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  1. Yes, David Crane himself told me at PRGE that their policy at this time was to make all versions of different systems similar. But you know that changed later on. Dreadnaught Factor is different to the other systems. Activision and Imagic were the two very first 3rd party game companies. Both decided to go in different directions.
  2. I made it until the end back in the 80s. Had a lot of fun with the game. It's a bit underrated. Maybe a good game to play for the next Intellivision day.
  3. From the classics: Burgertime (for great Arcade games) Atlantis (to show the difference to the Atari VCS) Sub Hunt ( to show the good use of the keypad and complex gameplay) From the homebrew: Defender Of The Crown (wtf. A 16 bit game on the Intellivision with all game elements) AF (wtf. parallax scrolling and voice on a 70s machine) Sydney Hunter and the cursed tribe (what a big and beautiful game). and many more...
  4. I preordered some of the consoles I wanted for day one so I didn't had to stand in line. Did this with the Wii and the 3DS. If I remember correctly I made the midnight sale for the 1st World of Warcraft expansion. And I was at the shop opening time at the only store in town that sold the first iPad back then. The line was about 10 people, so no big deal.
  5. I'm sure you can travel the Rhine upwards just almost to my doorsteps. Just take the Panama canal to reach the Atlantic...
  6. We had this before. And the discussion what was the version sold first. But it's probably on page 125 by now.
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