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  1. Conversely, all 3 of my 1200XL’s have original-version ANTICs and worn fine. A modern expansion like an Ultimate 1MB board doesn’t require the newer revision chip.
  2. Or buy/build one of @Mr Robot's little circuit boards. (*) (Tested about 2 weeks ago with the SDrive-MAX at the end of a chain consisting of Atari --> 1050 D2: --> 1050 D1: --> P:R:Connection --> SDrive-MAX; able to read/write/format all devices to and from one another with no issues).
  3. Interesting question. If no one gets you an answer in the next few days, I'll pull my daily driver 4-switch Woody apart and take some scope traces for you. Pretty sure someone will come along with the answer before I can do it, however.
  4. I love this thread. I have zero photographs of either me or my step-brother using our Atari 800 or the 400 we had for a year before then, and none of us playing our Light Sixer. I guess my step-dad got all those photos during the divorce, to the extent there were any to begin with. Oh well. I have the memories, most of the manuals, maybe 1/2 - 2/3rds of my original floppy disks and (bizzarely!) my Touch Tablet, lol. Keep 'em coming folks! (And may we beg @Albert to sticky this thread somewhere? )
  5. You can buy replacements at BEST can't you? I know the later ANTICs have a different part number but I can never recall what the changes were or how they matter (if at all).
  6. Another day, another dead DRAM. But the "Deadbin" C64 is alive! Unfortunately it's mute - the 6581 SID appears dead. And those [email protected]#$ers are spendy. Oh well. 

  7. After work tonight I decided to mess with my "Deadbin" ... So the Dead Test Cart gives me one flash, repeating. For this revision board that indicates a fault with U12, another 4164 DRAM. Out comes the Hakko and in a few minutes, out comes the suspect chip. In goes a new DIP-16 machine pin socket and a 4164 salvaged from my parts bin (originally in my Atari 130XE). Dead Test Cart inserted, power on and .... SUCCESS! Well, mostly. The machine still has a couple issues. First and most obviously, I have a dead SID *sniff sniff* eBay shows replacement 6581's are going for $50 - $80. Whew. Okay then. The next problem is that there are some keyboard issues, I think. The keys all seems to work, but the cursor keys don't actually move the cursor. They give me some inverse alphabetical characters. Also, pressing RUN STOP - RESTORE doesn't seem to do anything. I think I'm getting some spurious key-presses there too, but not sure if I'm remembering right. So probably a bad CIA at U1. I haven't yet tried serial port stuff with the drive or Pi1541, but that's in store for later this week. I see 6526's are getting expensive on the 'Bay as well. Bleh. Anyway, progress ... EDIT: Cleaned the shit out of the keyboard connector pins with Deoxit and tried again. Suddenly my cursor keys and whatnot seem working. Whew. I will test serial I/O tomorrow after work.
  8. Nope. This is the current Beta. So far as I can see the only changes are support for the above-mentioned screen; as that is not relevant to me I have not bothered to compile it myself.
  9. The saga of my "Deadbin" C64 continues. Replaced the PLA, now jumbled color garbage characters = Progress! Dead Test Cart says replace another DRAM. TO BE CONTINUED ...

    1. save2600


      Nice progress you've been making though!  Deadbin.  😭

    2. DrVenkman


      Believe it or not, this is a lot better than before. :)



  10. https://www.informationsecuritybuzz.com/articles/torrenting-know-risks-take/ https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/utorrent-client-affected-by-some-pretty-severe-security-flaws/ https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2018/01/bittorrent-users-beware-flaw-lets-hackers-control-your-computer/ Et cetera, but not worth belaboring further in this thread.
  11. Alright, I got a replacement PLA in today (a "PLAnkton" - not sophisticated enough to know the difference between the various replacements but anyway ...). I installed it into the new socket and progress! This is still decidedly better than a completely black screen, as it at least confirms both the RF modulator, VIC-II and video out circuitry are okay. The Dead Test Cart is giving me one flash, repeating. So dead DRAM at U12, I think. I'll remove, socket and replace that one next later in the week.
  12. Your link was to the Master branch. Try this: https://github.com/kbr-net/sdrive-max/tree/v12?files=1
  13. For early games that really sort of needed composite, I'll use composite. For most day to day stuff, I use S-video. I got my cables several years ago from B&C's eBay store ('myatari'). They're nothing special but what do you need? They work. They break out the Atari DIN pinout to chroma/luma/composite/mono audio via four RCA jacks, which is perfect for my two Commodore monitors. For connecting to a more recent mini DIN S-video input on a consumer TV, I have another cable that connects to the Atari DIN with an S-video DIN on the end, plus mono audio, also from B&C.
  14. I got a Github email this morning that there’s now a 1.21b beta firmware build. The one entry in the release notes states: ”Testing Firmware for HX8347D, a combination of HX8347G(screen) and HX8347I(touch)”
  15. Glad I was right. I don’t know where you live, but it’s a good idea to pick up a cheap 2600 locally and use it as a donor board. If you are comfortable desoldering chips, you can generally get Vaders and Juniors pretty cheaply.
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