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  1. I believe the EA sports games on SNES and Genesis had CPU vs CPU mode. IIRC you just don't select a side to play
  2. I always get nervous when an ebay seller doesn't leave feedback for the buyer. It's almost like they're not confident in their product and waiting to see what feedback they receive from the buyer... I hope my friggen item is what i wanted and in working order. Too much money to be stuffed around.

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    2. ls650


      "when the seller leaves a feedback and the buyer turns out to complain about trivialities or try to pull a scam?"


      That is exactly why I wait for feedback from the buyer before I post feedback as a seller.

    3. jd_1138


      If a seller sells a lot amount of product, the percentage of a-holes pulling a scam will be low, but hey if they want to wait until the buyer leaves a positive before they do, then sure go ahead and wait for that. But the seller should eventually leave positive feedback.

    4. TwentySixHundred


      All valid points, in my case it was close to a grand and some reassurance would have been nice. Having said that even if they did the transaction could have gone either way. Anyway i left them feedback, now after the fact it really doesn't bother me if they leave feedback. And i think that's the thing, when throwing your cash towards a seller and having zero response. It kind of leaves the buyer sitting there twiddling their fingers for days/weeks wondering if the seller is even sending the product.

  3. Reading back on my last comment and my dyslexia really had the best of me on that day. Usually i can keep it somewhat in check, but i get those days where my words are all over the place. Anyway thought id explain why it's a muddled mess... If you're able to read between the lines you can understand what i was trying to say.
  4. Im interested as to what these childhood school yard complaints about the games were? I understand with SM2 as i was never a fan of it back then and Simons Quest probably how it was cryptic however so was LOZ. Zelda2 though was brilliant and not really all that cryptic if you look hard enough. Action adventure games were nothing knew and i really can't find many flaws with the game TBH. Sure it wasn't the same as LOZ however it was great in it's own way. The issues that AVGN mentioned are fairly irreverent, because if you actually play the game you find his complaints held no merit. "Error" isn't actually a glitch as his name is mentioned later in the game by another towns person. They all have weird and wacky names as was the same with LOZ. Then the complaint about towns people having nothing interesting to say. Well that's intentional as you need to ask around and find the people who actually give clues or you can interact with. Yes some say things like "i have nothing to say to you" and obviously translation from Japanese to English was rough back then. They probably didn't know what to say in English and used a translator for an equivalent meaning. As someone who has finished the game many times over im still trying to think of any deal breakers. The action, exploration and sense of progression is there. Everything fits the build for a great game and to be honest i never owned it back then, although if i did i would have had a blast. Personally i still feel many jump on the AVGN hype train without even playing some of these games. Many games he reviewed are actually good yet he hasn't the understanding of what to do. So many great games he has given a bad wrap yet games like the Castlevania series (which is good mind you) i feel he overrates and never shuts up about. I also owned E.T and despite what others say even before AVGN but once again i never knew it as a bad game until the .net era. Geez i used to have alot of fun playing E.T back in the day looking for all the phone pieces and trying to get him home. At the time it was fairly mindblowing as there was nothing like it. Sorry but im not a trend follower like some people, and it's nothing against James. It's just until i try these games for myself, then i make the decision if i like them or not. If i was a trend follower, then i would miss out on some great games. That's my two dollars anyway. EDIT: To be fair after going back to rewatch the review (was over a decade ago i watched it) he does defend the game somewhat. Still though i just don't understand the hate TBH
  5. Might have a look around on the net so see how to go about it. Was diving me nuts as i just reinstalled ADS closed VSC for a moment then reopened only to happen again 😄 I can only laugh sometimes That's probably the case, it found 3 different files at 3 different times, makes me wonder why defender never found all 3 the first time. It's either that or it's randomly picking a file 😄 Anyway is all good i was just in a bit of a rush and wanting to throw some code down quickly while it was fresh in my head.
  6. No worries, yeah just keeps doing it to me when i allow the file. Also it quarantines before i even get the choice so need to reinstall the extension everytime. You would think Defender would get the picture when i keep manually allowing the files on the same program, but no.
  7. I swear Windows Defender is giving me the sh!ts. Im allowing the extension to yet it's still finding the "threat" everytime i reopen VSC and try to compile source. Keep having to uninstall and install every time i want to code. Is there a way to tell Windows Defender to just not worry about VSC all together? Or is that just a bad idea? It's saying it's found three separate trojans from ADS. Is windows just guessing what they could be and blocking without actually knowing? Because whitelisting doesn't seem to be working for long.
