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  1. Hey guys, I've been away a while from the scene, but with my first AES coming into my possession, my collecting flame has once again sparked. For trade: Almost anything you want from my store HERE WANTS: CIB NEO GEO AES GAMES I only have about 20 so far. I am more active on Nintendoage/Segaage. As well as Digital Press and Sega-16. Please see my feedback for NA HERE
  2. I got it when I went to an old collectors house. He was selling off lots of stuff, so I grabbed it because I knew some Xonox games were unique. By the way, It did end up selling for 70 to a happy buyer.
  3. Ah alright, I may just keep it. I'm more of a jaguar guy though.
  4. Indeed, that suggested price felt a bit low compared to a CIB ending at $133.5 in auction.
  5. Hey everyone, I came across an R8 cart, and 2600 isn't my main console to collect for. Does anyone have a fair value for this game? Here it is..
  6. Thank you guys, I did solve the centering using the ring magents.
  7. Yeah, I've only found three adjustable pots, they move X and Y, and the other moves the screen diagonally from bottom-left to top-right. I used that one to get my height correct, now I just need to move the screen left a little bit, and I'll have a perfect vectrex.
  8. Also, thanks for the concern about safety, I've only been fiddling around with rubber gloves on, and a screwdriver which won't carry the electricity to my hand. Any idea what might be wrong Manoau?
  9. Thanks guys. I've asked a few others and the centering is indeed done with yoke magnets. I've found all the Potentiometers and adjusted them well, it's just off center by 2-3 millimeters. SO CLOSE to being what I want. In the beginning it was too low, closer to the bottom left, I got that positioned better, perfect height, just slightly too far right. I love this thing and want to enjoy it as it's meant to be!
  10. Hello folks! I've been recently blessed with a Vectrex and 15 CIB games for a fantastic price (190 dollars). But I need your help! I have an almost perfect vectrex, I just can't center the friggin' screen. It should be so easy but I can't figure it out. I understand there should be a yoke magnet, but I don't understand the concept and when I loosen the clamp on the yoke, I only seem to be able to rotate the screen, there's no other magnet I can spin, it all spins in unison and rotates. What am I doing wrong?
  11. Thanks man! Definately keeping it, now I have 2 rare atari items!
  12. I believe it does play the same, I've read that most proto's are like that. Sometimes the differences are simply in the programming, not the visuals or gameplay. I was close to throwing it away a few weeks ago, because I made the same topic on Digital Press, where I'm more active, and didn't get a single response. Thank you for talking to me about it Stargunner!
  13. Wow really? That's exciting! I pulled it out of a box, and the guy was reluctant to sell it without the system. I gave him 5 dollars because I had a hunch! Thanks so much! By the way, it works too.
  14. Hey guys! Long time reader. I'm not a huge Atari guy, so I need some help identifying this Spider Fighter cart. I knew the moment I saw it that it was not normal, I found it odd. Can anyone tell me if it could be a proto? It is an authentic Activision case, however, the label is completely blank, but still the orange color they used. It has a sticker on the end, which has its product number and title. I would like to open it up and see the chip inside, but I can't figure out how to open it! Any help opening it? Identifying it? Thank you!
  15. Oh!! I am talking about the AtariAge database. My mistake, I'm new to these forums! Next time, I'll actually scan them. I was just too excited to contribute to take the time..
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