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  1. Having alot of fun with NBA Live 95 for the Genesis. The game still holds up fairly solid for it's age compared to some the other sports games of the time. I like that there is actually plays and somewhat a simulation rather then sprint and dunk. Actually feels rewarding to score and defend. Good game! Now back to my season...

    1. retrorussell


      That one was decent but I never could get used to the 3/4 perspective.  I liked Tecmo NBA Basketball much more, even if it was crazy simple.  And sometimes you threw the ball away for no reason.

    2. Joe C.

      Joe C.

      Live 95 is one my cousins favorite NBA games. Mine as well, but on the SNES. Love the pace of it.

    3. TwentySixHundred


      The game definitely has it's quirks that take awhile to get used to. It's solid though and and pretty amazing how well they programmed the AI to respond to certain situations. I have the SNES cart aswell, packed away somewhere in the back room. I have been playing on the emulator for convenience anyway so might see how the SNES version stacks up to Genesis. Been a good decade since playing the game so i was surprised how well it played. Usually i play NBA Jam or NHL which really play solid as well. I cant speak for Madden as i have it but im Australian and really don't know American football all that well. However i will say International Soccer has unforgivable flaws. It used to be a favorite of mine in the day but the gameplay is pretty bad. There is no real strategy, its just boot the ball towards goals and try to score

  2. Think im done with this game as im not seeing much more that needs to be done and motivation isn't all that high ATM. I was going to add regeneration of the city on a points basis, however for what it's worth i really don't think it's necessary. Probably leave the game WIP for now as i have plenty of ROM spare for Easter Eggs when i feel up to the task. As for bugs, family members and myself haven't found any - none have been reported online and the game plays fairly solid, so think im good in that area. Along with keeping this open as WIP for Easter Eggs, there is a chance i may tinker with the colors for aesthetics. I might look into some other interesting projects i have tucked away. I have a few experimental projects that id really like to make happen someday, so maybe one might catch my interest. -Anthony
  3. IMO Reactor is massively underrated, i think because i has one the most simplistic graphics however the gameplay is really solid.
  4. Yeah it's looking good, i was all for this when mentioned as a response to one my similar concerns awhile back. It really gives a place for homebrew to live rather then scattered posts among the other general topics. There is many areas of the AA forums that homebrew gets uploaded to. Many of the AA members tend to hang around a single subtopic they like and don't venture far. Im sure there is homebrew people don't even know about, gets lost in the timeline or in a subsection they never venture. Either way im excited for this new feature as i have a few of my own i would like to upload to the downloads module 👍
  5. IIRC to keep in mind the temp variables are obliterated everytime you call drawscreen (not 100% sure about the standard kernels) as sometimes it depends on what temp variables are used. For single frame calculations i find them useful however personally for random number generation or values i want to read id rather store that value so i can read it and or increment it every frame. I look at it like Russian roulette, it's all about when you pull that trigger it's luck of the draw as to what it lands on. In some cases rand doesn't even need to be used especially when it's not a timed event. rand can be cycle intensive and sometimes the least amount of calculations can make for the better experience. Keep at it and experiment, you will stumble onto what you're looking for 👍
  6. Thanks it;s from a game of mine and no worries it's what learning is all about RT's 'commands' page is definitely worth flavoring in your browser for cross referencing.
  7. No problem, There really isn't right or wrong ways about it and many of methods people use. You only gotta have a read over at stackoverflow.com to see how many methods and theories people have to battle the age old issue of not so randomness. Computers in general struggle to provide true randomness as they calculate perfectly without imperfections. Randomness is caused from imperfections so it's not easy to replicate. As for what i was trying to achieve, the method i was using basically was within a range of vales. So i wanted a random number from 4 to 154 IIRC and because rand uses the full byte i had to implement some math. This was to make sure if the value is out of range it would divide that value. IMO this division itself causes alot more patterns to appear because the math is set in stone (that's debatable and my observations). It seems the more math involved the more patterns emerge also mentioned my Spicware. Now as for randomness and if you're wanting to use the full byte (0-255) it's alot easier to remove the patterns. From my end of experimentation with random number generation i have found what works for me and it's actually fairly simple. Basically like mentioned in the beginning using a counter variable really helps mix things up, rather then relying on the pseudo random number generated by the rand function. As batari's rand function IIRC seeds from 0 and cannot be changed AFAIK, it's highly likely for rand to produce the same number especially on the first call (common with every language it's just with some you can change the seed). So what i like to do is less complex then you probably think: dim counter = z rem -------------------------main----------------------- _main counter = counter + 1 blah othercode blah othercode if blahblahblah then counter = counter + rand : goto _desired_outcome _drawscreenloop drawscreen goto _main rem ----------------------- end of main ----------------- _desired_outcome blah blah blah goto _drawscreenloop So you can see the counter variable is incrementing every loop and continuously rolling like a slot machine. Then the if statement is checking for a condition i called blahblahblah if that condition is met then it grabs the counter value and adds rand's pseudo number. So everytime you call rand no matter if it has a pattern or not, it's mixed up with that rolling value you add from the counter. Basically it's just calling rand and whatever that rolling value is from counter then adds the two together giving a completely random number everytime. Although there is still the chance of hitting the same number twice like the luck of slot machines. All you need to do is read 'counter' after the (counter = counter + rand) math is complete, to pluck you random number. -Anthony
  8. Just opened your program in ADS and compiled. So to start with, as you have kernel option player1colors, you can only define player1's colors and not player0. Secondly you haven't initialized the position of player1 during start up. I have made those quick changes and all looks good to me, here is the .bas file. default.bas
  9. It's been awhile since i have used the standard kernels however if my memory serves correct you playerXcolors can only be used with multisprite or DPC+. You would have to set the sprite colors using COLUP0 or COLUP1 unless you change the kernel.
  10. Urrghh - Updated my Laptop and ctrl+v shortcut is being a pain in the a$$. Driving me nuts, it seems to work fine then it has these random times it wont work unless pressing it 2 or 3 times. They say it's Win10 that can cause this issue yet my older win7 laptop with Win10 installed had zero issues. Tried what google recommends with uninstalling the driver - of course no change. Just annoying and slow paced when trying to code (off putting)... Same brand "HP Pavilion" just a newer rig...

  11. Ok so i opened your program in batari and compiled, im thinking you're after something more like this. If so you will need to add a restrainer so it only allows one change per input. random_condition3.bas
  12. Try this i forgot to add rand. random_condition2.bas Either way though i would be adding a counter variable like we were talking about for the math.
  13. Thats because you have no condition, when you press fire you need to call the rand function. Have a look and see if you can spot the change i had made *untested code*random_condition.bas
  14. Yep very much what i have used, you can even have that counter variable increment every frame and call a rand value to that variable before needing to use it. That way the counter value is constantly changing 60 times a second avoiding any patterns to appear, provided that call function is on demand rather then timed. It's one the most cycle efficient methods i have found so far without the need of complicated math routines. Something like this _main counter = counter + 1 if _blahvar_1 && _blahvar_2 then counter = counter + rand : goto _blah_label drawscreen goto _main I use this method for the random placement of the power station in City Defence, also very similar for the random warhead spawning.
  15. I was talking about this awhile back, that random generation is not so random. Basically your best bet is to set a variable that can be used for the random number and you can preset it's seed value. Check this topic as it may help
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