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  1. Maybe before Gamescom or PRGE. Let's do the final touches...
  2. And this is material from last year. The game has now improved graphics and gameplay. In my opinion it plays better than the original Amiga version!
  3. Voltron is back?! interesting Youtube channel
  4. You seem to have very small hands if you can‘t use a Wiimote with one hand.
  5. Or write a PM to Marc Oberhäuser. He has probably a few sets left.
  6. How many roms did you get with your membership? We just got just 8 on the Intellivision side.
  7. As the Platinum members made photos from their collections you can look for yourself.
  8. haha...greetings from Europe... btw. I don't think they will be sold out immediately.
  9. If you are on Facebook, look there for Elektronite.
  10. If you are on Facebook. Take a look at the Intellivision Invasion group. There are some British gents.
  11. Btw. you should play the roms you bought. Not just hoard them in your digital vault.
  12. So, it's in the way of the Trine games. Classical 2D gameplay with great 2.5D graphics.
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