically. I will try on another system hopefully tomorrow. To tired to read through but what would be causing this? Pot inside the console?
  13. There is a member who used to sell a really nice composite mod. I know that isn't what your looking for but it was done by a member named osgeld on here. I have not seen him sell them in a long time but I have not been on AA much at all lately.
  14. Please don't fall for the hdmi mod. It is just a cheap scaler inside the console from what I understand.
  15. Swampfox is a nutjob that stole a bunch of peoples consoles. Please do not try to contact him.
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