  8. No Byuu started developing BSNES again as many in the community started to complain about performance issues with Higan. For one it's a stand alone SNES emulator which sacrifices some accuracy for performance. Byuu had mentioned the areas that are sacrificed are minor to the front end user but more essential to Higan's progression towards perfect emulation. Having said that BSNES is still no slouch, it's by far still arguably one of if not the best SNES emulators second to Higan. So running on slow hardware still isn't desirable. His mission with Higan was not only to become a multi system emulator but to focus on accuracy without holding back. Many emulators sacrifice some degree of accuracy for performance so users can still run them on older hardware. Byuu never wanted that constraint as he always said it's holding back the quality of emulation. You will notice with the later builds that performance and balanced cores were dropped from Higan in favor of the BSNES fork. I also believe he only has one last piece of the puzzle to emulate with cycle accurate LLE and that's the PPUs. It's actually a hurdle he is stuck on and has asked for help if anyone can provide information to help reverse engineer the PPU's. However who knows as he stated he was leaving the emulation scene. No one knows if it's a hiatus or not.
  9. Opps sorry Jay i never got far enough through the thread to notice your post and continued on about emulation. Feel free to move my posts to the correct thread. Sorry about that.
  10. Bought a Pi4 and with everything for a full setup was $200, not a bad price however they're no powerhouse. They choke when it comes to N64 and PS1 not only that i can notice SNES and Genesis emulation isn't the most consistent either. Framerates are a bit all over the place and it doesn't really like to render full screen 1080P as it just doesn't have the raw grunt to do so. Good idea as a gift for someone to play around on, but not really ideal for those who take emulation seriously. I really don't want anything past N64-PS1 and the real killer is BSNES to be honest. Is Snes9x good enough? Well yes and no... Once you use BSNES for a long time it's really easy to notice the difference in emulation accuracy. I have an 12 yeah old tower PC rigged up to the TV and she served well over the years. It was lightening fast when i built it but starting to age compared to the current market. So where im at is got a new 4k TV but the dinosaur PC is starting to become the weak link. My laptop is fast and does whatever i want in it's sleep but not ideal for the setup i want. Having said all that for double the price of the VCS ($650AUD) i can buy a new rig for the TV. It will run BSNES along with any of my other emulators without even a stutter at full screen and consistent frames. It will also run basically any new AAA titles if i wish to do so. Even though it's double the cost, i will probably be better off in the long run and i know it will run all my emulators without an issue whatsoever.
  11. Edit: Actually i retract my statement, just had a look at PC builds and for the same price i can have something that's near double the speed. Im going one step further and spending double the amount for something that will play anything i can throw at it. I understand the VCS could be a viable option for some, but really after looking around im finding alot more power for cheaper.
  12. It's funny as alot of the negativity surrounding Zelda 2 was from those who followed AVGN. Mike had recently mentioned he actually wrote that episode as James had never really played the game. Mike also mentioned it was one of his favorite games of all time. Was saying the only reason it was on the show was because they were looking for another game to feature and Mike knew it well as he owned it. Zelda 1 & 2 are hard to compare as they're so different however both are really good. I find Zelda 2 does have more of a progression system with collecting experience points for upgrading your abilities. LOZ also does but with rupees and finding items but as i was saying the two are completely different. Personally i think LOZ has more of a following as more people owned it and back in the day. Unless you were rich you really only had about 5 or so games in total.
  13. Yeah you really can't go wrong with the SNES as it's harder to find bad games over all the awesome software released. Just to mention a few that no one has yet because we all know about the must buys. Secret of Evermore - Action RPG i just love it and played through so many times. Sim City 2000 - Different from the first however really good once used to it. NHL 97 - 97 is my personally favorite although some like others. Either way these are really fun even if you're not into sports. NBA JAM TE - Well who doesn't like NBA JAM. Mortal Kombat 2 - Possibly the best home console port (especially at the time) Mortal Kombat 3 - You either love it or hate it as a MK fan although without question one the best ports. Top Gear 2 - Really good 16bit racer where you can upgrade your engines. Nigel Mansells F1 - If you don't mind F1 games this is a blast and must have Lamborghini - Very fun 16bit racer where you can call bet against opponents - upgrades - rivals and much more Test Drive The Duel - Yep im going to mention this one - Personally i think it's great but it's very hard and takes alot of practice.
  14. Simon's Quest is one of those id love to playthrough someday. I just keep putting it off mainly because a walkthough is basically needed for portions of the game. I usually try playing through games atleast the first time without looking up any help, however i know this is one most will need help. There is the theory that those near impossible cryptic roadblocks was to make people buy the Nintendo Power magazine. Obviously we will never know if that's true...
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