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  1. Both European and Japanese Game Gear systems use the same AC adapter as the model 1 Genesis/Mega Drive, for some reason Sega changed the US version to use a different PSU (which of course was later used for the Genesis 2).
  2. Ira Velinsky also designed the VIC-20/C64, XE and ST cases to name a few. It seems like he was brought into Atari Corp from Commodore and then went to Sega of America after leaving Atari. Here's a thread with some of his other designs: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/251050-detailed-information-on-ira-velinsky-and-other-atari-designers/
  3. Atari paddles do *not* work with Woody Pop or any Mark III games that use the Paddle Control. The reason for this is because the SMS doesn't have analog inputs on its controller ports like the 2600 and reads the paddle in a different way. This page explains further: https://www.smspower.org/Development/Paddle
  4. ITE: Information Technology Equipment, basically means that it's suitable for most electronics. The 5200 should be fine on 9V, it has two 7805s that drop down the incoming voltage to 5V and 9V is well within their input range. Just make sure the polarity is tip positive and it should work.
  5. @Hannes.e Your image link is completely broken.
  6. Experienced my first RIFA capacitor failure with my IIGS tonight. God these things reek!

    1. carlsson


      Sweden's finest!

  7. It's definitely not for the ColecoVision, the buttons aren't independent and plugging in a CV controller caused some directions to stop working. I'm still trying to figure out exactly what model this is and I haven't been having much luck. Also worth noting that this is an older Competition Pro with leaf switches as opposed to microswitches.
  8. Yes, I did it myself. With mine, I removed the RF modulator and soldered a PCB mount S-video jack onto the ground plane underneath where the modulator was. This way I didn't have to add any new holes and it looks nicer this way. I did drill a hole for the audio output which is through a 3.5 mm jack.
  9. I'm looking at the service manual and at this point I would try reseating all four major chips (CPU, GTIA, ANTIC and POKEY) to see if that changes anything. I have an 800XL which had a similar problem when I bought it and reseating all the major chips brought it back. The service manual also lists Q1 and Q2 (2N3906 transistors) but I'm not really sure that's the cause.
  10. Most likely it's because your power switch has become dirty and/or oxidized. You can disassemble the original switch and give it a thorough cleaning with a fiberglass pen and a bit of Deoxit, or you can replace the switch entirely with a modern replacement.
  11. What power supply are you using?
  12. Again, I think you're going to be disappointed because the French 7800 is really a PAL system at heart and will have minor to major compatibility issues with most of the NTSC library.
  13. The 5200 also uses the same RF modulator as the 4-switch 2600 and 400/800 computers if you need help finding one.
  14. PAL 7800s have compatibility issues with a good chunk of NTSC games, I would just spend the money on a 7800 with the UAV mod and use it with a RetroTINK through S-video.
  15. The only 7800 you'll find that has RGB (SCART is a connector standard, not a video standard) is the French model, and even that isn't true RGB.
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