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    Get Lost!

    I remember years ago playing it on a console and it took a long play before this bug happened to me.
  2. He's not going to get anywhere near that and he knows that.
  3. Very nice, thanks! I did not scroll any further up than your post to see his 😁
  4. Did your game show up packed into a shipping box? I was hesitant using the first class since it was under 4 dollars if I remember correctly. I thought it could possibly show up in a bubble envelope so I went with priority.
  5. Did you try using Deoxit? That also works great.
  6. Awesome, will keep an eye on this. Thanks for that!!
  7. That is because it is too old of a link.
  8. Those things break super easy. I have an old stock one around somewhere. If I remember correctly they are not a very hardened plastic. Which would make me think that 3d printing might not work. Then again, I could be totally wrong..
  9. Well my bracket is already screwed!!!

    1. atari2600land


      How about Oral Roberts, huh?

    2. AtariBrian


      Yeah I don't think anyone picked that game right!


  10. I actually like Water Ski and have seen quite a few people that like it on here as well. Hard game but pretty fun.
  11. Limit of 3 is just idiotic but whatever, well anyways I promise you there is no 3 week delay in him shipping it. Just another weird thing that he likes to say. You will get it by Wednesday or Thursday of this week.
  12. Activision carts are a pain. If I have cleaned the contacts several times I then use Deoxit then I use 91 percent again. Make sure when using a q-tip that you use alot of force and speed. Almost like trying to start a fire 🤪 It has worked several times for me. On a side note, when trying this with Activision carts on a 2600 after cleaning them over and over again with no results I find this works. I put the cart in about half way and turn the power on and if no result I try it again and go a bit past half way and so on. Most of the time I get carts that I would normally throw out working!!!
  13. I would also like to find out where my games are at..
  14. Just don't ever order a console or something big from him, he does not pack them very well!
  15. Yeah... till he's not!! 😈
  16. I could of sworn I got an email about my games shipping but that was a week ago and I don't see it in my new or old email. I tried emailing through the site, how long does that take to get a reply??
  17. Not unless other people buy the lots and do the same thing as you... it could get expensive for him returning every single lot to and from the buyer on his expense! 😁🙄
  18. I would also like to add I am pretty positive that this is the seller that used to sell Activision 2600 carts with brand new labels.
  19. Easy one here, not as described. Seller pays for return shipping and 100 percent refund.
  20. Who tried to rip him off and how?? Who was using different paypal and email accounts?? Do you have some insider information or something?
  21. Quit buying cheap joysticks and buy a better one??
  22. Foot in mouth?? That is B & C 😁
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