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  1. Thanks for the kind words, yeah i will have to think it over however im actually quite liking this one. Not too bad either, TBH i have been thinking it through the past couple of days and still can't make up my mind. Was also considering just reverting back to Missile Defender as when happy with a name i second guess it the next day lol
  2. Thanks for the kind words Cafeman, yeah i am at such a loss what to call this game and starting to think of just sticking with Missile Defender. I have to admit this is probably one the hardest decisions so far, as nothing sounds right or already taken. I have came up with Missile Mayhem or ICBM Mayhem, however once again indecisive. I believe was once previously a 2600 title (the infamous rare t-handle blue cart). Would make sense though probably wouldn't sit well with collectors being named the same as a rare title.
  3. Yeah i did notice the name was used quite a few times when i google search as with missile defender. What i find interesting is the titlescreen with this video, the skyline of the city with water surrounding it. Although mine is along side a lake it's interesting to see the similarity in design (was kind of a shock to see this as i thought my design was unique). Gameplay is vastly different though with a powerstation, playifield buildings and actual warheads but wow. The name is what's getting to me as City Defender fits the purpose however i don't like to copy others. I would rather make my games somewhat original even if they're a de-make or revamp ect. Only problem i have with Missile Defender is it sounds like the player is defending Missiles rather then the City and that's why i liked Karl's suggestion. Other names have been running through my mind but nothing seems to make sense or interest me as of yet. I must say i am a bit bummed about that titlescreen in that video now, it's so similar to mine Anyway it was my own idea and design so i am happy with that.
  4. Considering the suggestion of a name change to City Defender thanks to @Karl G. So i have created this title and think it actually looks pretty good. The name fits with the gameplay too. Old: New:
  5. Hi all, as HSC is coming to an end i have been trying to beat @sramirez2008 hi score and i thought i would post it here rather then the development thread. Anyone else looking for something to play is more then welcome to try and get some hi scores with this build Missile Defender 20200222.bin If you're maingun takes a hit your city is helpless and make sure to protect that vital powerstation! If you lose the powerstation your targeting systems will only run at 50% capacity. You will then need to wait till the end of the season whilst your population restores the powerstation. Game ends if you lose all your city buildings or the maingun gets taken out. Good luck! Controls: Directional - moves targeting system Joyfire - locks the targeted area Difficultyleft - when set to A position this disables joyfire to restart game Scoring: single story + 10 points at end of round two story + 20 points at end of round three story + 30 points at end of round four story + 40 points at end of round five story + 50 points at end of round six story + 60 points at end of round total + 730 points at end of round slow warhead + 20 points each shot medium warhead + 40 points each shot fast warhead + 60 points each shot loss of maingun - 200 points loss of powerstation - 100 Format: NTSC
  6. Thanks for testing, it looks like you got taken out by losing the main base. Have you found any bombs go for the powerstation yet? I was getting quite a few last night when testing however i did notice some games it was rare others frequent.
  7. New Build! This adds reward points per intermission for the remaining buildings you have left. Depending the size of the building depends on the reward and if you manage to save a building from destruction you get that buildings full reward. If a warhead manages to blowout the first floor then kiss that building goodby as it becomes inaccessible. This will also result in gameover if none of the buildings have the main floor. So there is alot of points to had if you save as many buildings as you can. Scoring: single story - 10 points two story - 20 points three story - 30 points four story - 40 points five story - 50 points six story - 60 points total - 730 points Changelog: rewards - remaining buildings are now calculated at the end of each wave Latest Build: Missile Defender 20200222.bin
  8. Yeah i have, for some reason it just wasn't liking my subtraction however i never tested in dec mode. It's all good as i scrapped that idea and rewrote for the cost of an additional 8bytes. Rather then subtracting the value of that variable i just added the score per playfield check with and 'else' condition. I had plans to still use that variable globally later down the track and i still can, as the next feature doesn't require addition or subtraction to the score. I was just trying to eliminate any unnecessary code and share the variable but for the cost of 8bytes im happy 👍
  9. Thanks! yes i was just about to remove the post as i worked this out. That solved the issue, i really didn't think it aplied for the math that added the to the variable (thought it was the total value) turns out the math also needs to be BCD 👍 Edit: Actually it still does it, i will keep playing around with it however everything that stores the value is BCD. Might need to code it a different way/
  10. I have found a bug with the score in DPC+ where by adding this code score = score + 252 score = score - _blahblah or score = score + 252 score = score - t One random digit becomes a garbled mess. If i comment out 'score = score - t' then everything is fine again. The variable 't' only increments by 9 for every pfread and never exceeds 252.
  11. Now with a 3 month old, my recommended playlist on you tube is full of Sesame Street...

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    2. TwentySixHundred


      I find it amazing at such a young age how engaged she gets to the show. It works wonders keeping her entertained. Thankfully they have all the episodes old and new for free. She already has her favorite characters lol.

    3. CaptainBreakout


      My daughter's fav is Prairie Dawn (by far). So much so she owns numerous vintage books, toys, etc. featuring her (thanks eBay). Prairie Dawn shows Cookie a Computer on YouTube is most watched.

    4. Flojomojo


      There was a music recommendation thing called Last.FM when my kid was small. My recommendation queue was basically jammed with Yo Gabba Gabba. 

  12. Thanks for testing @sramirez2008, yeah i did consider ending the game straight after the last building is struck. However i decided against that for a couple of reasons: 1) You get the chance to score some extra points and the player is not rudely interrupted. 2) If i decide to add the regeneration of buildings after waves, there may be a chance the player will get a building back. 3) Due to the way the buildings are checked/read it's done within the intermission between waves. Doing it this way takes the load off the main game loop. If i were to do checks of the buildings within the mainloop during gameplay there would be a significant performance loss. As for the chances of the powerstation being struck you're correct there is alot less of a percentage. There is also reasons behind this and i have considered to do further checks, however this is the trade-off for optimization. The more random the less chance of missiles striking any one position more then once. This works well with spreading the chances across the whole city which is great, however the outer regions or should i say extreme ends of the number generation have less chance. During my tests i had noticed a few bombs make their way to the powerstation, so i am thinking you were unlucky/lucky with the seed randomization. Then there is the issue of random number generation is not-so-random, so calling the rand function will always produce a pseudo random number starting with a seed value of zero (patterns emerge). Unlike other languages the seed value cannot be changed as one would like with lets say C. So i have a workaround that adds alot more randomization however it's not perfect and the further i randomize the more it will impact on performance. End of the day for the 2600 there is a handful of options and as the game gets fast paced (action genre), it's probably best to lean towards the optimized side rather then complicated calculations. Once again cheers for testing, suggestions and feedback it really is valuable information 👍
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