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  1. Thanks to the t-shirt I met today a guy who admired it and said to me that the Amico will be out in less a year. I responded that the PRGE will be coming next weekend and I will be there. He replied that he was not aware of that.
  2. I think the UK got the first PAL models, a year earlier than other countries (Germany August 1982). Maybe they smashed together a working system and later the did more refined versions for other countries. And the UK has a slightly different PAL system (most people don‘t remember this because TVs from the 80s on could handle the UK and Continental PAL systems).
  3. Sleepless in Seattle (no wonder after a transatlantic flight). 😉
  4. I didn‘t update to Catalina because of the LTO Flash and some other programs. Thank you for your efforts!
  5. I will probably take a look like last year again (and make a donation).
  6. Someone looking for a complete Super Cobra for a quite nice price: https://www.ebay.de/itm/Intellivision-Super-Cobra-Boxed-With-Instructions/223627854284?hash=item34114241cc:g:rRoAAOSwljJdWZfW
  7. Oh, another nice Aquarius cassette game I have to keep an eye on.
  8. I first have to use up my free data volume.
  9. And check for the non-Americans if they have toilets too.
  10. Miracles can happen. I got my first Aquarius from a co worker. It was his first computer.
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