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  1. Many have already registered, and there are only tickets for Sunday
  2. AC 2015: The computers of the futur... But those before Hello everyone! The RGC Association is pleased to invite you to the tenth edition of the AC convention, the rendez-vous of family retro-computing and retro-coding! You remember where we had left the avatar of the RGC? Right out of the machine to travel back in time, here happened in the past! You perhaps had understood after Alice in Wonderland, it is "the time travel" we offer the theme 2015! So follow us in our annual adventure that will make you live and relive very large video-playful moments! Convenience, AC 2015 will take place on 11 and 12 April in the hall of Congis-sur-Thérouanne in France (po Box 77440), from Saturday to Sunday 10am 18pm. In a friendly atmosphere, we welcome spring by locking us with our favorite machine from yesterday and today! On the program: speed-coding competition (making a game on a rétrovidéoludique machine), the tournament game organized by the asso gaming, presentations on the platform, a space sale / exchange. As every year, the team of RGC Association is happy to welcome you: - To expose and / or operate your equipment - To play your favorite games, alone or with others - To enjoy to showing your project - Come to sell / buy in a friendly As a reminder, you must be registered in our on-line registration and restoration to the card (to be filled in the form). As for drinks, they are available in hall fest! So hurry up and register, you can not go back in time once the closing date! If you have any questions or various requests, please: http://www.yaronet.com/sujets.php?s=172&f=801 On Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/events/1391180694536129 See you soon! ------------------------------------------------------------ Bonjour à tous ! L'association RGC a le plaisir de vous convier le WE des 11 et 12 Avril 2015 à la dixième édition de l'AC, le rendez-vous de la rétro-informatique familiale et du rétro-coding ! Vous vous souvenez où on avait laissé l'avatar de la RGC ?! À peine sorti de la machine à voyager dans le temps, le voilà arrivé dans le passé ! Vous l'aviez peut-être compris, après Alice aux pays des merveilles, c'est "le voyage dans le temps" que nous vous proposons comme thème 2015 ! Alors suivez-nous dans notre aventure annuelle qui vous fera vivre et revivre de très grands moments vidéo-ludiques ! Côté pratique, l'AC 2015 se déroulera les 11 et 12 avril prochains à la salle des fêtes de Congis-sur-Thérouanne (77440), du samedi 10h au dimanche 18h. Dans une ambiance conviviale, nous accueillerons le printemps en nous enfermant avec nos machines préférées d'hier et d'aujourd'hui ! Au programme : le concours speed-coding (la réalisation d’un jeu sur une machine rétrovidéoludique), le tournoi gaming organisé par l'asso, des présentations sur l'estrade, un espace vente/échange, des lots à gagner. Comme chaque année, toute l’équipe de l’association RGC se fera une joie de vous accueillir : - pour exposer et/ou faire fonctionner votre matériel - pour jouer à vos jeux favoris, seul ou à plusieurs - pour profiter de montrer votre projet - pour venir vendre/acheter en toute convivialité Pour rappel, la convention se fait uniquement sur inscription en ligne et la restauration est à la carte (à renseigner dans le formulaire). Quant aux boissons, elles sont à disposition sur place ! Alors, dépêchez-vous de vous inscrire, vous ne pourrez pas remonter le temps une fois la date de clôture passée ! Si vous avez des questions ou des demandes diverses, n'hésitez pas : Nous sommes à votre disposition via le forum ou pour tout contact mail ou téléphonique ! À très bientôt ! Toutes les infos (contact, tarifs, formulaire d'inscription) : http://www.yaronet.com/sujets.php?s=172&f=801 Et sur FaceBook : https://www.facebook.com/events/1391180694536129 -
  3. Hy everybody, The 2014 dream-like adventure continues with the AC! The fun retro-computing and retro-coding convention will dress up this year with Alice in wonderland’s theme. So don’t be startled if you encounter one or two caterpillars smoking (like some old Thomsons screens). Or a few lunny cats, Amiga style. And be aware of the Atari cakes, as they might shrink you or make you grow bigger. Join us in this easy going gathering. Discover or chalenge, or both, in this crazy atmosphere. This 9th edition convention will take place the 5th and 6th of april 2014 at the Salle des Fetes de Congis sur Thérouane (77440) from saturday at 10am to sunday 6pm. You will be able to come across all these brands : Atari, Amstrad, Amiga, MSX or even Comodores etc… who have allowed you to go on the other side of the mirror. Speed coding challenges (building a game from scratch using retro video machines), The gaming tournement (Medivial Mahem + a surprise), presentations, a sales and troc space, prizes to win, pink flamingos to play golf, a clocked wired rabbit and the exclusive participation of it’s royal highness the queen of Hearts! You may just come here to expose your favorite machine, play a few games, to expose your project or sale an engin, who