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  1. I would bet anything that Brad would not treat people this way or act the odd way he does if there was more competition. Even perhaps if his sales dropped significantly. By him limiting your orders and quantities only makes him more busy.
  2. I would take a standard edition.
  3. Don't forget he no longer accepts paypal!
  4. If you wait that long you might end up with the world's biggest penny collection! 😃
  5. What is Ice World, is there gameplay video of it??
  6. You forgot people stealing sample cart labels off your porch adding a nice little delay.
  7. Put me down for one copy please. If the list gets filled quick maybe you could limit to one per person for this first pre order batch. Just a friendly suggestion.
  8. I seen this thread and tried to find anything about the game but found nothing. You guys blindly just buy games? 😆😜
  9. I just seen this thread so it will take me a couple days to think of my top 20. Will be tough to try to list them in order...
  10. I am looking to obtain an original and working Snes Hori Fighting Commander controller. It can be the black or gold one.
  11. Would this game ever be sold in the AtariAge store?
  12. Considering my box has come unglued and my cart label has a bunch of big bumps under it, I wouldn't expect that from a "company". I would have to say I would rather it be a "homebrew" from the AA store as far as quality and I am not kidding 😁
  13. The labels should come off pretty easy with some heat from a hair dryer. Then glue them back on with a glue stick.
  14. In comparison to all original and homebrew Atari 2600 carts the front label is upside down. Just an observation. 😁
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