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  1. But it will have Bluetooth right? Perhaps you could use a set of those cans.
  2. I am sure it will work out with a positive result. I ended up using the credit card option since PayPal would not load. (Blank white screen) The fact both of you are waiting for confirmation is encouraging and would suggest a issue with delays on posting out the emails.
  3. Or it could be a surprise if they are randomly picked from stock. Possible logistics nightmare to match certain numbers to orders but I would rather not know until it arrives.
  4. Sh%t, I may have just snagged one! Credit card payment appeared to have worked this time.
  5. Thanks for that but I won't be home in australia for eight days but I do appreciate your comment.
  6. I just can't complete a order as PayPal won't load and the credit card option also failed. Could be because I am not on my usual pc and won't be as I am away from home at the moment. A real shame.
  7. Watched the night stalker trailer a few times now. Just absolutely awesome! Well done team intellivision.
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