knows. All we know is that you will be welcomed here. Cause that’s how the Retro-gaming Connexion crew rolls! As usual, we will be having online subscriptns to the convention. The menu has to be stipulated in the application. You will find a menu from which you can choose. Drinks will be at your disposal on site. All informations and the registration form (obligatory): http://www.yaronet.com/posts.php?s=163440 Don’t take the white rabbit for exemple, and be on time to enroll for this 9th edition of pure fun. If you have any questions or any othe requests, you can join us through out or forum, e-mail and phone number. RGC team Registering to the convention you must be done through our online form. Your registration will be confirmed on the reception of your payment (by check, Paypal or credit card - contact us for any other payment means). All practical information (packages, maps, train schedules, etc.) are available on our website ; more specific information (carpooling options, sales reservations, etc.) can be found in our forum. We encourage you to register and tell us about any particular demand you may have (projects, specific hardware you would like to present...) as soon as possible ; this will help us in making the best possible organizing. For any extra information or question, use the AC forum: http://www.yaronet.com/sujets.php?f=801 Originally known as the Jaguar Connexion and launched in 2002, the convention was initially just a gathering of a handful of Atari enthusiasts. Five editions later, it became the AC, to include all machines - consoles and computers - of the wide-known brand. Users, collectors, and other interested people now gathered during a yearly event. In the following years, the AC has been including other brands (Commodore/ Amiga, Amstrad, Thomson, MSX, Sinclair, Oric, etc) to offer the attendants an always unique experience. About the Retro-gaming Connexion association Founded in 2004 by six retrogaming enthusiasts with diverse abilities and origins (consultant, multimedia teacher, pool technician), this non-profit organization's goal has always been to promote human gatherings. The successful conventions of the past years have turned the RGC organization into a well-known retrogaming partner in France. Today, with its strong membership of 11 persons, the organization has acquired a wide range of competencies, ranging from holding conventions (AC and RGC) to offering weekly computer training sessions, from packaging design to videogames production. The RGC website (in construction): http://www.retro-gc.org The RGC general forum: http://www.retro-gc.net AC's forum Contact information: Telephone: (remove the initial zero and add +33 if calling from outside of France) E-Mail:
  4. Otherwise, a small selection of the feedback from the RGC 2013: Reports : Horeus : http://allgamers.fr/10755/rgc-2013-reportage-et-photos La Caz Retro : http://lacazretro.fr/notre-week-end-a-la-retro-gaming-connexion-2013 Videos : ShyKoopa77 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GAltHQL4UY Docteur Deimos (28 min) : http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x16j8vl_rgc-2013_videogames Pictures: NTRS (photos 2D) : http://www.flickr.com/photos/jamma57/sets/72157637035181266/ ShyKoopa77 : https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.566973186684937.1073741829.100001167813200&type=1&l=a837c90d21 To give you an idea of ​​this event -
  5. The last stragglers or hesitant to RGC 2013 hurry! Because there are only 2 days before registration closes (October 11). http://www.yaronet.com/posts.php?s=159329 I recall that prior registration is required to access the event and no person may register on site PS: For those already registered and have a doubt, do not hesitate to come and see the listing of registered here: http://www.yaronet.com/posts.php?s=159392 Thanking you and saying to yourself soon! -
  6. BONUS STAGE Finally, you can also find the game Dance Dance Xirius Space Party , developed by Matmook (code), Gregg ( Gfx & Snd ) and Azrael ( Curve ) at the speed of the AC -coding 2012 , featuring Xirius_Thir scene in a rhythm game on Jaguar ! For your pleasure !
  7. Just to make your mouth water ( and convince hesitant : p ) I'll put different main activities that will be offered in other theme and stand by our participants ( thank you to them) It begins with the usual JV Music Stand : PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT A stand on the subject of music games will be at the rendezvous for RGC 2013. This year, the stand will focus on games Harmonix ( FreQuency / Amplitude, Guitar Hero / Rock Band, through the amateur remake of NES : D- Pad Hero ), Otocky , on the Famicom Disk System , the first music game created by Toshio Iwai ( creator of Electroplankton ) and music games on Wii Beat the Beat : Rhythm Paradise and Bit.Trip Complete ( Gaijin Games) . And games will also be dedicated accessory to go with Pop'n Music and BeatMania IIDX . Novices , insiders and curious are welcome Pop'n Music BeatMania IIDX / Beatmania FreQuency et Amplitude Bust a Groove Bit.Trip Complete Rhythm Paradise : Beat the beat Otocky D-Pad Hero Guitar Hero 4, 6 et Metallica Enjoy.
