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  1. Receipts from games I bought in end of 1984. Prices ranging from 20 - 40 DM (German Marks) 1 USD was in 1984 about 2.50 DM
  2. http://www.gooddealgames.com/inventory/Intellivision.html Cosmic Avenger and Wizard of Wor are available. I'm pretty sure Fantasy and Omega Race will get a restock.
  3. This video is age restricted. First time I have this with a you tube video.
  4. I even would say that it is the photographer himself.
  5. I asked that myself. I tried a translation (Devaux - french?). It is probably a name.
  6. The date of my copy is from September 1982. A month after the introduction of the Intellivision in Germany. Maybe they did a revision (I probably should ask the only other owner of a German service manual I know) or maybe left it that way because they had not enough time until Mattel Electronics was closed down just 1 1/2 years later.
  7. The list of colors is 3 times in the service manual and it seems they missed every time the cyan (Türkis) between grey and orange.
  8. The descriptions from the German Service Manual. These should be the PAL colors. 1. black 2. blue 3. red 4. ochre (Dark yellow) 5. dark green 6. light green 7. yellow 8. white 9. grey 10. orange 11. brown 12. light red 13. light blue 14. yellow-green 15. purple (magenta) There is quite a difference especially in the middle of the palette.
  9. Nice, so you have one of each released Activision game. But not the famous LoL and RR protos.
  10. Yeah, I hope I'm able in the future to ship some over production to Portland.
  11. I won‘t call it Fight Club, although some kind of Club is involved.
  12. The Portland Retro Gaming Expo is postponed until 2022. https://www.retrogamingexpo.com
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