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  1. Nice! Feels like a lifetime since i have fired up ADS and thrown down some code. Really need to find some time and hoping things settle IRL so i can continue my projects. Good to see you're still keeping this extension up-to-date 👍
  2. Id like to add Crystalis to my list mainly as someone who have completed the Zelda games many times, i was looking for something similar. The game is incredible and i wish i owned it back in the day. Also some may disagree but i really enjoy Die Hard.
  3. OBS is the best for free software and should capture SMS no worries. To minimize any issues from frame flicker, record the video at 60 frames so it captures all the frames. This will eliminate issues with missing sprites like Roger was talking about.
  4. Shadowrun for the SNES is lots of fun. Really enjoying this game even though you need to grind for cash

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    2. Rogerpoco


      @7800Knight - I think something that helped me-I was aware of the TTG, and had plenty of experience with them, Car Wars, D&D, etc, but because I had never played it on pen and paper, I had no comparison.

      There were certainly exceptions, but most similar games were in "unreal" worlds-not that I expect an apocalypse, but it still seemed more "real" than trees with pink and purple leaves, lol!!!

    3. TwentySixHundred


      @7800Knight I have never played the tabletop version so yeah i have zero expectations. I have gone in to except it for what the game is. I think as @Rogerpoco pointed out the game isn't all that far fetched from reality in alot of ways (besides some obvious elements). Although it does have that PC point and click feel mixed with a console touch so im finding very enjoyable.


      I have been playing Crystalis for the NES as well and swapping between the two lately. Very different games but i like both just as much as each other for different reasons. I think Shadowrun just has that unique feel and im liking the storyline so far. Looking forward to the Cyber Matrix element aswell, whenever i get to that point in the game.


      I too struggle finding free time these days so it's going to be a long game to complete lol. All good though as it's keeping me interested.

    4. Rogerpoco


      If it's possible we happen to like the same type games(apparently so...), SaGa Frontier, on PS1(being rereleased for the Switch)was one of my favorites, EVER.

      I thought it was an unloved/uncared about game, but with the rerelease, I guess not.

      Is in something of a Cyberpunk world, but more fantasy than future, really.

      You have me wanting to check out ShadowRun again, I have to admit, tho I really only play for high scores now, lol!!!

  5. Dune! on the Genesis is a freaking awesome RTS. Loads of fun considering it's one of the first of that genre. Little clunky and frustrating at times but once you except it for what it is, it's a pretty damn good game for a 16bit console.

    1. wongojack


      Even though they are clunky, it is so great to have those computer conversions to the Genesis


  6. Was thinking the other day I could have sworn I seen the idea somewhere for gold rush. Bubsy... snes/gen level 7,8,9 where you hop from carriage to carriage on a train in the desert till you get to the engine. There is the giraffes poken their heads out the carriages and all. Only difference is gold bars rather than yarn balls.
  7. I'd also have to disagree. In regards to 7800Basic there is alot of flexibility. Many unique titles in the works using 7800Basic. It's extremely powerful. Along with some ASM the possibilities are endless. As for Batari Basic yeah I can see why, and I think it's not so much the tool per say. The issue is the default score and status bars down the bottom of the screen. Many use them and without the flexibility to use them wherever desired (without tinkering) is what makes the games have the same appearance. A decent developer can work around this and produce some nice using bB.
  8. Lets not forget it took 3 years to develop when that sort of commercial deadline would not have existed back in the 80's. I'm pretty sure they had 4 months to develop games back in the day. I also can't help but feel Dan got shafted by the other two, as he never really says anything and his smile looks put on. Poor guy started the idea with gold rush...
  9. The hardware you're using is the issue, not to be rude or anything. Very on the low end when it comes to CPU power and after reading some reviews they're basically only good for browsing, emails and light work. Many reviews have said once you runny any application the fan will spin off its dial at nearly full tilt. Which tells me that little CPU is generating some heat and the cooling isn't all that efficient. A7800 isn't the most intensive but does have decent accuracy and emulators in general rely heavily on the CPU because it's emulating a full system in software. Probably no real way around it other then an hardware upgrade.
  10. I haven't any issues either, other then it runs a little 'warmer' then say Stella but for the most part it's one the least intensive emulators i use. Like Trebor mentioned opengl or direct3D ect, if your system supports them will take some load off the CPU. I do have a desktop i built in 2009 loaded with emulators in my daughters room and it runs A7800 without any intense CPU usage. My later PC's hardly know it's running, so im thinking you may want to look at what background operations you have running. Having said that, accuracy does need power and some CPU's just don't handle certain emulators all that well. Especially older hardware was a bit of a hit and miss on the performance side, even if the CPU specs look good on 'paper'.
  11. Already done I forgot to add that it's fully released to the public aswell
  12. Well considering the Jag is over 26 years older i would hope the Atari box is more powerful... As for better!? id rather a Jag any day of the week as it has more character and will always hold a higher resale value. Also lets not forget how ground breaking the Jag was on release so there is no comparison. As much of a failure the Jag was, it's still a unique system that's pretty damn cool and special. Like said on a previous comment "if you like the system then enjoy it" but you can't expect everyone else to feel the same. It's a pretty average system with nothing all that special to offer and i think you view this system through rose tinted glasses. Modern day Atari is nothing like it was. Also it's proven for the same price range you can walk away with a PC that has alot more potential. There is nothing worse then die-hard fanboys that will turn blue in the face trying to convince others to jump onboard with their inferior system.
  13. Yes and no. I agree it's not the best product they have released but compatibility wise it fits the build. Personally I liked XP and 7 for many years. I also have a USB Linux bootable if I really need it. But as crap as it is I find it's not as bad as many make it out to be. Especially these days anyway. So yeah the rig is definitely worth the bang for buck.
  14. I still don't get it, about a month ago for $550USD i got a Ryzen 5 3400G with Radeon Vega Graphics @ 3.70 GHz which is about triple the speed in many areas of an Atari box. This system is strictly for the lounge room just like most VCS users and i can actually play some decent AAA titles if i really want. Runs all the emulators i'm interested to play in it's sleep. Lets not forget that's also with a legit copy of Win 10 home edition... So the VCS with a copy of Win10 would run you near $500USD anyway yet only a third of the power. I really can't justify the wasted money basically for the Atari branding and a gimmick joystick. EDIT: Forgot to mention that was for a complete system RGB tower, 8 gig of RAM, MB, 480GB SSD, External DVD writer and they even installed Windows for me. Delivered to my door without having to even build the system for the first time. All i had to do was register my copy of Windows and update the OS along with drivers and boom! happy gaming. For that price i hardly even seen the point of building my own.
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