  8. The RGC 2013 is coming! Following our last adventures (AC 2013, Musical games expo, …) the ancient scroll is revealing its secrets… Now we now the location of the chalice of the ages. It has been kept with M’ho, ancient citadel build near a river. But it is watched by a mighty dragon and other evil creatures. Our hero will need the help of a Retro gamer army in order to break though the walls and battle against the Guardian of the Chalice. And once he will prevail, then he will bring back to life all those forgotten consoles! This is for you, Old s.l knights, gamers of the past, hungry for ‘retro’ adventures that the RGC 2013 will take place! From October 26th until October 27th from 10am this is the chance for all retro gamer to reclaim the prestige of all our mythical consoles! Be ready as it will be a heavy week-end : • Gaming Tournament • Quizz • Video games themed conferences • Project previews • Concerts (Chiptune and more) • Themed Stands As always cozy atmosphere full of games, discoveries & friendship. Caution: Please take note that every entry requires a mandatory registration with full prepayment. To complete the registration form, please click on the link below. Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us per e-mail at we will be more than happy to help you with your inquiry. You can also join us on our forum! http://www.retro-gc.net Practical information Registering to the RGC 2013 must be done through our online form. Your registration will be confirmed on the reception of your payment (by check, PayPal or credit card - contact us for any other payment means). All practical information (packages, maps, train schedules, etc.) are available on our website; more specific information (carpooling options, sales reservations, etc.) can be found in our forum. We encourage you to register and tell us about any particular demand you may have (projects, specific hardware you would like to present...) as soon as possible; this will help us in making the best possible organizing. For any extra information or question, use the RGC forum: http://www.yaronet.com/sujets.php?f=2419. About the RGC Started in 2002 under the name Jaguar Connexion, at that time the convention gathers only a handful Atari-fans. Five editions later, the Jaguar Connexion splits in two: the AC a convention based the retro video gaming on computer and retro-gaming programming, & the RGC a global retro-gaming convention. During those week-ends (participation only available upon registration) user, collector or just regular people are gathering to play exchange and communicate. With time passing by the RGC is trying to modernize in order to offer a ever new unique experience. About the Retro-gaming Connexion Association Founded in January 2004 by six passionate retro-gamers from different horizons (e-commerce consultant, multimedia animator, swimming pool technician), this association under the law 1901 always focused on organizing convention where humans exchanges where the main objective. Thank to the success of the previous conventions allowed the RGC Association to become a major actor of the French retro-gaming community. Today this is a team of 15 members and now has several new activities such as weekly multimedia sessions, packaging creation, or game edition and commercialization. --
  9. Here is a final preview of the program before the closure of the registration period. More than just the usual stands previously presented here is what you can see at the RGC about retro- & alternative-gaming: The RGC Tournament - The RGC Association will organize a tournament during both days of the convention, with several trials: Windjammers (Flying Power Disk), 2 other surprise games, as well as a quiz. The winners will go back home with exciting prises (for the record the RGC is very proud of the prises given durong the last conventions such as customed Dreamcast, a Nuon or a NEO GEO AES. Stands animated by the participants - Shooting games (led by Manoloben) with the House of the Dead, Time Crisis, Virtua Cop, Point Blank, Resident Evil, Ghost Quad, … And much more such as the classis on NES, Super Nintendo, Megadrive, Master System. More info http://www.yaronet.com/posts.php?s=143951 - Neo Geo AES & CD playing and coding (on AES) med by Kuk & Furtek http://neogeocdworld.info - Alice Team for a presentation & tournament on their game Dynamit Dreams on Dreamcast. - Rayxamber Association for the presentation of the Revival magazines and the presentation of stunning gaming Systems ! http://rayxamber.free.fr - Atari Lynx with Rygar the mad Collector, who will show us his collection and mods for his favorite Handled gaming system! > http://www.youtube.com/user/zonelynx - Oldies with the Replay Association which will bring loads of classics gaming systems such as (NES, MS, SNES, MD, SAT, N64 …) and make them live during the whole week-end! http://www.facebook.com/Associationreplay?sk=info - Pix’n love to present their books and mooks http://www.editionspixnlove.com - Omake Books for the presentation of their high quality books and organize a tournament on Mr Splah! http://omakebooks.com - Bobyjack from Retrotaku will present his paintings on the retro-gaming - An exposition of statues handmade from Subby-kun http://www.gameblog.fr/blogs/subbykun - SuperGameLand and their CD renovation /repair devise, but also lots of stuff and sell and their tournament on Super Mario Bros http://supergameland.fr Project Presentations on the stage : - Neo Geo CD projects by Elbarto and Furtek - The coming R-Type on Amstrad CPC by Fano - The Adventure Vision (a very rare US gaming System) by Rayxamber - Ultimate Rally Club on PC-Engine by Orion A conference - A conference and debate about the video game scene will be organized and led by Adoru (MO5 Association) One concert - The Hear Mangame, a french rock band has been reformed in order to set the RGC on fire on the Saturday night. Here Sonic, Final Fantasy or Metal Gear as you never heard it http://www.myspace.com/hearmangame And of course all the previous presented stands led by the RGC Association SHMUP History War of Gear Games'n Music Real Steel PS1 Link / Sony Atari 2600 / 7800 And much more. Thank you for your interest and see you soon ! www.retro-gc.org
  10. And it's not over! Like every year, the two companions of 8bit, LBM41 and Luciferhalo, prepared a of madness VCS 2600 / 7800 stand, with lots of new Homebrew and a wide choice of classic vintage Direct Link : http://www.yaronet.com/posts.php?s=144086 Here LBM41 and his faithful assistant Jean Marie (oh no ... sorry Lucifershalo ) Offer the best on 2600/7800 (Homebrew) the strategy of FAILSAFE the madness of DUCK ATTACK the uppercut of KO CRUISER the puzzlesque CHUNKOUT or denial TURBO And the timeless classics: Pitfall space Invaders ET and this extensible Appendix And this year a tournament on a great games for 4 players :Medieval Mayhem Robotron 2084 (one who pilot, one who shoot) Meteor Shower (collaboration mode or Enemy mode) Also special focus on Halo 2600 games created by Ed Fries (one of the first programmers of Halo on XBOX) An special edition with box and manual! Thank them ! www.retro-gc.org
  11. Here's an another stand in preparation for the RGC! and it's our member Fei,music games expert who does it still this year If speed execution does'not scare and that you have the sense of rhythm, surely it's make for you Direct link: http://www.yaronet.com/posts.php?s=144067 Pop'n Music[/ b] beatmania IIDX / Beatmania [/ b] Frequency Range Bust a Groove Space Channel 5 Audiosurf [/ b] BIT.TRIP Beat [/ b] BIT.TRIP Runner [/ b] Guitar Hero 4, 6 and Metallica [/ b] www.retro-gc.org
  12. .And it goes on ! Link Stand PS1 / Sony Like it or not, but the brand has become a key member of the videogame history, and he was not in the RGC spirit to forget it. It's with this spirit that our great Member DragonHoly will offer a Sony stand where you can battle face to face with a Link concept to 2 PS1 consoles on 2 TV. In addition, to continue in fun principle,it will be another post with PS1 games are playing with four or more quadruplers. And to continue in the special, you will see on the stand the famous PSX (fancy Japanese luxury PS2 / DVR), the PS2 included in a flat panel and a Net Yarose, and some uncommon accessories (such as the imposing double stick or the special resident evil pad ..) Link topic: http://www.yaronet.com/posts.php?s=144040 List of games (possible to change) link games Doom Final Doom Rock'n Roll Racing 2 F1 98 Formula One x2 Racing Skies Destruction Derby Wipeout Wipeout 2097 Game for 4 players Gekido Track & Field Destruction Derby Raw (split) V Rally 2 (Split) Crash Team Racing Games for 8 players Shaolin Micro Machines V3 Super Sonic Racers Fifa 99 Fifa 2001 Puma Street Soccer A selection just for our pleasure ! www.retro-gc.net
  13. Another stand by NTRS, one of our most active members, which we propose for the RGC 2011 a Xbox first one LAN of 8 posts with Steel Battalion (Mecha Simulation with a gigantic controller), the Halo 2 (with a tournament and a very nice little gift to win) and other surprises! Stand directly related topic: http://www.yaronet.com/posts.php?s=143988 Steel Battalion Halo 2 A Frag stand in all its forms www.retro-gc.org .
  14. Another exceptional stand for RGC offered by our techno lover member : NTRS ! This will be a space where you can play with two Game Gears in link, but not just only that, because that'll be possible to do it on a TV screen ! It's perfect to really appreciate the original graph of this machine Here is the basic list of games available on link Sonic Drift Columns Mortal Kombat Mortal Kombat II G-LOC Mappy Stargate Monaco GP Faceball Outrun Enjoy! .
  15. Indeed, our esteemed member Supaflow, big fan of shooting game, we prepared for the RGC, a beautiful stand on the emblematic shoot of the Videogame history ! -> Http://www.yaronet.com/posts.php?s=143748 The following posts stand shmup HISTORIC ! (list in progress, can be change;)) - SPACE INVADERS - Xevious - GRADIUS - Soldier Blade - Axelay - Batsugun - DoDonPachi - Ikaruga - FREEPLAY (post where the best of the best of the shoot will run on all platforms combined) Strongly!
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