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  1. If a BASIC cart won’t boot, then the OS ROM is likely bad. Could potentially also be a bad PIA but those fail very, very rarely. Same possibility for one of the 74-series logic chips or the MMU, but I’d start with the OS ROM and see if that gets you back up and running.
  2. I’ve seen lots of Github activity over the last couple days. Good things happening, it looks like.
  3. It’s almost as if the USPS has been sabotaged somehow ...
  4. My phone is bigger than 4” ... That said, the FujiNet device put together by mozzwald, jamm and tschak99 might give some clues. It’s an EPS32-based board that connects to your LAN - it can connect to a server for accessing files to access on your A8 computer. In the case of FujiNet, that server can be on your LAN or even over the ‘net. In fact, you can connect to several servers at once independently and assign them to different drive slots, which is obviously not a consideration for a 7800. But it does show you the networking power available in a tiny, inexpensive device these days.
  5. Great! This is the single biggest remaining hole in functionality for probably the vast majority of users.
  6. What's the point of setting the time for FujiNet? And for that matter, is there supposed to be a dropdown with timezones or are we supposed to enter text? Personally, I can't ever recall how many hours I am minus-GMT because of stupid DST ...
  7. That first pic reminds me of something ...
  8. Banging machine language opcodes directly to registers on a little WDC Mensch SBC is remarkaby satisfying. Who needs code when you can write directly to the chip via a serial terminal? :)

  9. He posted on the forum early this week and was last online this morning.
  10. If you find a utility that works for AtariArtist files, please let me know. For what it’s worth, if I do site:www.page6.org/pd_lib "print" I get 42 results. EDIT: This one might be useful: http://www.page6.org/pd_lib/special/pd_ds084.htm ”A disk of utilities for printer owners, primarily for Epson compatibles but including utilities that will work on NEC and others. The main program Is a new 'device' to control your print output known as G:. With the G: device booted up your Epson or Star compatible printer will come alive by simply printing to G: rather than P. The new device will list exactly what you seen on screen in single or double width using whatever font is showing on screen at the time. It will also do screen dumps via XIO commands and can be used with your own Basic programs. There are a number of programs included to show what can be done. OMNIPRINT will dump Koala or Touch Tablet pictures, either compressed or otherwise with several options whilst GPLUS enables you to use those pictures to create your own greetings cards. Another picture dump that works with several printers is SIDEPRINT which dumps Micropainter, Koala, Fun With Art or Strip Poker pictures sideways on your printer giving much bigger printouts than usual. Other utilities include a program to print any text file in two columns for neat output, a disk envelope printer that prints a directory and a template that you can cut out and glue together for custom envelopes and two other directory printers for the Epson. Finally there is an Epson based 'typewriter' that will enable you to use your keyboard as a standard typewriter, printing line by line as you hit return.”
  11. So using GRANTIC/PRANTIC is non-obvious to me, at least for printing out AtariArtist files, or those from other illustration and art programs.
  12. Excellent! I'll have to read this tomorrow, sans the (really good, really strong) craft beer. Hopefully I'll actually remember to do that tomorrow. 😛
  13. Chrome on Windows gives an error; Foxit Reader (also Windows) gives an error that indicates the file is incomplete or corrupted, but does open it.
  14. It may be the two (really good, fairly strong) pints of craft beer I've had tonight, but you might as well be speaking a Dr. Seuss made up rhyming language here ...
  15. And this got me thinking ... I used the (vintage) Atari 1020 Screen Print utility disk ATR I found on Archive.Org to do this output. It would be awesome if someone who actually knew how to write code could do something similar but in a somewhat "smarter" way. For instance, this program lets you load the graphic file you want to print, but it only gives you the option of assigning 4 colors - one for each pen. While it does allow you to "skip" a color and leave it white (or "blank", since a real plotter would have white paper), it doesn't use white as a de facto 5th available color. For instance, my original AtariArtist file used a brown color for the land, and a dithered brown-ish color for the solar panel on the satellite. It would have been nice to be able to specify that last unused "pen" color to use in some way. But if wishes were wings, pigs could fly. I still think the output looked pretty good even with only 3 simulated pen colors + white (blank) in use.
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