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  1. The disclaimer was a CYA as we were exploring new territory*, it wasn't because we though it would destroy your Atari; after all, we'd tested it out on numerous systems of our own before posting it. Also, @batari did some testing before we pursued bus stuffing. While the CPU's temperature increased a little bit it stayed well within tolerance levels. You can read about that on the first page of this topic: * it wasn't really new territory, it was just new to us. As seen in the above topic Bus Stuffing was going to be used back in the 80s for The Graduate. The link in that topic to The Graduate info is dead, but you can view an archive of it via Wayback Machine.
  2. National Drive Electric Week starts today! If you're in the Houston area I'll be at today's event in Bellaire.

  3. SpiceWare

    Later Facebook

    Interesting - received this yesterday from Facebook, just as the 30 days came to an end. Since I didn't request a password change, and have no desire to reactivate my account, I clicked the let us know.
  4. As the technology improved chips with different functionality could be merged. Read up on COB in The Secrets to the VCS's Longevity This merging is still occurring, you can buy computers built using a System on a chip. One chip contains the CPU, GPU, memory, I/O, etc.
  5. I forgot the battery degradation update! I started the trip after work on Friday, so in the afternoon I bumped up the car to 100% so it would be fully charged when I left for the trip. As a reminder you should only charge to a max of 90% for daily use because sitting for hours on end with a 100% charge is not good for the batteries. So my range is now 297, down from the 310 when new. That's about 4% battery degradation over 3+ years of ownership. I did not check mileage then, it's currently at 39K. I just checked the app and it's still 297: Major app overhaul was released in August, which is why it looks different. In Tesla's impact report for 2020 they show this on degradation after 200K miles for the S and X. The capacity drops quickly at first, then slows down. They likely don't have enough data yet to report on this for the newer 3 and Y.
  6. Nicely done! 2600 coding lends to creavite usage of objects. We came up with a similar reversing of expected usage for the 2 color-48 pixel kernel that I use in my menus. At first glance you'd think the players are colored blue and the green for the menu options. However, there's not enough time to both draw the 48 pixels and change the color of the players so the players are actually black, while the background is blue and the playfield is green. The players are used as stencils, the 0 bits let the color thru: While the missiles (also black) are drawn on either side of the menu to hide the background's color transition from black to blue and back to black. If I turn them off using Stella you can see the color gets extended on either side of the menu: As discussed in The Story of Stay Frosty 2, Part 13 we came up with the 48-pixel 2 color kernel in 2010 for the game title in Stay Frosty 2. Do note the formatting in the blog post, especially the code snippets, was messed up during a forum upgrade.
  7. catchy! Sparks did a bug video too!
  8. Nice! I like the grass texture in 2, but prefer the detailed mower in 1. You might be able to merge the 2 by doing this: Change the background to green Change the playfield to black - so you'd turn on playfield pixels for mowed section instead of turning it off Use the ball for the grass texture instead of missile 0
  9. Inspiration4 all-civilian launch today! Who's watching? They're also raising money for St Judes Children's Research Hospital.

    1. sramirez2008


      I'll be watching.  Watching on YouTube now.  The forecast looks good for liftoff. 

    2. D Train

      D Train

      got it on now!


    3. sramirez2008


      T - 00:10:00 and counting...

  10. Yesterday electrek posted a doctored invoice in their latest Tesla hit piece. Click on the image below, or view it in the article, and if you look closely you'll see the fields have been poorly blanked out as a sliver of the numbers that were there previously are still visible. Also note the Invoice Number, invoice date, and reference number. You'll see them in this 2019 article from Teslarati: Tesla owner racks up $1147 in Supercharger idle fees at valet-only parking garage where you will find the original image:
  11. Encountered my first Diverging Diamond Interchange during my recent trip to Wisconsin:


    1. thanatos


      There's one not too far away from me here in STL.  It was definitely weird the first time.  "I'm on the wrong side of the road, how does this work WTF!"  :)



  12. I created a test program when I added jitter support to Stella, it lets you interactively control the number of scanlines. The default output of 128 rainbow lines creates a total of 262 scanlines @ 60 Hz. Use your joystick to adjust the count, then hold FIRE for it to be active. Example counts and HZ: 1 = 135 total scanlines @ 116.4 Hz 64 = 198 @ 79.4 Hz 128 = 262 @ 60 Hz (NTSC) 178 = 312 @ 50 Hz (PAL, Stella needs to be in PAL mode for a stable image) 192 = 326 @ 47.9 Hz (Stella in PAL mode) 225 = 359 @ 43.5 Hz (Stella in PAL mode, largest image that's stable in Stella) 0 = 390 @ 40 Hz (0 outputs 256 rainbow scanlines) I posted some tests here with my Commodore 1084S monitor and found that 51 was stable (185 scanlines @ 85.0 Hz): You can see the VSYNC at the top of the screen, this could be hidden by adjusting the monitor to expand the image vertically. 50 and 49 were unstable on the 1084S, while from 48 down to 1 it was stable but would generate 2 images: Different displays will support a different range of total scanlines.
  13. Forgot to mention - in Manhattan Kansas, the town my nephew and his wife live in, I encountered my first Diverging Diamond interchange. It was at the intersections of highway 18 and highway 113. Was quite slick. I'd first heard about them after running across this video a few years ago:
  14. SpiceWare

    Movie Cart

    For YouTube 480 and below are 30 HZ, 720 and above are 60 Hz. So to make the flicker show up you'll need to capture or resize your video to a higher resolution.
  15. Recently returned from a 2 week vacation in Wisconsin. My folks originally planned to go as well, but were unable to. I didn't document the trip as I made it, but thought y'all might appreciate an update on the charging experience. My prior trip to Wisconsin was December 2019. Even though the faster 250 kW V3 Supercharging had starting rolling out, all of the charging stops were V2 Superchargers which maxed out at 150 kW (and one V2 site maxed out at 120 kW). I often had to charge beyond 80% to reach the next Supercharger, which is slower as the charge time from 0% to 80% is the same as the charge time from 80% to 100%. During my summer 2019 trip I'd documented an extreme example of this - a 100% charge was required between Miner, MO and Little Rock, AR and even then Talith prompted me to drive slower to make it. During this trip I first stopped to vist my nephew who's stationed at Fort Riley in Kansas. I then made my way to Wisconsin and stayed in the Wisconsin Dells for 2 weeks. From the Dells I took numerous day trips around the state to visit family. On the way back I visited friends in Chicago. Of the 19 Supercharger sites I used 5 were new V3 locations containing 8 to 22 stalls, the other 14 were older V2 sites with 6 to 10 stalls. Faster charging, plus not needing to charge beyond 80% as often (as the new V3 sites filled in some of the gaps between V2 sites) was a noticeable improvement over prior trips. A prime example would be the new V3 site in Brinkley, AR which eliminated both the 100% charge requirement and the prompt to drive below the speed limit that I'd previously encountered. Another difference I noticed was with the charging fees. On prior trips only Minnesota sites charged by the kW, all other states were by the minute. This trip only Texas and Wisconsin charged by the minute, all others charged by the kW. Kansas, my nephew and his wife: First night in Wisconsin - football and dinner at Texas Roadhouse ?!?!?! Nano nano nano nano Batman: Uncle Jeff rebuilt a 46 Harley Davidson Flathead: Multi-level go cart track at Mt Olympus. Neat in concept, but bumpy as hell with hard plastic seats. My back hurt for over half a week. mini-golf at Pirates Cove Upper Dells boat tour Chicago - my friends have a new condo overlooking Navy Pier:
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