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  1. Truthfully the best way to handle international shipping is use ebay global shipping. Obviously only if both seller and buyer use ebay, and assuming the country is on the ship to list. That protects the seller and buyer 100 percent.
  2. So many months ago it took FOUR weeks for me to receive a dvd movie from ONE state away which would of been about a seven hour drive. Again, it took FOUR weeks!!! Get real and it is people like you that make me sick Mauro Rodriguez.
  3. I have always wanted a way to basically have every arcade game to play. That would be my main reason for getting this. I imagine there is a way to get most if not all arcade games added to the core...
  4. I know pretty much nothing about this Mister. Do you by chance know if there are a bunch of arcade games, some or all?
  5. Do you happen to know if your console here would let you use paddles? I also got one of his modded systems but noticed much later on that paddles would not work on his system...
  6. AtariBrian


    I just received a second one in the mail the other day. I believe I only paid for one. Pm me to make sure. Instead of paying to have it shipped back I might have a friend that would possibly be interested in buying it...
  7. The button design is horrible on these joysticks. It would be impossible to use these as a two button game "if" you were to be using them at the same time.
  8. These are what I use. I dont want a big cord plugged into my console all the time.
  9. Pm me and once I can find a little adaptor part number I can et you know what to get.
  10. Nobody but him cares about ambidextrous controllers. That's all he talks about!
  11. You're sure?? 100 percent sure?? Or do you mean you would assume??
  12. Me and my friend were playing it and both agree that the bullets are very hard to see. Has anyone brought that up to Bob on the thread?
  13. I found a copy of Skeleton Plus a few years ago at a game/movie store for I think 9 bucks.
  14. I should of posted this a year ago when I bought it at an estate sale.
  15. Very cool, where did you find that? In my area for months all I can find is wave 1 figures. I ended up just ordering everything from BigBadToyStore.com for all other waves.
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