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  1. It could just be that the color/B&W switch is dirty, not an uncommon problem. What game(s) did you try? Some games don't switch color modes with the color/B&W switch so you may want to try other games to rule it out.
  2. Just scored a copy of M.U.L.E. on the C64 for a great price!

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    2. BDW


      $800? That's certainly unbelievable!

    3. ApolloBoy


      Got it for about $15 + $7 shipping, not bad considering it's been sitting at triple digits for years.

    4. ApolloBoy


      Maybe "unbelievable" was a bit hyperbolic LOL

  3. It's been a long time since I've attempted to do an AV mod on an Intellivision, and recently I picked up an INTV II with the intention of using it as part of my main setup. What's currently the AV mod to get for the Intellivision?
  4. OP where are you located? I have a spare door I'd be willing to sell, both hinges are missing a peg on one side but it does stay on.
  5. Is there something wrong with the Nt Mini's 7800 core? I've noticed that the audio in Jeremy's clips is way off compared to a real system, especially Food Fight. The sound effects are pitched way lower than normal which is really strange since I thought the 7800 core was supposed to be as accurate as possible.
  6. You sure it's not an issue with your cables? A loose connection or badly-shielded RGB cables will do that.
  7. As someone who spent the last month refurbing a bunch of Super Famicom consoles this really isn't true, they're just as susceptible to becoming yellow and brittle as the US SNES. I had one that wound up being reduced to a parts system because the shell was literally crumbling apart. The "hollow" feeling is more likely due to board revision differences. I have an early model SNES with the SHVC-CPU-01 board revision and it feels as hefty as my early model Super Fami, as that particular board revision has a bottom RF shield and separate sound module that other revisions lack. That was most likely done so that people wouldn't accidentally plug in an NES power supply which uses AC and not DC like the SNES expects.
  8. That already happened earlier this year, I don't think Analogue is doing a third run(?).
  9. There were a few RCA TVs in their Dimensia line that actually had a SCART connector oddly enough: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RCA_Dimensia#/media/File:Dimensia_Interface.JPG
  10. That's not a reliable indicator though. The shell with the molded FCC label was used with a number of board revisions, including the SNS-CPU-GPM-01/02 revisions which still had a removable cartridge slot. The only real way to know for these is to open up the console and see if the cart slot flanges are silver or black. If they're silver, your cartridge slot is removable. If not, it's the kind that's soldered on the board.
  11. BTW, the original SG-1000 and SG-1000 II (notice there's no "Mark" in that title!) have the exact same hardware, the SG-1000 II is just a cosmetic redesign albeit with an actual controller port in place of the hardwired joystick for player one.
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