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  1. Sick of assholes on ebay bidding in the last 10 seconds. Happened to me like 4 times now for a friggen flashback 9. Problem is they're not very common here is Australia and i just wanted one to play my Homebrews on. Urrggg Might just pay the damn $80 in shipping and get one from the states...

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    2. GoldLeader


      Would it help if I bought one here and shipped it to you?  (I have no idea what shipping would run)...I can get one on ebay for about $30 (Lowest price I found,  Free shipping to me)...Then it would need shipped to you.  I have no idea about power supplies/adapters etc., and if HDMI is universal or if your TV would display it right.

    3. TwentySixHundred


      @GoldLeader Thankyou! That's a very kind offer and much appreciated. Fortunately the missus has found a source on the Facebooks market place that say they have one. They are willing to sell the unit at a decent price tomorrow, so it's just a matter of seeing if it's the correct model. However i will keep your offer in mind and get back with an update on this status if anything should go pear shaped for some reason. Thankyou very much for the offer 👍

    4. jd_1138


      It's called sniping and is really a stupid and unfortunate way to buy items on ebay. Because your chances of winning the item go way way down, and it becomes sort of a lottery with the last person to get their snipe bid in being the victor. Sure the item goes for dirt cheap (1/4 of retail? perhaps), but had the bidders simply put in the amount they'd be willing to pay their odds of winning the item would go up greatly. And they'd still get the item at like 1/3 of retail price unless they get stupid and put in too much of a bid amount.  Humans are constantly trying to "one up" each other.  It's also of course bad for sellers, because when their items go for less they are less willing to put more items on ebay because they aren't making as much money. In turn it's bad for buyers -- less selection.



  2. So does anyone know what the best Flashback units are for modding? Alot of posts are couple years old so im confused as to what would be the best bet. Also would it be the better choice going with a 7800 flashback? Can they be modded to play both 7800 games and 2600 games?

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    2. TwentySixHundred


      Cheers Gold!, So im guessing the 9 is the way to go. Of course there is plenty in the States but bugger all in Australia lol. Im also thinking being emulation that the region wouldn't matter too much ie: can play NTSC games aswell

    3. GoldLeader


      They are HDMI out, but I guess I really don't know how/if they play in Australia, like if they output PAL or not...Hmmm...I have no idea there.

    4. wongojack


      If "modding" means updating firmware then FB 9 works.  The Flashback 2 and 2+ can be "modded" to add a cartridge slot.  It is kind of a lot of effort and there are some compatibility issues with cartridges, but it works great with the Harmony cart.

  3. Am i the only one who doesn't feel the Joust hype? So many reviewers and Atari fans seem to really like the game. Personally i think it's not bad but nothing to write home about either.

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    2. Serguei2


      I have gameboy defender/joust cartridge.


      I spend more times with defender than joust.

    3. TwentySixHundred


      Some great replies here, after posting i decided to really sit down and work those physics out. I mean don't get me wrong it's not a bad game at all and i would put it somewhere in the middle for a personal ranking. I understand the appeal of a physics based game and i guess it's all about personal preference. Never knew the game was two player either as never had the game when i was younger and no one i know really likes playing retro games with me. So overall i can see the appeal however like i said personally i would rank it somewhere in the middle for 2600 games.

    4. TwentySixHundred


      Having said that and i know it's blasphemy but as a young lad i had both E.T and Yars Revenge. Both games are considered the best and "worst" of all time. It may seem strange but i spent more time playing E.T rather then Yars Revenge. *ducking for cover* Anyway like i said everyone has personal preferences and i enjoyed hearing why many find Joust appealing. Great discussion guys thanks 👍

