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  1. I am sure it will work out with a positive result. I ended up using the credit card option since PayPal would not load. (Blank white screen) The fact both of you are waiting for confirmation is encouraging and would suggest a issue with delays on posting out the emails.
  2. Or it could be a surprise if they are randomly picked from stock. Possible logistics nightmare to match certain numbers to orders but I would rather not know until it arrives.
  3. Sh%t, I may have just snagged one! Credit card payment appeared to have worked this time.
  4. Thanks for that but I won't be home in australia for eight days but I do appreciate your comment.
  5. I just can't complete a order as PayPal won't load and the credit card option also failed. Could be because I am not on my usual pc and won't be as I am away from home at the moment. A real shame.
  6. Watched the night stalker trailer a few times now. Just absolutely awesome! Well done team intellivision.
  7. Well, that's a fun game and I got through on the third attempt. I am looking forward to the full version. Well done everyone!
  8. I have had several similar experiences when blown up with wheels eventually rolling back to the buggy, one time a wheel hit it and the buggy collapsed further to the lunar surface. The longest sequence had 4 wheels eventually roll back and then 3 of them rolled away again down the hill. I guess because the game play is so short I have the time to watch this stuff! edit- another time I got blown up I landed upside down on a rock and eventually a alien blew up the rock from under me and the buggy fell back to the lunar surface in a puff of dust. Fantastic game dynamics.
  9. Amigo club does not appear in the Google play store in Australia. 🥺 Edit - it would help if I signed in first!
  10. This is great news but how does the discount work at checkout?
  11. Yes, the cables should tuck in to the void in the centre.
  12. It was the first game I got with the system at Christmas all those years ago and is still a favourite. Different speed options would be good and how about a range of armaments to select from?
  13. Did you just answer your own question without confirmation? I was wondering about the card also.
  14. You look like a proud new father showing off the new family member. Is that a Willy Wonka gold lottery ticket you are holding?
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