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  1. Updated. Added a few long shot games as well...
  2. This is also what I use for my FPGA consoles as well as my 800XL, I have it attached to the back of my entertainment center in a way that I can easily get to it. Works great!
  3. Local record store was having a little Black Friday sale and managed to pick up some gems for a reasonable price

    1. BydoEmpire


      Cool, what did you get?

    2. ApolloBoy


      Here's the pic I took after laying them out...


  4. My rarest stuff seems to be SMS/Mark III- related oddly enough. - CIB US copy of Golden Axe Warrior - Bomber Raid for the Mark III - CIB Mark III FM Sound Unit
  5. Well like an idiot I decided to get back into collecting A8 games on disk by getting a 1050. Here's what I'm looking for, loose is perfectly fine but I certainly won't mind boxed/NIB if the price is right: Archon II Bruce Lee Chopper Hunt The Eidolon Karateka Koronis Rift M.U.L.E. (long shot) Preppie Rainbow Walker Stealth Super Boulder Dash Survivor Also looking for these C64 disks: 1942 After Burner Archon Archon II Arkanoid Beach-Head II Blasteroids Block Out Bubble Bobble Force 7 Ghostbusters Gradius Hard Hat Mack Impossible Mission Life Force Mail Order Monsters Maniac Mansion (real long shot) Project Firestart Qix Realm of Impossibility Revenge of Defender Rolling Thunder The Simpsons Arcade Game Spelunker Super Off Road Turbo Out Run Zak McCracken (long shot)
  6. Ever since I got a SIO2PC 11 years ago, I always said that I never looked back after ditching my Atari 8-bit disk drives.


    Tonight I'm eating crow.

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    2. Lord Thag

      Lord Thag

      I never ditched them either, but I rarely use disks these days. Too slow and unreliable. Mainly I used my drives to dump disks to disk images.

      That said, the occasional disk game on the Indus is fun. Particularly ones that require disk swapping.

    3. Gunstar


      What you say is true, and I also use them for dumps as well, and with 2 happy 1050's and 2 Indus GT's I can do 4 at a time in syncromesh and ultra speed modes. But especially multi-disk games is what I use them for. If it's a single disk game I generally load an .xex from an SIO or cart device. I do still have some original floppies for some many of the .xex's though, just to use the disk drives a bit more once in a while; because I'm a hardware guy and I get as much joy out of just putting hardware to use as I do the software it loads, (and I don't mind the load times, but I do at least upgrade for fastest tape & floppy drives) And yes, half my hardware hobby time is spent on drive up-keep, but I enjoy it all the same. But I love playing my Atari multi-disk RPG's and Synapse Electronic Novels and Omnitrend's Universe on multiple floppies.

    4. Gunstar


      But sooner or later the floppies (and part for the drives disappear) will die and new sources are already scarce, so one day I probably will be converting some floppy drives into more modern equivalents, but keeping the form-factor.

  7. I don’t have much info other than what Tim said on the RetroRGB podcast and his emails to me. He last worked on it two years ago and it fell by the wayside since then. It should be coming around hopefully by the end of this year or early next year now that he’s started work on it again.
  8. You should probably rewire your power LED so that it gets 5V instead of the incoming 9V rail, you can’t tell if the console is actually getting 5V or not with how it’s wired up currently. Have you checked to make sure you’re getting 5V throughout the console?
  9. It was literally just a 2600 that used the ColecoVision for power and as an AV passthrough. The 2600 adapters for the 5200 and Intellivision work in the exact same way.
  10. Rather ironic considering this is about consolidating controller collections.
  11. The seller is completely wrong about it being only sold in Japan BTW. It was sold here in the US and also in Taiwan under its original name, the Chuang Zao Zhe 50.
  12. I have the LHE mod in my later model 7800 and... it kinda sucks frankly. The fact that you need to wire up a switch to disable the TIA's chroma output to get clean 7800 video is bad enough, but in my experience the 2600 output was lackluster and full of bizarre interference. Personally I'm waiting for Tim Worthington's 7800RGB to show up at this point (he is actively working on it again BTW!). My 2600, 5200 and 800XL all now have RGB mods so the 7800 is the odd one out.
  13. They seem to be more happy just posting GIFs on their Twitter rather than giving updates and answering people’s questions I guess. Why is it taking them this long to put out three little passive adapters?
  14. Well, tried to finish up a transaction on NintendoAge last night only to find the site had been murdered. Lovely!

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    2. pacman000


      If they told that to the old owner might that constitute contract violation?

    3. Shawn


      @pacman000 : I don't think he cares as he's moving away from the hobby and that was one of the reasons for selling the site off in the first place. His collection was sold off to the same person that bought the site IIRC.

    4. Austin


      Their reason for changing is that the old server NA rested on was being decommissioned. I still find it strange they went the route they did, however. NA forum threads are still there, but seller feedback, scoreboard high scores and the games database are completely missing. What a waste.

  15. I own the EU version, the only color difference is in the power and reset buttons.
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