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  1. Didn't see it mentioned here but @SainT is working on an RGB board for the 7800:
  2. EDIT: SOLD to @retrogmr! Up for sale is a modified PS1 SCPH-1001 console with a PSIO flash cart, controller, hookups and a small set of games. The PS1 console has been modified with a SIO-X board, which acts a switchboard for the PSIO and also incorporates an MM3 modchip, allowing you to play both imports and backups from the optical drive. Cosmetically the console is in decent condition, with the only major flaw being a slight gouge in one of the screw holes; this was a result of trimming the inside of the case to accommodate the SIO-X board and does not affect the console in any way. The original laser was replaced with one from a PSone console (the small one) years ago, which is more reliable and better built than the original lasers on SCPH-1001 consoles. There is also no cover for the parallel port. The PSIO is complete in box and also includes a 32 GB SD card loaded with a few games to get you started. I will also forward my original order email from Stone Age Gamer so you can continue to download firmware updates. Also included are a few games, some US region and some Japanese. All are CIB and in good working condition save for Mega Man X5, which is in a reproduction case without a manual and the disc for which is in fair but working condition. Included are the following: Bomberman World (JP) G Darius (JP) Klonoa (JP) Mega Man X4 (US) Mega Man X5 (US) PaRappa the Rapper (JP) Tekken (JP) Finally, I will also include a digital PS1 controller (SCPH-1080) along with a Sony memory card (not pictured), AV cables and a power cable. The controller is in very good condition and works great! Please send me a PM if you would like more information or additional pictures of any item from this lot. I'm asking for $215 shipped for this lot. Thanks!
  3. The PicoPSU wound up generating extra noise in the video, even with a good quality PSU. I'm also possibly planning to sell this machine and I don't want any potential buyer to get saddled with that.
  4. Thanks, I really put some effort into getting this system looking nice. Normally I'd keep it but I have no need for actual discs and I already have two other Saturns (a US model 1 and a Japanese model 1).
  5. Last year I picked up a 1040STF and I replaced the original PSU (which had a botched repair) with a PicoPSU. However, I've come to regret this decision and I'd like to track down an original PSU board in good working condition. PM me if you have one!
  6. They sometimes need to be wiggled a bit at the port to get them to register, but once that's done they keep working. I've reflowed the solder joints on the controller ports, tried different controllers and cleaned the ports but nothing seems to have stuck other than that. I'll try looking at this again later today and see what I can do. UPDATE: Cleaned the ports a bit more and now they're working just fine with no issues.
  7. I removed the original SRAM chip (which was not epoxied) and soldered in the FRAM chip. Unfortunately these later Saturn boards tend to be fragile so I inadvertently pulled a few pads during the removal process, but I patched them by wiring the affected pins to the appropriate pins on the BIOS.
  8. SOLD! Up for sale here is a modified model 2 Sega Saturn console with a controller, hookups, and several games. This Saturn has had quite a few things done to it (all by me) which includes an FRAM mod, modchip (so you can play backups without the need of a Pseudo Saturn cart), recapped PSU, 3D-printed replacement battery cover and a replacement 3D-printed AC power jack from Laser Bear. The top shell has been replaced with one from a Japanese model 2, which gives the console a neat two-tone look. I've also put in a fresh 2032 battery for the real-time clock (the FRAM mod means your saves aren't at the mercy of the battery anymore!). This console has been thoroughly tested and works well. The only real flaw is that the controller ports can sometimes be a little touchy but still work OK. Included with the console are a cleaned and tested model 2 controller, AV cable, power cable, and the following games: Daytona USA (Not for Resale version with cardboard sleeve) Galactic Attack (loose, will come in a thin jewel case) NiGHTS into Dreams (CIB, manual has a security sticker on one of the pages) Sonic 3D Blast (CIB, has a crack on the front) Tomb Raider (CIB, longbox has a broken hinge) Virtua Cop (Not for Resale version with cardboard sleeve) I'm thinking $225 shipped for the lot would be fair but I am open to suggestions. I can provide more pics on request and I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.
  9. Both European and Japanese Game Gear systems use the same AC adapter as the model 1 Genesis/Mega Drive, for some reason Sega changed the US version to use a different PSU (which of course was later used for the Genesis 2).
  10. Ira Velinsky also designed the VIC-20/C64, XE and ST cases to name a few. It seems like he was brought into Atari Corp from Commodore and then went to Sega of America after leaving Atari. Here's a thread with some of his other designs: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/251050-detailed-information-on-ira-velinsky-and-other-atari-designers/
  11. Atari paddles do *not* work with Woody Pop or any Mark III games that use the Paddle Control. The reason for this is because the SMS doesn't have analog inputs on its controller ports like the 2600 and reads the paddle in a different way. This page explains further: https://www.smspower.org/Development/Paddle
  12. ITE: Information Technology Equipment, basically means that it's suitable for most electronics. The 5200 should be fine on 9V, it has two 7805s that drop down the incoming voltage to 5V and 9V is well within their input range. Just make sure the polarity is tip positive and it should work.
  13. @Hannes.e Your image link is completely broken.
  14. Experienced my first RIFA capacitor failure with my IIGS tonight. God these things reek!

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