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  1. Count me in on a copy as well. Seems like I just read this thread not too long ago, didn't realize it was already finished and sold out!
  2. I really like what you have done so far! This is a game I am looking forward to buying when it is released.
  3. Here is a video on how to replace the power switch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QhCYc-pvYM In the video he uses a Radio Shack DPDT Rocker Switch part #275 691 Hope this helps you out.
  4. Ok I understand now. I had forgot that the CV had a bios built in which would make it different from the MSX. Makes sense, thanks for the information.
  5. I was curious if it would be possible to play MSX ROMS on the ColecoVision using the Atarimax Utimate SD cart and the Super Game Module? From what I can tell the SGM brings the specs of the CV up to the MSX, but the sound chip is different. Has anyone tried this? If so does it work, except for the sound, or are there other issues I have overlooked that make it non functional? Happy New Year to everyone!
  6. I don't know how this game is supposed to be played, but I prefer just getting the pearl then advancing to the next screen. Obviously there are going to be problems in the way to your goal, such as sharks, underwater, or what ever. That is for you to decide if you plan to create this game.
  7. You could really do alot with this. You could do snow scenes, desert, jungle, night, sunset etc. I always have enjoyed a game that used the different limited colors of the CV. When used right it is great to see what it can do. Just my two cents. If I can be of any help feel free to let me know.
  8. Yes. I like that idea. For example you play one game and then after the first screen, screen 26 is loaded, then the next time you play the next screen is screen 14, and so on. Like you said random. Great Idea.
  9. Looks really nice! Just curious how this game is supposed to play. If I recall from the description of Mr Turtle is that he is supposed to collect pearls from both land and water. To me that opens up a lot of wonderfull graphical opportunities that could be explored. Many different screens could be done with this game to add variety to the game and game play.
  10. I can understand your frustration but you have to realize that these things are done by individuals in their spare time. Sometimes stuff happens which can delay the process, so I would suggest waiting for a few nore days. Besides once you have the SD Cart you will have access to damn near every single game ever made, some of which were not released. The only other way to do that is by using an emulator, which I don't prefer, but it does have it's place. Just my 2 cents worth.
  11. A question if I may. I understand that there have been some issues with this game, so forgive me if I am not clear on everything. I have attempted to order Galaga twice through the web site and have only received a notice saying that I will be contacted at a later date. I have no problem with waiting I just wanted to check and see if this game is, or will still be, available in the future. Many Thanks for any info you can provide me with.
  12. The Atarimax SD cartridge is legit. Just so you know it is a standard coleco cartridge that has a cartridge slot of it's own that uses an SD card like you might have on your digital camera or smartphone. You can use the SD card to download roms from the internet then play them on a real ColecoVision.
  13. Unless you can find a cartridge version of Pac Man you are out of luck. But if you are willing to purchase an Atarimax Ultimate SD cartridge then you can load the Pac Man rom onto it and play it that way. You can also play almost every single game ever made if you have the roms. Plus the last version of the SD cartridge also included another great game, Mario Bros, as a pack in game with one other game included. I don't know if that is still the case today, but the SD cart is the way to go in any case, in my opinion.
  14. If your DVD recorder has a coax (cable tv) input you can buy an F-Connector to input the signal from the Colecovision directly into the DVD recorder and bypass the VCR. The F-Connector replaces the old small switch box that you had to use to switch between tv and game. You can get them at Radio Shack or similar type places for 3 or 4 dollars if I remember correctly. I hope this helps out.
  15. Well I don't know about that but my game has improved. I haven't made it passed the 9th key yet which involves another pattern. So far my high score is at 163,000+ points on the opcode game in the video. I just cut the rest off because I didn't think anyone wanted to see 20 minutes of me playing pacman. Thanks for the kind words, and for watching my video!
  16. Thanks for that info. And I have to say that we need a call to arms to make all arcade games that use a Z80 processor to be at least as good as this one is! OK maybe that might not be so good since some of them might not be so great. Anyone know a list of arcade games that use a Z80 that weren't released for the ColelcoVision?
  17. After this experiment I have to agree. Opcode got it right I wasn't sure how it would turn out but it was a nice surprise!
  18. I have learned all the patterns to get to the 9th key, but not past it, but so far I have only made it to the 8th key so it hasn't been needed yet anyway. At the 9th key there is another pattern that I believe you can use until the kill screen at level 256. At least on the arcade, I don't know if the Opcode version will have the kill screen since the kill screen results from a programming error after 255 levels with drawing the fruit. In normal game play it would take hours to get there and I am not sure that is something I want to attempt. There is a code you can enter to skip levels if I remember correctly so that might be an option.
  19. Background story: A few months ago I retired from my job because of a new supervisor who was shall we say incompotent to put it mildly. I feel lucky to be able to have left when I did to be honest, but I digress. I have always enjoyed Pac-man. It was one of those games that had that hook. The one thing that made you drop another (US) quarter in to give it another try. As you all know it was never available on the ColecoVision until the Opcode version was available. Yea there was the Atari rom but not on a cartridge and there was also Dacman, but again I digress. Since I now had time on my hands and I enjoy the CV I thought I would give Pacman a try by learning the patterns on the arcade. The funny thing is I learned them using opcodes versioin of pacman on my ColecoVision! I am almost 50 years old folks so my brain doesn't always work as fast as I would like, but I printed out diagrams from the net of the arcade patterns and found that they worked. In my early atempts I thought things were wrong but it was myself that was at fault, missing a certain move I should have done. Before I learned these patterns my high score on Pacman was 30,000 or less. Now I can achieve high scores well over 100,000 points on the Opcode version using the arcade patterns and also using them on the arcade version on MAME. I just have to say it is pretty awesome. I made an edited youtube video below of showing the faithfullness of both versions trying to capture both at about the same time during game play. The original video was 20 minutes long so I edited it down to about 6 minutes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yP7ByTeXO-I
  20. Very good point. To be honest I never thought of doing that! But then I guess I never had a need to.
  21. The Roller Controller uses a sort of pass through power adapter that plugs into the ColecoVision, then the power connection into that, so it powers both devices. So unless the pins on the power connector are the same with this unit it wouldn't work anyway.
  22. Great news! I will probably buy at least 2. Do we have to preorder it, or will it be available at retail stores? I guess what I am getting at is do we have to preorder to show enough interest to get it made, or is it already a done deal that we will see in stores at release in the future?
  23. I did have a minor issue a few months back with slow shipment and called but never received a response either, but a few days later everything showed up just as ordered. I have done business with them for several years now and he always seems to do a pretty good job.
  24. I am willing to help out in anyway I can. Box scans, game videos, whatever I can do to help just let me know.
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