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  1. No one can compete with the genius of Keith (btw. today it the fourth anniversary since he left us. 😪 ).
  2. I know, but we were talking about CDs. Or does the Sea Quest cart has a tiny little CD spinning inside? Hmmmm, maybe I should take a look.
  3. Thanks for all the answers! I cleaned the contacts, I wiggled the cart. Everything you do normally to get a cart running. All I get is this blue screen. I've seen that there are carts of the game in different colors (mine is yellow, I've seen a blue one). Is there are a possibility that there is an updated version of the game and the yellow version doesn't work? I took a look at the FAQ and now I will be at least not be surprised when I get Atlantis and Demon Attack and they don't work on the XEGS.
  4. The first Intellivision game that comes with a soundtrack CD, but not the first one that has a soundtrack CD.
  5. My only 8bit Atari computer system is the XEGS. I love the fact that I can play cartridges from the early 80s up into the 90s. One of the last games that I got was the Roklan version of Wizard Of Wor. But sadly this game doesn't start. Shows an empty basic screen at best. Does the game doesn't start at all on a XE (GS) system or is just the cart faulty. Or, it just comes to my mind, does this game not work on PAL systems? It was a NIB game, so the seller is not to blame.
  6. For 2.1 Why do games play at a different speed US vs. Europe? Star Wars TESB doesn't play the music in the beginning because of the PAL/NTSC. It doesn't play it because it's not on the cartridge! I tested US and International cartridges in NTSC Intellivisions and it is just that the International carts just don't play the music. Maybe the music was just not licensed for the international market. On the other hand there is no music when you play an international cart on a NTSC machine.
  7. The shielded PCBs should be in all carts with the missing "insert" line.
  8. I once ordered 2 of the 6 pack dealer boxes from Venezuela. One of the customs between Venezuela and Germany sliced every single game box open.
  9. I still have the single pictures. If someone has a better PDF editor than me? I just slapped them together with the MacOs viewer.
  10. Didn't find where I could adjust the format of the PDF.
  11. I scanned it. It's not so big. Aquarius_Printer.pdf
  12. There were also used for computer games like for the C64. Activision Ghostbusters comes to mind.
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