  4. Ah ok i see, yeah i usually like to use a couple accurate emulators in a rolling dev stage. A7800 is great and i feel friendly competition among authors drives for more accurate emulation. The GUI's ease of use reminds me of other standalone emulators such as Fusion ect. It's all good whatever direction you take. I will be keeping an eye out as to where this project leads 👍
  5. Just wanted to bump this thread as i enjoy making labels for my 2600 projects. Nowadays im working on projects for the 7800 and would love to see a 7800 label option thrown into the mix. Even though my games don't make it to release in cart form, it's nice to have some labels next to the ROMs.
  6. Thanks i had been using A7800 for awhile now. However i have heard/read alot of good things about Bup and noticed it has recent updates. From what i hear it's fairly on par with A7800 in terms of accuracy 👍 Works great with my homebrew and is nice that pokey is supported especially with bankswitched ROMs (helps motivation with testing one my older projects). Thanks for the continues development of Bup and im looking forward to future releases 👍
  7. It's a strange comparison between machines of the time. Reason i say is because the system was technically 3 years old by the time of official release (almost completed it's hardware lifespan). I used to compare the system to NES and SMS however i hardly think it's fair to go by release dates alone. I mean the hardware was intended to compete against the colecovision in 83. Having said that the system still gives the NES and SMS a run for their money for the sheer fact of the number of sprites Maria can handle (it's a beast). If only the system had a few further tweaks and the pokey chip at the minimum when they decided to re-release the system. Anyway it is what it is and i agree looking back nowadays after the dust has settled, all the bullshit can be put aside. I can now appreciate the system for what it is rather then comparing. Homebrew scene shows the system was hardly pushed to its full potential with the original titles - plus or minus a few.
  8. Im still on the hunt for a 7800, would love to own one. Remarkable machine to say the least
  9. Thanks for adding the Dark UI theme, much appreciated 👍
  10. Cheers mate yeah it was the bilinear filter, i knew it was looking like some sort of filter was being used. Alot of the time with SNES/GEN emulators i switch this option on or off depending on the game. Personally i prefer no filtering with NES and Atari emulators and/or 8bit gaming in general. I can see how filtering could make some 7800 games look alot nicer so i guess it's personal preference. Im assuming Matt has the feature turned off with ADS hence the reason im used to no filtering 👍
  11. Thanks for the explanation mate, yeah it's hard to explain but graphics quality seems to drop. Just looks sharper and brighter, where when running the ROM from a7800 itself it's more blurry/fuzzy and darker. Same 4.0 versions and the graphics settings all seem the same. Even the Fuji logo on boot seems to be degraded. Here is an example ADS a7800 As you can see the a7800 image looks like it's running a filter. Maybe @mksmith has made some tweaks to the built-in ADS emulator?
  12. Cheers Karl, yeah for some reason the file is 1kb larger? I usually just compile and run straight from ADS so i hadn't really taken notice of the compiled files. So now my findings is that i can't manually run the .bin file i posted in A7800 as it's just returning an error. Further more i can run the .A78 however the quality looks drastically bad compared to the built in A7800 with ADS. I have no idea why i can't run the files properly in the same quality as the built in emulator of ADS. Anyway here is the .A78 file 👍 Having said that it's showing 512kb when uploaded here... Strange lol
  13. Well i think it's time to give a playable demo now that i have level 1 complete. Rather then showing a demo video and spoiling, i thought those who are interested in the progress can have a play around. The game is far from complete and i work on it in dribs and drabs when i have time. So progress is happening but obviously with 7800 things take a little longer the 2600. Anyway enemy AI needs some attention and i really should start focusing on some sound effects to add some atmosphere. It's a little easy at the moment however, it's only level 1 and i will be making the game harder when it matures. Im happy with the progress so far, cheers 👍
  14. Cheers mate, all good atleast i know whats going on and obviously Maria is drawing the priority sprites first 👍
  15. Thanks Mike, yeah im guessing the later explanation is probably the case. I am plotting a string of text, two scores along with three sprites and "maptiles" within that one zone. I guessing im hitting a sprite limitation per zone of Maria's? Having said that the first to be plotted is the screendata "restorescreen" function followed by the lives "helmet" sprites and text/numeric strings followed by the players sprite. I guess i could always try plotting those sprites after the players srite and see what happens. Either or as it's only the status bar it's not a major issue, however i was a bit confused as to why the maptiles were taking priority on that one row alone 👍
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