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  1. tick tock tick tock tick tick... less than 6 hours remaining!


    1. sramirez2008


      Down to 1 1/2 hrs...getting antsy again.

  2. Thanks! Oh man, looks like the tutorial got a bit mangled, I'll have to clean those up when I get a chance.
  3. Yep - if something starts to stress me out at work I'll often have a nightmare of being back at KFC, which puts everything back in perspective. I do miss Original Recipe Corn on the Cob* though; we could make it for ourselves, but not for customers as it wasn't on the menu. * yep, bread an ear of corn up like a piece of Original Recipe chicken, then toss it in the fryer. Yum.
  4. Sorry guys, won't be able to get back to this until next month. We had a medical scare with dad. He's out of the hospital and doing much better, though tests are still ongoing to diagnose and fix the problem. And, as mentioned during Stella-thon, I'll be heading to Wisconsin soon for a wedding. My cousin and her fiancé have a streaming channel on Twitch and have only gone back as far as the NES, so I'm currently setting them up a RetroN 77 as part of the wedding gift. My nephew and I will be representing the Texas branch of the family, and I'll be covering our road trip in Tesla Club if you're interested in seeing how a ~3000 mile round trip works out in a Model 3.
  5. in regards to my accent While I was born at an army base in Huntsville Alabama, and now reside in Houston Texas, we lived in the midwest from 2nd thru 10th grade. When we first moved up north I was thrown into speech class because of how thick my drawl was. So I ended up saying you guys rather than y'all for a large part of my youth, I know that a bubbler is a water/drinking fountain, and I appreciate That '70s Show because it ties back to where I was when I was 7-15 years old. While I'm back to saying y'all*, I still say a few midwestern things like pop rather than coke* (as a generic term for soda) which keys in people that I didn't grow up around here. * which frankly makes more sense, especially when talking to a group that includes women * probably because coke drove me nuts when I worked at KFC - frequently had customers ask for a coke, only to bitch me out when I gave them a Coke because they wanted a Sprite or something else. Attempts to head that off would often fail, if I asked "which flavor?" they'd go "I just said Coke!" as if I could hear the difference between coke and Coke. I was so glad when Pepsi bought KFC.
  6. Ditto! A few frames of animation would be nice for them, but if there's no space then try using the player reflect feature.
  7. My 4K monitors are switchable between my Mac and work PC, so I rigged up an extra 1080p monitor so I could watch during the last few hours of my work day.
  8. In the Speedtest app press GO for ~10 seconds.

    1. Flojomojo




      Thanks for the tip!


      A little sad, but mostly weird!!

  9. Did that fix the problem? If so change this: RORG $1FFC ;Added because there is blank space. .word SystemStart ; RESET .word SystemStart ; IRQ to this: RORG $1FF8 .byte "E","F","E","F" .word SystemStart ; RESET .word SystemStart ; IRQ and Stella should autodetect EF bankswitching.
  10. Looking at function isProbablyEF in CartDetector I see: // Newer EF carts store strings 'EFEF' and 'EFSC' starting at address $FFF8 // This signature is attributed to "RevEng" of AtariAge I did a quick search but didn't find where @RevEng has done that, maybe this ping will cause him to chime in with a link to his post about this.
  11. Yes, the jump table. Looking at the comments: Cartridge class used for Homestar Runner by Paul Slocum. There are 16 4K banks (total of 64K ROM). it looks like there's only the one game that used it, so auto-detect might not recognize your ROM. Hit ALT-L or COMMAND-L developer key in Stella to see what it IDed the bankswitch type as, for Asteroids it detects F8. The * means autodetected. If you need to override it then load your game in Stella and: hit TAB click on Game Properties... click the Type dropdown select EF click OK click Close reload your game
  12. Slick! Neat game idea. The controls remind me of one of my favorites, Imagic's Dragonfire. Whenever you post a new build, you may want to update the first post with a link to the reply containing it. To get that link: click on the reply # in the upper-right of the reply copy the link from the pop-up dialog Makes it easier to find the latest build once addition comments have been posted, such as in Space Rocks where the latest build is in reply 609 and there's 20+ replies after it.
  13. @TesLatino interview with Wade on day 7 of his trip.
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