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  1. I joined a couple of days ago and am not on the list yet. Rev must be busy.
  2. Mine is on cart, cib with manual and overlays.
  3. I should point out that the cost includes postage which would not exist with a console purchased from a retail shop. Cannot wait to start playing games on the F.E.
  4. Since I have no answer for q3 I cannot submit the rest of my answers. The price of the console is unknown in Australia although I hope it is a lot less than the 500 Australian my founders edition is going to cost.
  5. I like the idea of Frisbee golf as the Frisbee could be easily guided by tilting the controller in all directions. By the way, how new is new where you are? I recall playing it here in Australia well over 15 years ago and it was a blast!
  6. That sucks that some packages take so long to arrive. Mine arrived yesterday and started its journey on the 28th of last month.
  7. Only 24 at a time? That doesn't sound like you. Get some more cables.
  8. Reading the terms and conditions and it says the giveaway is only open to residents of the U.S.
  9. Mine has "nearby device scanning" and though that was the same thing but perhaps it isn't
  10. I,'ll wait until someone posts the video. Using a samsung tablet with android 9 but nothing happens with the golden ticket.
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