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  1. Did I just do something potentially stupid and buy an early 80s Trinitron off eBay? Yes. Yes I did.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. deepthaw


      Love that 80's hi-tech Trinitron aesthetic.

    3. dj_convoy


      Buying a PVM off of eBay was easily the scariest purchase I ever made, both because of the price, and my perception of the fragility of the unit. Everything went ok, tho'. 

    4. ApolloBoy


      Im so in love with the look of this TV that I’m actually going to restore the RF output on my 5200, which I think will pair really well with this 

  2. I've decided to actually try replacing the YM2149 as I'm beginning to suspect this might be a drive select problem and I was able to find a spare for dirt cheap on eBay. Failing that, I sent an email to Brad at Best Electronics for a spare WD1772 just in case it winds up being the FDC after all.
  3. I've been interested in an RGB mod for some time, and I've been in touch with Tim Worthington over the years as he's been working on one since 2016. However, I haven't heard any updates since I last checked in with him and I don't believe anyone else is working on such a mod. I actually set aside a 1984 model 7800 for a 7800RGB mod but now I'm starting to think about putting in a UAV board instead, now that I have a composite/S-video transcoder for my OSSC and was very pleased with the results on a UAV-modded 2600. It's certainly better than the LHE board in my other 7800 which was disappointing.
  4. The last few C128Ds on US eBay have sold for $300 and up so I don’t think that’s in the OP’s price range. @bluejay is there any particular reason why you want a C128? If you only want to play C64 games I think a regular C64 or 64C would be a more affordable choice. IMO the 128 is only worth it if you plan on using it for more serious work and/or if you want to dabble in CP/M.
  5. Here’s an update to my last post, I just got through testing it and it works perfectly! The switches do need a really good cleaning and it could use some new caps, but it’s performed quite well and it’s also the first six-switch system where I didn’t need to mash in those Atari Corp. carts. Here’s a pic of the serial along with one of it in action and a couple of beauty shots...
  6. Bought a Sears Heavy on a whim this past Saturday and here's what I've got: NTSC/PAL/Sears/Special: Sears Serial #: 81169T MFG Location (Sunnyvale, Taiwan): Sunnyvale (Owner/AA Member), (Location= City, State, Country): ApolloBoy; Campbell, CA, USA A/B Channel Slot (Yes/No): No A/B Channel Switch (Yes/No): No Functional (Yes/No): Unknown, I just got through cleaning it up and am waiting on the switchboard to dry out (it was super filthy inside so I gave it a wash!) Notes: Has the "STOP - DO NOT ATTEMPT GAME REPAIR" sticker, all the chips have mid-1977 datecodes, purchased from eBay seller meleeislandretro on 2/15/2020
  7. Was thinking of putting a PicoPSU in my Intellivision after successfully putting one in my ST... only I remembered the INTV has some bizarre voltages on its power supply. Not many other consoles use a -2.1V rail!

  8. Got a PicoPSU installed in my 1040STF, complete success!

  9. The original floppy drive wasn't working, the drive just kept spinning and wouldn't recognize any disks. I did notice that something exploded in the original PSU (tantalum cap I bet) and it was poorly repaired. I figured I might try replacing the FDC in case it was damaged by the PSU.
  10. Managed to find a Sears Heavy Sixer for less than $40, never know what you'll find trawling around new listings on eBay!

    1. GoldLeader


      Can't beat that!   Good Job!

  11. I'm surprised I haven't contributed mine yet... Printed label: 419055 #073 (which means this machine is now 37 years old as of today!) Handwritten label: AW 467515 2/17 As is typical for 1983 800s, the ROM and RAM modules are bare PCBs with a plastic spacer and the expansion panel is screwed shut.
  12. I have one of the early 4-ports with the smooth plastic, it looks nice at just the right angle but otherwise you tell it's littered with scratches. It being in a flood before I owned it certainly didn't help.
  13. Dug my 800 out of storage at my parents' place and I really missed having it around, love the late 70s aesthetic of it.


    Please don't get a 400 again Apollo please don't get a 400 again Apollo please don't get a 400 again Apollo


    1. adam242


      It truly is a beautiful machine. My favorite of the entire 8-bit line.

    2. ApolloBoy


      Also if the datecode on the serial number label is anything to go by, my 800 is now 37 years old as of today (built the 7th week of 1983!)

  14. I've been trying to get my new Gotek to work in my 1040STF, but I haven't had any success no matter what I've tried and I'm beginning to believe that the floppy controller chip in my ST has failed in some way. Does anyone happen to have a spare WD1772 chip that they'd be willing to sell?
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